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What is the Self-STUDY?

The Self-STUDY is a big concept—you might be having a hard time wrapping your thoughts around how significant your participation in The 2019 Self-STUDY can be for you. Let us help you bring it down to bite size pieces that are easier to digest.

The STUDY program is eight weeks long

Each week follows a format:

We start with a broad concept that we present as either an article or a video. Everything during the week aligns with this general concept. We weave and braid overlapping consciousness into the process, helping you find pieces in yourself that have been dormant or unexpressed. These pieces come to the surface through:

  • Daily Belief Challenges that allows for interaction amongst members and STUDY Providers
  • Encouragement to share your observations of the topic, your understanding of how it impacts your life, as well as personal examples of how you are experiencing the issue at this moment
  • Open communication of the topic; you are also given exercises to challenge you physically and emotionally that is both supportive and engaging.
  • Opportunities to participate in one-on-one breakouts with providers are available. A breakout deals specifically with your personal experience. In a breakout, you will have the chance to discuss one on one the information for clarity and support.
  • Specific energetic details and patterns will help you learn to understand how energy is impacting you daily, things that you may not be consciously aware of and have been unable to change on your own can shift.

The week concludes with a webinar that ties it all together.

How To Prepare

Having an understanding of The BASICS of Meditation as Wanderer’s Handbook explains it is the best way to prepare. Be sure to go over the course and practice diaphragmatic breath and progressive relaxation.

Even with this information, there is no way you can get ready for The STUDY. The more you allow yourself to be vulnerable, open, and fearless, the more you will get out of the experience. The STUDY returns to you what you put in with multiples.

Everything is Subject to CHANGE!

No matter what, The STUDY is a fluid beast; even with our best-laid plans, we accept that the energy of the work requires us to be less rigid and more in free-flow. Anything can change at any moment without any notice! Still, we will do our best to keep you informed and included in the flow as it evolves.

It is great fun! Enjoy the adventure.

March 20, 2019


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