Season 1, Episode 9


Season 1
Episode 9


by | Aug 12, 2020

by | Aug 12, 2020

Energetics of Being a Workaholic

About this Episode

Does your mind always race? Are you always in “problem-solving mode?” Are you able to sleep soundly at night or is it difficult to shut off your thinking?  If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, this podcast is for you. Join Christine Contini and Laura C. Cantu as they reveal hidden signs that you may be a workaholic and how this all too common problem can affect you energetically.

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You can also go to the Libary for individual exercises and methods. Select the body category to quickly find some of the more physical ways to take a body break. You can find mental and energetic breaks in the library as well.

Energetics of Being a Workaholic

Christine Contini: [00:45:12] Hi everyone. I’m Christine Contini.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:45:34] My name is Laura Cantu  

Christine Contini: [00:45:36] and welcome to wanders handbook podcast.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:45:39] Today, we are going to talk about workaholics and what that means and what it doesn’t mean. So the reason we’re talking about this is because. I suffer from workaholism  

Christine Contini: [00:45:51] and I used to, he used to be a real big burden, like, but see, I didn’t know it was a burden. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:45:59] I didn’t either. I thought I was really happy doing it and I thought, but that’s all I want to do. And I would work myself, work myself, work myself, and then all of a sudden I would crash and get sick. And this has been. The motto of my life for 20 years.  

Christine Contini: [00:46:12] Right. And I remember when we first started talking about it and I didn’t have this problem anymore because I’d worked on it and you’re like, what? 

I just get going and I’m good for three days. And then I just take a break and I’m like, That doesn’t sound very balanced  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:46:26] to me.  

Christine Contini: [00:46:28] So there’s something missing in that picture. And again, she seems outwardly. So if you know, workaholics, they seem outwardly, okay, they’re going along. They’re really enjoying what they’re doing, but there’s, again, there’s a balance to life. 

And when you don’t have that balance, what happens? You create stagnation.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:46:45] You do, you create stagnation and you create, um, An imbalance and the yin and yang, you lose energy, even though you think you’re gaining energy, you end up working on adrenaline and you fool yourself into thinking you are okay. 

Christine Contini: [00:47:00] Right. And if you are giving too much to, to the work side of your experience, and even if it doesn’t appear like a workaholic, say, say a parent who has their kids and they do all the actions. Afterschool activities and they work and they only end up getting like three or four hours of sleep. And they think the only reason they’re tired is the level of sleep. 

And I’m here to tell you that’s not true because they’re focused on, get it done, get it done. There’s too much to do in the course of one day. And we’ve just got to get through this day, get it done. That’s another type of workaholic,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:47:27] right? So if you. Find yourself having thoughts that can be not shut off. 

That is a symptom of being a workaholic  

Christine Contini: [00:47:35] monkey mind together. I’m glad you brought that up. Yeah, because I don’t have monkey mind anymore.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:47:42] Right. When you don’t have monkey mind you actually, when you do have monkey mind, I think you can pretty much guarantee that you’re a workaholic because I mean, you can’t shut it off to be a  

Christine Contini: [00:47:53] worrier. 

But I would think working through the day without love and peace,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:48:00] right. Because yes. So there’s different. We were just defining the different kinds of workaholic, right? There’s the kind that keeps their family together and raises the children. There’s a workaholic that. Gets the job done for money for like business. 

You’ve got the worriers who have to take care of not just their normal family, but their extended family and all their friends and the world. Right, right.  

Christine Contini: [00:48:30] Oh, my goodness. That’s a, that’s a big group of people,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:48:32] isn’t it? Yes. And then I’m, I’m guessing there’s probably more kinds of workaholic. Like I have to see that TV show. 

If I don’t watch that TV show, I’m going to not be okay.  

Christine Contini: [00:48:42] So, right. So someone who follows false comfort to the point of distraction. Yes. So that could be, we could put that in this field too, because it’s all, it’s all managed the same way and that’s why we bring them all up.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:48:55] It’s all excess. This is all excess. 

And let me tell you something. And the point of Chinese medicine, the heart is the general and it manages all access. So if your liver is out of balance, if your excess sleep excessively out of balance, your kidney or any other organ, your heart will be affected or your heart Meridian.  

Christine Contini: [00:49:16] That could be where I had a heart attack and died. 

Huh? Could be,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:49:19] could be why so many people have heart issues that today in this day and age, so. To not be an if you’re, if you want to know if you are a workaholic or not the way we’re defining it, ask yourself throughout the day. Do you ever find joy and peace in just sitting still or walking or. 

Something that doesn’t. Do you ever find it that your mind is not racing?  

Christine Contini: [00:49:45] That’s the better way to say it? Yeah. So I remember that when, when I first started looking at this, that I decided, okay. I realize now that I’m a workaholic, I’m going to put everything down. And I did, and I walked away from it. But like you said, my mind kept going and I didn’t realize that I wasn’t peaceful and still, so I was like, okay, wait a minute. 

No, I’m still, I’m still thinking about work. I’m still thinking about family. I’m still thinking about what has to get done. Okay. I’m going to go sit in the backyard. And I went to the farthest corner of the yard and in the gazebo, when I sat down, I said, I’m going to do nothing for two minutes. And I thought, Oh, this is gonna be super easy. 

Oh my God. It was the, one of the hardest things. It didn’t, I couldn’t get to two minutes without a thought intruding without the feeling of, I need to stand up and go do something. I mean, it was just such a, and w I got really sad for myself when I realized that, gosh, I can’t find joy unless I’m busy. And I didn’t. 

I thought, you know what, I’m going to work on this every day. And I, and that was the beginning.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:50:43] Yes. And if you want to kind of, um, I think one of the reasons we become workaholics is because there’s an emptiness inside of us that needs to be filled and a great, wonderful, wonderful TV show. And there may be a little bit of spoiler alerts for this watch the last season and the last episode of the good place. 

Actually the last two episodes of the good place demonstrates on Netflix or Hulu. I think it’s on Hulu right now, but this will give you an idea. Of this monkey mind and how we as human beings are programmed to do, to do, to do, to do, to do. And it’s very rare that we ever find  

Christine Contini: [00:51:25] to be. And, you know, we were just talking on one of the other podcast about kids and how, when they’re doing too much work in the day, how it depletes the young and, and yin becomes a weak feeling and they don’t have what they need. 

And that’s kind of how we start them off. We start them off with, you need to get all this done. We start pushing them at a very young age. So it’s no wonder we don’t recognize workaholic workaholic. Ism  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:51:52] workaholism  

Christine Contini: [00:51:53] adulthood, because, you know, we’re, we’re raising children to be this way and I have grandkids and I see my granddaughter, you know, did I, did I clean the room? 

Did you know, did I take care of my little brother? You know, did I do all my schoolwork? Am I going to get the reward? And I see what is doing to her in some ways. Oh my gosh, it’s amazing. And I can be really proud of her. But then there’s a detriment and I see the detriments and I’m not gonna bring that up. 

Cause that’s, that’s her private, her private life. And, but it makes me sad again, when you realize it from me, it’s sad. Not in a way that that is a bad thing, but it’s sad that we don’t recognize it as a society that we’re put in this position to keep going down this dark dark hole.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:52:39] Yes. And not just that, but like you said, it’s praised. 

We are, we are pre-programmed. To want to be ambitious, to want to get to the top, to even compete with other people in any way. I mean, these are all normal things in our society, which I personally think are way out of balance.  

Christine Contini: [00:53:00] Right. So think about it this way. If you want to find out if you’re a workaholic, when you wake up in the morning and you have a big to do list and you decide I’m gonna take a day off. 

Can you, can you bring yourself to actually take a whole day off and not complete your  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:53:12] task list and still be loving and kind to yourself? Yeah. You might be able to take a day off, but then you might feel less valuable for it.  

Christine Contini: [00:53:19] Right. And you might, you know, fill it again with distractions  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:53:22] and then make excuses. 

Oh yeah. I’m not doing that today because of this.  

Christine Contini: [00:53:26] I workaholic tends to also get sick. So that they can take a break. Right. So, I mean, I know we’re laughing about it and I’m laughing because I remember. 

I remember getting sick and asking myself, gosh, if I didn’t just relaxed a little, if I had just, when I first started having this symptom taking some time off, instead of pushing myself, I never would have gotten this. Sick as I am. And so that’s something now that I definitely, when I start to feel low, I don’t push through lowness anymore. 

I mean, I can look at okay, where’s my cause and effect going on, but not everything is cause and effect and the way that we think of it. So I may just have to, okay. I’m compelled to take a break and spend about four hours sitting here doing nothing. Well, good. I’m going to do it and I can, I can sit still without any distractions for four hours and be just fine. 

It’s amazing. And then at the end of the day, I’m like, Oh wow. I didn’t even feel time. Go by.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:54:21] Yeah. So I’ve been learning this lesson just in the past week. I got really sick. I was in bed for about three days. We did two podcasts, I think. Wow. I was sick and you’ll see it. If you look, or if you’ve listened to them or go on YouTube and watch them. 

Um, but what I, I went through all of that stuff. I was like, but I need to work. I need to be valuable. I mean, my whole belief system came crashing down on me. And eventually I got to a place where all I could do is just lay there. I couldn’t even watch TV. So all I could do is just lay there and my dogs were there and this is what brought me to the point of realizing what I was doing to myself. 

I realized that during that time, I really connected with my dogs and I found joy in that moment of connecting with them and holding space with them. And I did it for more than five minutes or 10 minutes, or more than 30 minutes. I did it for a few hours and it really brought a sense of calm and joy and peace to me to be able to connect with other beings that makes it so special like that. 

And then I thought. Work is nothing compared to this.  

Christine Contini: [00:55:35] Nice. And so  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:55:37] it made me realize, because I thought I was joyful because of work because I was like, Oh, I love creating. And I love doing this. And then I realized while I was sick that, although I enjoy it, it’s not what drives me.  

Christine Contini: [00:55:53] Right. It’s not, it, it can be it’s again, it actually is part of distraction. 

Right. I had a moment when, uh, My, yeah, my daughter, Sarah was about five months old and she’s laying on a blanket and I thought I’d already gotten over being a workaholic. I really thought I had a handle on it. And you know, I’m spending my day balanced amount of time doing different things. And I don’t feel any pressure anymore, but guess what? 

She’s laying on her blanket and I’m looking at how cute she is and I reach over and I start. You know, straightening up the table, that’s next to us. And I think to myself, Oh yeah, I got the towels on the bed right here. Let me fold those too. And I hear her lovely Sarah with her telepathic abilities. And she says, mommy, and I say, yes. 

She says, why aren’t you watching me? And I said, what I am watching you. She says, no, you’re not watching me. You’re watching what you’re doing. And I’m here while you’re seeing me, but you’re not watching me. And I think this is the same thing you is talking about with the boys.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:56:55] It’s exactly the same thing. 

And this social media, this being on the phone all the time does not help.  

Christine Contini: [00:57:01] No, it doesn’t. It actually makes it easier to dig into distractions for comfort than to find this place of peace. And here’s the thing. Why does it matter? You know, I was a workaholic, I enjoyed it, but guess what? I was getting sicker every day, devastatingly ill to the point that, you know, had a heart attack and died. 

So come on guys. If anyone knows, I got this one, I know how this goes. I know the progress, the progression that you guys are looking towards with this behavior. So it’s about.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:57:34] I got lost. I know that’s weird.  

Christine Contini: [00:57:36] I guess they’re stuck in my remembrance of what it was like to, again, really love working. To the point that I was killing myself and not, I truly, and I still sometimes question it because I truly love work to the point. 

And again, I could not understand that I needed to stop being a workaholic. And so I had to start paying attention and it’s still some days I can catch myself when I feel less joyful. I know I’ve, I’ve fallen back into workaholism again, cause I could be going around.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:58:07] That’s good to know. Cause I’m on the, the very new side of this journey. 

So when I start feeling myself, be less joyful, I will know. And just so you know, I think joy is the measuring the measuring a key for this because. I kept saying, yeah, I’m happy, but I have no joy.  

Christine Contini: [00:58:24] Yeah, definitely. So when I’m a workaholic and I do the dishes, it’s no fun for me when I’m not being a workaholic. 

And I do the dishes. There’s great. Love for myself for, for washing what it feels like in the water, what it looks like when the dishes clean. I mean, there’s such joy. That is not the same feeling when I’m in workaholic mode. It’s. It’s task oriented. It’s it’s a narrowed focus. And when I’m not in workaholic mode, there’s this peace and relaxation with everything that I do  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:58:54] see when I’m in workaholic mode, especially when I’m creating, I get really excited. 

Christine Contini: [00:58:59] Yes. Definitely excited.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:59:00] And I’m like, Oh yeah, I can’t wait to do this. And this and this and this. And then I drive myself and I drive myself and I drive myself till it becomes like, instead of, I can’t wait to do it. Okay. Now I have to do this. Now have to do that.  

Christine Contini: [00:59:12] Right. And you feel it flop once you’ve backed up from it. 

When you start doing it again, you feel it flop. So like today, this morning we’re working on, I’m working on the new website. At home and I’m moving pages from one side of the website to the other and to a different format. And I’m really enjoying it. I did like 10 of them and it was great fun. And then I got a little further and I’m like, okay, I can feel I’m not enjoying this anymore. 

I’m excited still. And, and I feel good about getting it done, but that’s not the same as joy. And I just had to, okay, I’m gonna stop. I’m gonna make breakfast for the family. I’m gone. Because again, I recognize that feeling and what it means and what it’s doing to my system.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:59:52] Yes, I had the exact same thing happened today. 

So I can tell you exactly what it was like. I was, I had done a meditation and during this meditation, I was going to work on a website, um, before the meditation. And then I made a deal with myself to meditate every day at 10:00 AM, stop, everything I’m doing and meditate. And I was going to like do some graphics for people, do some websites and all of that. 

I did the meditation. And the thing that became most clear was that I need to do what brings me joy and do what my soul and my heart speaks to do. And if I do that, everything else will be taken care of. That was pretty much the message in human words, but it was way more expensive than that. So I, instead of going back to the computer and doing the website work and doing the graphics and all that, I thought. 

Okay. What would support me right now? So I got excited about betwixt. Here’s my, my book. So I created social media pictures for between teachers and I was so excited. I was like, yeah, these are so  

Christine Contini: [01:00:53] fun. And then you feel it though. You feel that expensive hearts and stuff.  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:00:57] Right. I felt really expensive. And then I did the last one and I thought, okay, now I need to do this next character. 

And I thought, no, I can’t do anymore. That was it. And usually. I would push myself and say, no, if I have all these characters, I have to have these characters  

Christine Contini: [01:01:11] too.  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:01:12] I have to go to the mall. But this time I was like, Nope, I’m going to back up. I’m going to go spend some time with my dogs.  

Christine Contini: [01:01:18] Nice. See, and, and you’ll start to recognize the more you back out of being a workaholic in your life, the more joyful it is and the less stress you have and the easier everything actually becomes. 

And there’s this other part.  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:01:34] Just think about it. 

Christine Contini: [01:01:40] Oh yes. Okay. So this is how I remind myself that I cannot go back to being a workaholic because again, it does feel good is I’m destroying my physical form when I indulge in this way. And I will be sick again, and I will be unable to live the life that I want to live and this, you know, I don’t get serious a lot, but guys, this one is super serious because multiple sclerosis took me down. 

You know, I couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t take care of those kids that I love so much anymore. And they were taking care of me. And it’s so easy to get into that energy and to get stuck in that little trap, because it gives you something it’s like any addiction and you can apply a lot of these thoughts to any form of addiction, but. 

It’s as a false sense of satisfying and therefore the light content in my body changes. And it’s not a healthy light anymore. It’s not the light of love and joy. It’s more of the light of satisfaction that I can be empowered, which is again, it’s part of the same vibrational experience. So why shouldn’t it be okay, but it’s not the full form. 

Laura C. Cantu: [01:03:00] It’s an obligated empowerment.  

Christine Contini: [01:03:02] Yeah.  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:03:03] Versus a free empowerment.  

Christine Contini: [01:03:05] Right. And it changes the, the physical form or the cellular membrane. So a little, you know, get into the science of it. A little is there’s a re rigidness to each physical cell that we have. And if it becomes too rigid, the information can’t transfer from cell to cell. 

And then that’s a, one of the ways disease can set in is because there’s no longer this fleet free flow of energy through the physical form. When I was sick. And I started looking into with, you know, intuition and insight and all of this stuff that I did to study my life. I started to see that, Oh, my cells had this coating on them. 

That seemed like. Really thin glass. And if you tapped on it, they would break and destroy themselves. So they weren’t duplicating the same way they could have duplicated if I wasn’t ill and they weren’t, they weren’t able to transfer photons, which is like content from one to another. And therefore my light content got depleted more and more. 

I started needing external. Things to feel better. You know, I love comedies. That’s what I miss my go to for watching shows. And I was watching comedy shows because again, I couldn’t get out of bed cause I was so sick. I was watching comedies like six hours a day. I wasn’t even laughing, but I was so desperate because I couldn’t form any energy inside my own form. 

That I was trying to pull from those shows anything I could just so I could get some of that energy back in my body. Now over time, of course it does help because laughter’s the best medicine. And over time I did, but I didn’t know that’s what I was doing then I couldn’t watch anything unless it was funny. 

And, but when I look back at the fact that I didn’t laugh. Gosh, how low I had to have been and to be in that position. So, you know, kudos to anyone if you’re in that position and hopefully you can find your way out,  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:05:00] right? So I’m going to take this back to Chinese medicine again. Um, when someone doesn’t have enough energy, we don’t put needles in them because they need all the energy they can get. 

And, and the, the, um, The process of opening, like putting the needle in creates an opening in the body. And even the smallest opening that will let the energy escape can be harmful. So laughing, you’re opening your mouth hole 

and you would be expelling young or expelling. They might not be young, but it would be energy because when you laugh, you expel energy. Now if, if you were not devastatingly, lack of energy, that energy would build up more because it would free stagnation,  

Christine Contini: [01:05:52] right? The physical movement of laughter would free your stagnation  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:05:55] when you don’t have enough power in you to even move through stagnation or through the sedentary of the, of what your body has, then I could definitely see why you wouldn’t laugh. 

Yeah. That  

Christine Contini: [01:06:05] makes so much sense. Yeah. And so, So watching comedies, that was one way I also started meditating and guys, I know everyone says, you know, I can’t meditate is too hard. You know what it was. An impossible task for me, I started with Buddhism because it was something that I could be led through. 

And I used to listen to the chanting. And then after a while I got stronger and then I joined the chanting and then after a while I got even stronger. And then I walked away from that and I just started doing my own meditations and connecting on a different level. But if you’re feeling that constant fatigue. 

And you, you know, like I was falling asleep at streetlights. I couldn’t, I had no energy left. I couldn’t give anything. I was like a zombie, but I was still taking care of the household as much as I could until I couldn’t anymore. So finding your way back, you know, send us an email. If you don’t have any ideas of your own, you know, we’ll, we’ll put a list of things to try, um, with this podcast. 

Cause it, it, it doesn’t have to end your life  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:07:06] also. I’m going to bring it back to this again. Whenever you’re going through these things, don’t judge yourself because that is also energy that you’re putting towards something that you don’t want. So if you’re a workaholic and you’re really happy about it. 

Great. But just try to find that place where you, where you stop being happy about it. So I would say if there’s one thing to look for as a workaholic, if you’re enjoy fantastic. If you’re not enjoy, stop back up, don’t judge yourself and replan or do something else.  

Christine Contini: [01:07:44] It was when the, when the work started to feel like work instead of fun. 

That was the moment that I should’ve known, but I didn’t. Right. So looking back. Yeah. That’s the moment.  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:07:53] So when people go to jobs let’s, is there a solution that we can give people when they’re actually going to jobs and their employers are saying, Hey, you have to do this first. I want to bring up guidelines, boundaries, and consequences. 

You teach people how to treat you.  

Christine Contini: [01:08:08] Right. So if your employer saying you have to, or you’re fired well, you know, you, you have the choice to be treated that way or not. I understand if you feel like you can’t get away from something, but when you start healing your energy, you will have that kind of control where you can stand up and say no more and you can walk away. 

But until you do while you’re still weak and you need a little more support moving forward, one of the things you can do is look at how you’re treating yourself with your belief systems. So during the day you wake up, God, I gotta get to work. Okay. Right there. I have to, any of those words I have to are bringing in this field, this vibration of stagnation, because there’s no freedom  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:08:47] and slavery,  

Christine Contini: [01:08:49] right? 

There’s no freedom. There’s no choice. Um, yo sovereignty, right? And that’s death. Absolutely. Is it creates aging. So if there’s nothing else that motivates you, if you want to look young for the rest of your life, this, this is one of the things that happens with all of this is it creates aging. So you’re in a workplace and you’re not enjoying it. 

Well, my suggestion is of course, start asking the universe to bring you something different. That’s step one. If you, again, if you can’t get out yet, then look at the belief systems was holding you there. Look at the people around you and how you’re interacting with  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:09:23] them. And so whenever she says let’s, so let’s take a look at that thought I have to do this. 

That’s when she’s saying, realize it’s a choice, you don’t have to.  

Christine Contini: [01:09:34] You get to, yeah, I could get up. So in a job, any job you’re in, you could get up and walk away. Nobody’s, nobody’s keeping you tied there. And again, you say, but the consequences are now, but the consequences are the way you’re doing it right now is death. 

So I know I want my severe with that word. Sorry guys. Laura. Laura’s like, Christine, can you just light up that death word a little bit? So let me Micah. So it is, um, it does,  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:10:00] I mean your  

Christine Contini: [01:10:00] slow, slow, painful death. It’s not, you’re not going to necessarily get hit by a car. I don’t mean instant death, but the consequences worse than the not. 

Now again, you can do, you can move forward slowly and do step-by-steps. You can take a meditation break during your day to review and add your energy. You can do breath work during your day to help move some of the stagnation that’s building, because you’re in a place you don’t want to be.  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:10:27] Yes, you can. 

And then whenever you say I have to do this today, or else there’s going to be consequences, you can also look at your life and say, well, why is all this so important to me? Why do I need this? Why do I need the three story house with the picket fence? And you know, what is it? So what is it that’s so important that makes me feel unsafe. 

Christine Contini: [01:10:49] Right? So you’ve what, yeah. Right? Safety. What are you conditioning yourself for? And is it true? So if you have an overwhelming burden based on money, Because you’ve positioned yourself that way then can you change it? And what steps can you make to start changing it? Can you downsize, can you sell something off that has high payments again? 

You’re not stuck unless you choose to be stuck. Everything has options. And I’m not saying you have to choose downsizing as your options. Yeah. You could,  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:11:18] you could, uh, use your imagination and create, create something amazing. Let’s say to Neville  

Christine Contini: [01:11:22] Goddard. Exactly.  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:11:24] Right. Actually, he’s amazing at teaching you how to do that. 

Christine Contini: [01:11:26] Right. So there’s so many directions to go. We’re not, we’re just talking about some examples that can help you quickly. And in the moment that you’re in, um, Laura, even today, when you were looking at being a workaholic, you backed up from it. And she’s like she said, she started playing with the boys and relaxing, and then she got an email based on something that will bring a large chunk of money in that was unexpected. 

Laura C. Cantu: [01:11:52] Totally unexpected because here I was going to do a lot of work that was supposed to bring money. So here, I’m going to give you the whole story. Kind of, I woke up. Thinking. Okay. You know, if I go work on this website and go do some graphics works, I’m going to be making some money doing it. And then I started getting into it and I’m like, but I’m a, I’m being a slave right now. 

This money is not my time. And my, the energy that I’m putting in it is not worth. What I’m doing right now, it doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t feel like I’m living to my fullest potential. It doesn’t feel like I’m being led by my soul right now. I’m literally only being led by money to do this. So I stopped and I meditated actually, it was really great. 

Cause I have my alarm set at 10 o’clock  

Christine Contini: [01:12:36] timing is everything. So it  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:12:37] stopped me. And then I meditated and there was a very clear idea that. I need to do for me. What’s best for me personally, is to do what I came here to do. And that is to live according to my truth, my heart and my soul, and to live in my joy in my passion while I’m doing it and to not compromise myself. 

And I realized I was compromising myself for money. So if I can no longer compromise myself for money, then how am I going to make money? It was a really big concern, but then after I meditated and I thought, okay, I’m going to play around in my bit twisters world. Cause that’s really what I’m compelled to do right now. 

Just a little while later, I got an email that said, Hey, you’re getting this money. And I’m like what?  

Christine Contini: [01:13:31] And it was completely unexpected. You know, timing of preparedness when you are in that place of your truth, you are the full expression of yourself when you’re doing what you’re compelled to do. And you’re coming from your heart, your soul, like you said, then we’re now affecting the law of attraction. 

So again, I understand you might be in a place where you feel victimized, that you can’t get out of, but the law of attraction supports you. And when you move your energy, your life changes. I. Um, I’m in the process of building, um, a home right now. And I tell ya, I, if I had to do it again, I probably wouldn’t. 

No, I’m just kidding. But it’s. It’s quite an experience and  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:14:12] seriously, what’d you do it again?  

Christine Contini: [01:14:13] Absolutely. Always. Always.  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:14:15] In fact, that didn’t sound very convincing.  

Christine Contini: [01:14:17] So let me explain something. I don’t do anything I’m not compelled to do to begin with at this point in my life. So I have zero regrets as I lived through my life. 

And if I’m in a position and I’m finding, I’m not liking it, then I need to do something to change it. I’m not. I’m never a victim ever anymore, but I’m in this position where I could be making a lot of money and I’m choosing not to, because I’m having this other experience with building and doing it the way we’re doing it. 

And it doesn’t have to be this way, but we chose it and I’m in it. And there’s not a lot of cash flow because the money’s going from material and, you know, building, and we’re not doing a lot of work cause we’re doing the building ourselves by hand. So what do you do. Do you just not have anything? No. You just call to the universe and say, Hey, I’m doing what I’m compelled to do. 

I’m loving my life and this is fun. And now how am I going to get everything else I need? When I say universe, I need this. So somebody turns around and they give us a car and they say, Hey, here you go. And what do we do with it? Well, We sold it money and some things that we’d gathered along the way, suddenly we no longer have the need for them. 

We sell those things money. So it’s again, tying into the universal opportunity and not being afraid of stepping out of what everyone else is telling you. This is supposed to look like and our lives look completely different. Laura’s and I,  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:15:39] yes, that’s a big deal. Is buying into what people say is real. So like, like I had a dog that had cancer, um, she was six years old and I took her to one vet. 

Um, and she had surgery. And when the, when the surgeon got in there, it was all throughout her abdomen. It was a very fast growing cancer. And they said, this dog doesn’t have very long to live. We didn’t take it all out. We just took out this one little, this one chunk, and that’s all you have. And I was like, I do not accept this. 

I’m going to go to another vet. I went to another vet, got the same diagnosis. I got the same diagnosis several times. And I said, no, if one person can heal cancer. I can do it. So. I researched what it was, the type of cancer that my dog had. I started cooking her food. I gave her herbs, I did acupuncture and, you know, took her to places that I found an acupuncture clinic for her. 

And she was a six year old German shepherd. And she lived to be 16 years old.  

Christine Contini: [01:16:39] Wow.  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:16:41] Because I refuse to believe what people were telling me was true. And I felt it in the pit of my heart, in the pit of my stomach, I knew. That I, that she could live. And I knew that her life wasn’t over nice. Had I even allowed one measure of doubt to come in there. 

It might not have been the same  

Christine Contini: [01:17:01] situation. I would agree with that because again, law of attraction, so you position yourself for the reality you want to create and you don’t get disappointed if it doesn’t look exactly like what you think it should look like. So releasing attachment judgment, conclusions, and assumptions, being kind to yourself through every bit of the process. 

I mean, I’m sure it was up and down for a bit in the beginning and kind of scary. But you just held strong because you had faith and you had trust.  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:17:26] I did. I trusted, I trusted. I did. I was like, no, I can, we can do this. There’s no reason that this can’t be overcome. And my whole point about that is there’s no reason that anything you’re going through can’t be overcome right. 


Christine Contini: [01:17:41] So I know we were talking about being workaholics and everything, but I can, if you look at it all aspects of your life, Have everything in it. So if you find that you’re a workaholic, you’re going to realize that you’re also doing something in your relationships that’s related to the same experience. 

Possibly over-giving, I’m not replenishing yourself. You’re going to find that in your bank account, maybe you’re overspending in some ways, because you don’t now have the time or energy to do what you could have done that wouldn’t have cost you the money to do it. I mean, there’s just. If it’s in one area of your life as an all. 

And so again, having faith trusting and taking the steps, no Lord. Doesn’t just say, Hey dog, you’re going to be healed. And that she did the research. She put the effort in, you know, she made  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:18:26] good.  

Christine Contini: [01:18:26] Yes. She made the changes and it’s the same that we’re talking to you guys. And  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:18:30] I refused, this is a big deal too. 

I refuse to believe the way they told me to believe. Even when they said I was stupid.  

Christine Contini: [01:18:37] Wow, powerful.  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:18:39] Yeah. I said, no. I’m doing this and she was 16. That was 10 years. 10 whole years.  

Christine Contini: [01:18:46] Yeah. I’ve had people look at me and being like, you’re doing what you’re building, what I’m like. Yeah. Yeah. We’re doing it. And my dad turned around one day and he says, if anyone can do it, I know it’s you, because you never give up. 

You never believe what other people tell you. You’re going to find the answer you need in order to be okay.  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:19:03] Right. So this might be part of your, if you’re a workaholic and you’re doing it because of money, um, go ahead and look at. Like do the research, find other people that have been in your shoes find other people that don’t have to be workaholics that make tons of money start seeing what they do start seeing. 

Christine Contini: [01:19:21] Yeah. Energy. They’re making more money, changing your lifestyle, every deficient, willing  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:19:25] healing, all kinds of stuff.  

Christine Contini: [01:19:26] Yeah, definitely  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:19:28] just do the research, look around and then take those stories and write them down. Put them somewhere to remind you. To help you build your faith.  

Christine Contini: [01:19:36] Yeah. We could get into the idea of vision boards and all of these other things. 

I mean, there’s a lot of methods guys that you can use. Um, but again, I think the messages, you know, don’t give in, don’t give up that. Um, and that’s not the same as like, Somebody says, well, you can’t quit. I don’t think it’s that. We’re not  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:19:54] doing something that is not rewarding or helping us, or that is like out of balance. 

Definitely quit if you want to.  

Christine Contini: [01:20:01] Yeah. Cause if you keep going on that based out of again, the way people told you, you have to think and live. If you keep going in that direction, you’re never going to get to the place. That’s the truth of who you are.  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:20:11] But that’s what we’re saying. Don’t give up on finding your truth and being your unique self, because that’s what we’re here for. 


Christine Contini: [01:20:18] guys. Thank you for your free podcast. Bye bye.  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:20:24] Was it good? Yeah.  

Christine Contini: [01:20:26] I think we get overly emotional. Sometimes we go over  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:20:29] everywhere. Don’t we 

Christine Contini: [01:20:33] I’m hoping when we listened back through them, we can tie them all together. And like I said, with things, you know, maybe a little bit of writing some messages and things that they need to pay attention. Here’s some steps and here’s some guidelines here’s, you know, I’m sure we’ll wrap. We’ll pull it all together. 

Yeah. Patriarchy,  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:20:47] not Patrion, let us know. Okay. Let us know what you think. Or if there’s something you want us to talk about.  

Christine Contini: [01:20:54] Yeah. We’ve nearly,  

Laura C. Cantu: [01:20:55] we’ve decided we were going to make this really formal and make a topic and make bullet points to talk  

Christine Contini: [01:21:00] about. She was going to do that. I was going to do that thinking why can’t work that hard. 

Laura C. Cantu: [01:21:03] Yeah. That was my workaholic perfectionism in me. And you know, we have talked about doing these kinds of things for a long time, but we never did it because it always felt so. Uh, horrible. It felt bad. So now we just decided to have, we have conversations all the time and we, we think they’re really fun and interesting. 

So that’s why we’re doing it this way. We thought, you know, it’s conversational. We, we have conversations easily, so we’re just going to record them. And that’s what it’s going to be. . 


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