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Contemplation Exercise

You use many things to limit your actions, behaviors, and the results in your life. Sometimes how we limit ourselves becomes difficult to recognize. One way to find what you are using to limit yourself is to pay attention to your symptoms.

Look back through your day and see where you experienced these types of symptoms. Mentally or physically make a list of your experiences of:

  • Feeling pressure or stress.
  • Unable to accept or make simple choices.
  • Inability to move into action once a choice is made.
  • Adjusting or reorganizing facts to support a choice.
  • Performing tasks under duress.
  • Regret, anger, judgment, conclusions.
  • Knowing or feeling something is wrong and being unable to identify why or what.

Practice: You are going to use this list for your contemplation exercise. Focus on one symptom at a time. After picking your first symptom:

  • Relax into your practice—your time, space, activity, and focus are experienced from a place of kindness.
  • Once in that feeling ask for what you cannot possibly know about this symptom in your day to be brought to the forefront of your thoughts. You can reference I Cannot Possibly Know for more details in breaking the brains control.
  • In the space of silence, listen. You can reference Beginning Silence for more details.
  • If you find yourself predicting the information or making assumptions about it then you have moved back into conscious thought controlled by your brain. Return to a state of observation and listen.

Now that you have observed the way you limit your life, ask yourself, “What would my experience look like without this?” Recognize moments when you could slow down and step back from the experience releasing the symptom and all aspects the belief creates for you. Being aware moves you into the healthy method of using free will to create your life, as you want, giving you the space to create your reality with your beliefs instead of because of your beliefs.

Purpose: This practice gives you space to reflect on your limiting beliefs, how you apply them, and how you can exist without them.

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