See the Difference Support Makes

Private Coaching

Specialized and Targeted coaching Tailored Specifically for You


Dive Deep, discover, and explore Your Truth



Dynamic instruction and interaction with your Instructor and Classmates

Death Coaching


Life Coaching
Wellness Coaching

Feel the Difference One to One Makes

Make the decision to get the support you need, when you need it.

  • Transform your experience with death from mysterious and chaotic to comforting and magical
  • Resolve your crossroad issues with personal support from one of our experts
  • Overcome hurdles that trap you in states of pain and disease

Personal One-on-One Coaching could be exactly what you need!

Your Customized Program

Designed to meet the needs of you and your loved ones, our team will create for you a customized 15-30 Day Program.

A Preset Path

Choose from several effective programs designed to bring you from a place of struggle to a place of success. Guided step by step, the work you put in creates real change.

Communication When Needed

You have an idea where you are heading and have been getting along well. Still, you could use that extra little something you didn’t even know was missing. Set up a session today to access that extra boost for success.

Enjoy the Difference Change Makes

Join hundreds of others who have taken control of their lives.

  • Acquire Keys that will liberate your Divine Energy
  • Claim Freedom from Beliefs that Control your Every Move
  • Eliminate the Addictive Behaviors that create your Toxic Environment
  • Take Charge of Life and Make it What you Want
  • LIVE the Full Expression of Who you are in Every Moment

Take the journey! Begin the Self-monitored STUDY or join the next LiveSTUDY Session

Explore the Difference a Group Makes

Small Private Groups

Groups of 100 or More

“Grow Your Kids” Classes

Attend our Live Webinars.

  • Have you always wanted to be a fly on the wall?
  • Do you learn better in a live setting with accountability and social interaction?
  • Do you have a burning question that must be answered in order to grasp a concept?
  • Do you long for the feeling of belonging to a group or tribe that understands you and has similar experiences–a group where you feel normal instead of like an outsider?
  • Do you wish you could find a synergistic learning atmosphere that has the ability to move you further and faster with minimal effort?

Live Webinar Participation could be exactly what you need!

Find Your Support Today!

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