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Feel Energy in Your Body Parts

This is very simple.

Practice: Start by touching the bottom of your bare feet.

  • Using a single finger or the toe from the opposite foot, lightly stroke the bottom of the foot once.
  • Feel the sensation that occurs when you stroke the bottom of only one foot.
  • Repeat several times with a break between each stroke to feel the body sensations.
  • Now stroke the other foot, repeating the full process.
  • Feel the difference and similarities between the two sides of your body and the reactions that occur.
  • If you feel one side is less sensitive than the other, focus on the feeling to open up the flow of energy until both sides have equal sensitivity.

If done lightly enough you may be aware of a sensation that will continue up your leg as you stroke the surface of your foot. The less pressure on the foot, the more likely the brain’s focus will travel with the sensation of energy moving through the body.

You can choose a second location such as your forearm or your abdomen, again stoke gently with a single finger or even a feather to keep the touch even lighter.
After paying close attention to the sensations created by the light touch, try to recreate the movement of energy without touching the skin.

Practice variation: Push a little harder into the sole of the foot and stroke two or three times. This will create a longer lasting feeling of sensation within the foot for a more complete observation.

The contrast and comparison between the two sides of the body, and the reaction that flows following the stimulation, allows the body awareness to create itself by using reflexive and reactive principles. By thoroughly feeling the inside, we can also learn to feel the outside.

Purpose: Just like Feeling Energy in Your Finger, this practice should help you develop a greater awareness to the energy in your entire body.

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