I Hold My Breath When…

Something is Too Heavy

Both the physical weight of something too heavy and the emotional weight can cause you to hold your breath.

The physical burden of weight can be obvious as your focus moves to your muscles and their strength. Instead of remaining on the breath that gives the muscles what they need to perform, your attention goes to whether you are capable or not. Doubt, concern, fear, or stress all change your breath and your ability to grow and change your circumstances. 

The pressure of picking up physical weight seldom goes without attention. Meanwhile, the emotional weight is often a bit more invasive and ignored. The solution for both is to stop holding and to breathe!

When you find your breath changes with an emotional weight you can push through it or you can ask yourself, “How am I treating myself?” What tends to happen is you become overwhelmed and then treat yourself with impatience, with a lack of kindness, and you stuff down the emotion instead of working through it. This is the pressure, the stuffing of your emotion that creates the block in your breath, that creates the chain reaction of discomfort.

With the proper mental and physical tools, and the experience and knowledge of how to use them, you can realize there is no weight too heavy for the human body to handle.

Change in Breath

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Breath Work

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