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Where Do I Wander?

Likely, you’re already a Wanderer, and that’s how you found the site. No one needs to tell you how to journey—you’re an expert!

What you could use a little help with is ascension. We know the steps to consistently create a miraculous life on purpose. With the steps laid out for you through TheSTUDY, you can take back your freedom and ability to create the life you already know exists.

Your Key to Spending Time with Us

There’s plenty to do when Getting Started with Wanderer’s Handbook! Pick a blue tab below for easy links that take you around the site.

The first step is membership.

With Wanderer’s Handbook, your exposure to groundbreaking material is definite. For us to expose you to these broader than every-day-life concepts, you need to understand your journey is your own. Our Membership Terms of Service outlines the details for you. Go ahead, take a look if you like. TOS

Now that’s done, and you know our goal focuses on waking the sleepers without personally controlling them, let’s get you signed up and going with some great Ah-ha moments!


Courses at a Glance

On the main menu under Courses you will find Courses at a  Glance. This is a link to all the open courses.
In case you are wondering, TheSTUDY courses are under lock and key until you are ready for them.

Who needs The BASICS?

Whether you have been on this journey for one day or 1000 lifetimes, everyone starts here, with The BASICS. Wanderer’s Handbook knows most people wander because they are missing a key foundation piece of their puzzle. The first five foundation courses will get you started on the right foot.

Take Your First Step

Start with The BASICS of Meditation, followed by Establishing Your Practice: Introduction. By the time you have completed these two foundation courses you will be on your way to understanding what Wanderer’s Handbook has to offer you.

Membership gives you access to our ever growing Libary.

View past Blog Posts and Articles, Webinars and Seminar recordings, and our extensive Exercises and Methods Library.

Participate in Wanderer’s Handbook Forum.

Ask your questions and get support from both your instructors and your peers. Being part of a community means you have access to years of knowledge and experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

A Sample of Our Library:

TheSTUDY is Wanderer’s Handbook best of the best!

Each Spring we select from TheSTUDY applicants participants to go through the information LIVE with the instructors. This priceless support is life-changing.

Do It Yourself

If you don’t make it into the LIVE Participants version of TheSTUDY, that’s okay. The material from each STUDY is used to create courses and interactive lessons for the benefit of all our members. The LIVE Self-STUDY 2019 is currently being expanded so you can do it yourself, at your own pace, and with the support of your community when you have questions. There will be a blog notice when it opens.

But Wait, There’s More!

In Addition to the Spring STUDY*, occasionally we pick members to participate in undeveloped STUDIES, Course Development, Journey Adventures, Life and Death Discussions and more. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the blog posts that announce these great adventures so you can opt-in for participation.

*Members who have completed all the listed Courses at a Glance work are more prepared for TheSTUDY and other opportunities as they arise.

Wanderer’s Handbook is more than just information, it is connection. Connecting with others who can understand you can go miles towards making a difference along your wellness journey.

Designed to Work in Groups

It takes a lot of work to incarnate as a human. As you come into the current Earth density, you lose your connection to free-flow divine energy. Because of this struggle, each person agreed to hold onto one vital piece of the ascension puzzle. Groups make bringing the pieces together both easy and fun. To make the need for groups even more apparent, adults with strong social support reduce their risk of depression, high blood pressure, and many other significant health problems. Friendships can have a substantial impact on your health and wellness, creating a whole vibrational experience that makes life better for every one of us. Kudos to you for doing your part!

Find Your Group

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Wanderer’s Handbook supports your journey.

• From the first stumble forward, to questioning, to your triumph, each phase of your journey has its magic to be shared.

• Perhaps you have a method, technique, or natural medicine that works for you and your circle of influence—these need to be shared!

• First-hand stories create some of the best healings in others.

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Are You New?

If this is your first time sharing something personal, don’t worry. You are in a safe place with us. We will help you edit your post before it goes out. You can confidently share your valuable and vital piece of the puzzle.

Support your Wanderer’s Handbook Community and share!

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