Season 1, Episode 8


Season 1
Episode 8


by | Aug 5, 2020

by | Aug 5, 2020

Everything About Empathic Abilities

About this Episode

Do you often find yourself taking on other people’s issues? Do you get tired or ill when in a crowd? Do you need a lot of alone time just to be okay?  If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you may be in Empath!  Join Christine Contini and Laura C. Cantu as they discuss what an Empath is, what happens energetically, and how to work with your empathic abilities.

Episode Support

Practicing breathwork daily can keep you out of some difficult fight and flight experiences. Here are a few breath references for your support.

Video: Three Parts of Breath and Diaphragmatic Breath Work

Written Exercises: Diaphragmatic Breath Focused Breath, 4-2-8 Breath Work, and 4-2-8 Breath Work and Meditation for Monkey Mind

A second huge resource for empaths is stopping or creating stillness. If you can stop the motion of energy into your body from others, you can more readily take care of you. Practice these: Beginning Silence, Resting in Place, and Counting Your Minute

For a more tangible connection, you can use a totem. Look online for detailed information about totems. For a general concept check out Totems in the library. The exercise Overlapping Principles for Releasing Blocks speaks to using a mental totem.

Everything About Empathic Abilities

Christine Contini: [00:00:00] hello everyone. I’m Christine Contini  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:00:30] and my name is Laura Cantu  

Christine Contini: [00:00:32] and welcome to wanders handbook podcast.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:00:34] Today, we will be speaking about impacts being empathic and anything that has to do with  

Christine Contini: [00:00:40] empathy. 

Ah, and Laura and I, um, the conversation kind of came up for us because we’ve both had this experience, our entire lives. And then people around us are having experiences that we had say 20 years ago for the first time. And we recognize that is connected to empathic abilities.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:00:58] Yes. So a lot of times what happens is, you know, whenever you’re a kid and whenever you’re full of young energy, We’ve got yin and yang that’s going on in our bodies. 

And as we’re growing young is a very strong, very driving force, energy and yen is much weaker and it’s much just, it’s kind of like the nighttime and like, Still water while young would be like light or like a raging river waterfall. Awesome. So when you’re an empath as a kid, you might not notice it quite as much because you have that young energy that can help you push through things. 

But as you start getting older and into your twenties, your yin, and so here’s your young and here’s your yen, but I can’t see you. Oh yeah. Sorry. We’re on a podcast. If you see this on YouTube, you can see me. So. You’re young can be really high. Let’s imagine a scale from one to 10, one being the low point 10 being the high point yen will be at one and young. 

Won’t be at 10. Bless you. But as you grow older, these two will equal out. So 10 will drop down to an art. Young will drop down to nine and then eight and then seven and then six and then five and yen will raise up to five. But as you get into your twenties, then that’s when that is an equal meeting place for each other. 

So girls have a different time than boys do. Girls reached that point earlier in their twenties and boys reach it later in their twenties.  

Christine Contini: [00:02:24] Good to know.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:02:25] Yeah. So when you’re an empath and you can’t drive through that force anymore, you don’t have as much young. And being an empath, I believe is much more yen because you’re receiving and you’re not giving out as much. 

Um, then, then it can become overwhelming.  

Christine Contini: [00:02:40] Let me ask you, is it possible for somebody to reach that maybe in their early teens or even by 10,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:02:49] if someone has a impairment in their young, in the first place, or if they have, um, something going on with their core energy in the first place, then the young will not be as strong. 

Christine Contini: [00:02:58] Ah, let’s see. That makes sense because I was empathic very, very young and. Overwhelmed by it and had to deny it for years.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:03:07] Yes. And then sometimes some, some people’s empathic abilities can be stronger than others. So if you’re like a full blown empath, it’s not going to matter how much young you have, you’re going to feel it. 

Christine Contini: [00:03:18] Gotcha. Good to know. Good to know. Okay. Now, um, before we get into the details of the empathic side, since we’re hitting on this energy part, is there a way to strengthen. The support of young so that when you’re hit, can you, is there a way to drive that young up? So instead of feeling overwhelmed by your empathic abilities, that you have more strength to get through them? 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:03:40] Yes. There’s a few ways to do that first. That’s this is what, um, Oriental medicine practitioners do. They will look at the yen and the young in your body and they will help whatever needs to be helped. So if let’s say that there’s so you can have too much young too, just so you know. So you always want a balance of yin and yang, even when you’re growing a skilled. 

Doctor of Oriental medicine will be able to feel the young, um, he’ll be able to feel your pulses or she they’ll be able to feel your pulses and each, each one of your wrists, three different depths. And then look at your tongue, look at your eyes, look at your whole being energetically, and then they’ll be able to help you balance that. 

Now, if you can’t see a doctor or a practitioner of Oriental medicine, You can do breathing exercises that we will have on our wonders handbook. And you can strengthen your core energy, your dantian, as we talked about this at another podcast, how there’s the three jowls and you breathe into the lower jaw in order to support all the upper jowls, right? 

So that’s another way you can do it. And then herbs and food are other ways we won’t talk about herbs because those need to be prescribed by your doctor or your practitioner of Oriental medicine. But, uh, foods you want to look at in Chinese medicine, we look at foods that are pungent, sweet, salty, bitter, and spicy, and all of those different foods will impact your different organs in different ways. 

For instance, liver and gallbladder are impacted by the sour taste. Kidney is impacted kidney and bladder are impacted by the salty taste. And so it just goes from there. So having a good combination of food and listening to your cravings, but not overindulging in your cravings is also a really good idea. 

Christine Contini: [00:05:32] Okay. So as a parent, I have more questions on this. Okay. So when I see like, um, one of my kids getting kind of sluggish and they’re normally really happy and chipper so that when they’re young is probably dropping, they don’t have seem to have the strength and vitality that. They normally have, and they’re craving some something other than what you said. 

Can I kind of just start putting those foods into there to help balance them out?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:05:57] Okay. So whenever you look at your child and they’re losing energy or they’re  

Christine Contini: [00:06:02] they, and they start craving sugar and they start, they want junk food, nothing satisfies their taste buds,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:06:07] right? So you might, you want to take, so as a doctor of Oriental medicine, We take a look at the entire aspect of a being. 

We don’t just look at what they’re eating, what they’re doing. You know, we look at EV what they’re feeling. We look at it all together. So the very first thing I would do if this were my child, is I would look to see what they’ve been doing. That might be causing them an emotional imbalance or like if they’re craving sugar, let me tell you about sugar. 

Sweet is the taste that is attracted to by the stomach and the spleen and the stomach and the spleen. They take the food. And they digest it and then they push it out to your organs. So it it’s literally if they’re thinking too much, cause that’s the, that is the emotion that affects the spleen the most. 

If they’re overworking in school, they’re not shutting their brain off. They can’t take that information and the way they need to digest it and put it in the parts. Energetically in the body where it needs to go and it’s going to have a direct correlation into the digestive system and then they will then crave sugar. 

Christine Contini: [00:07:14] Okay. And is that, um, but that has now, how do we put that in relationship to the yin and yang that we’ve already  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:07:21] talked about? So if you have an information overload and you’re using all of your energy to process that information, what’s going to happen, you’re going to get stagnation, which is more yen. 

Her nature. And then the young is going to get depleted. Cause now it’s trying to get through that stagnation. Gotcha. And then it’s going to get hot and it’s going to burn up eventually. It’s like a trashy, you know, they have to be careful with trash heaps or they’re catch on fire. So it’s the same kind of thing in the body. 

Um, so yeah, if you look at the, you look at what’s going on first in the mind and the emotions. And then you can see about fixing that, like doing a meditation exercise, like breathing, breathing is so cut. Different breathing exercises. I’m going to let you explain about that again. I know we mentioned it in a previous podcast, but I want you to talk about how breathing can actually break patterns. 

Christine Contini: [00:08:17] Okay. So breath is the gentlest way that we can physically move energy. So if it’s in the physical body or somebody near us, and I want to bring this up, because again, we’re talking about being an empath and if somebody near you is overwhelmed empathically, and you balance your energy and then you just breathe and their direction, your breath will alter their state of experience. 

So that’s one way, um, is first just balancing yourself. If you’re not familiar with, um, some of the different techniques, you’ll be able to go onto wanders handbook and we’ll make sure with the podcast we’ll list, some of them for you to reference in the, in the exercises and methods, um, part of the. 

Website, one of them is diaphragmic breath. What happens is we get into this fight or flight, this higher level, breathing up in the chest and we’re in our brain and we’re in our chest and the lower level of our body, like you said, even become stagnant because there’s no motion, no physical motion there. 

And then with diaphragmic breath, you’re going to draw your energy and your breath down into your abdomen. And when you’re doing the diaphragmic breath, The way it’s instructed on the website, you’re going to also be lengthening the spinal cord and that pole on the spinal cord will reset your nervous system. 

So that’s a, one of the very, most powerful ways I can think of the breath can have an immediate impact. I mean, 30 seconds and you’re different.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:09:38] Yes. And also the other things you can do is you can look on YouTube. And there’s lots of videos about cheek gong and Tai Chi and breathing exercises, because each organ that you have has its own sound. 

It has its own taste. It has its own season. It has its own color. I mean, the list goes on and on and on.  

Christine Contini: [00:09:59] Right. So there’s, there’s lots and lots of support for these things. So now that you know what to start looking for and what to start paying attention to, let’s talk about more of how you might be overwhelmed as an empath what’s happening and what you can do to step out of that. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:10:14] Absolutely. So I don’t know if any of you guys have ever experienced where you walk into a room you’re having a great day. You walk into a room and all of a sudden your stomach hurt or you’re in a really bad mood or you feel hopeless or depressed come to find out later that someone else in that room is having that exact problem or they’ve already left. 

And you’re just picking up on that energetic signature. So one thing to remember about being an empath. Is that you will not keep it unless you identify with it, you may feel it and be able to experience it and know that it’s there.  

Christine Contini: [00:10:52] Cause that’s us nosy as human beings where nosy and impasse are particularly nosy. 

So you’re going to feel something and then explore it. But as Laura was saying, is it won’t be yours unless.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:11:03] Unless you already have it within you.  

Christine Contini: [00:11:07] So there’ll be a form of resonance that you’re carrying. If you walk into a room and you feel that, and, and you can’t break free from it, you just can’t let it go. 

That’s the resonant vibration. And it’s housed in your cellular structure. It’s in your muscles, it’s in your blood. It’s in every part of you. So breaking resonance is not as simple as just saying, Oh, let me shake this off. I don’t want to feel this anymore.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:11:30] No. So that’s where some of the breathing exercises come in and then I’m exploring it and saying, why do I need this? 

What, what is, what is it that I need to learn from this?  

Christine Contini: [00:11:41] Right. And what does it bring to my life to bring up this resonance? Now let’s, um, give a story so, and help you guys to understand that it’s not necessarily a direct. Reference. So I was, am having lunch with my sister and she had said to me that, you know, she’s going to take her, her boy, her little dog to the vet after, after we were done with lunch. 

And this is her child, this is somebody that she loves deeply, that has been with her for years. And I know this about her and I’m thinking, okay, good. And we’re not expecting any bad news or anything. I’m just giving you guys kind of a heads up that something big is going to happen. And. So she leaves goes to the vet. 

I’m still there with the rest of the family, finishing up lunch. And suddenly I get this overwhelming feeling that my son is going to die. And I didn’t really think about, Oh, you know, cause I’m meant to intuition. And I think I’m being, you know, a vision or something is coming to me. That’s going to say, you know, my son’s going to die. 

It was so clear in my head. Spoken is as if it was a voice telling me your son is going to die. And I was like, Oh, and I thought to myself, wait a minute, I’ve entered by this before I know better. So I started instead of just taking on that overwhelming aching feeling I stopped. And that’s another thing you can do as an empath is you stop cause the forward progression will happen unless you stop. 

And there’s other methods and a couple of exercises you guys can practice. It will prepare you for these moments when you need to be able to just stop and not indulge. So in the moment I’m I’m like, okay, wait a minute. This, I don’t really think this is true. I didn’t have an, I didn’t actually have a premonition. 

I just heard the words, you know, my son is going to die, so I just relaxed into it. And I just knew, okay. No, my son’s fine. I’m just going to let that go. Well, I got a call just a few minutes later from my sister that they wanted to put her boy down. And that was something that I, you know, we weren’t prepared for. 

Like I said, we weren’t expecting any bad news. It’s just a regular checkup. So there was this, it’s a devastating story. And as an impath. And as being connected to somebody who I love deeply my own sister, I can take on that feeling and think that it’s my own and resonance can then be translated into telepathy and you will take the information and apply it to your own life without realizing as an impact that it has nothing to do with you. 


Laura C. Cantu: [00:14:09] this also, it doesn’t have to be just from one person. There’s a lot of people that I know. And this happens, I think, especially in the teenage years and the early twenties where you take on the empathic tendencies of the consciousness of the group. So like, if there’s a great big, let’s say we just had the fires and. 

And, uh, Australia where there was a lot of sadness and a lot of animals leaving the planet. There were a lot of people that I know that went around with this sense of doom and foreboding like, Oh my gosh, something terrible is going to happen. And this can be part of being an empath because you’re connecting in with all of these fears and all of these, the sadness and. 

And unsurety and questioning of the entire planet.  

Christine Contini: [00:14:57] And it’ll resonate again with your own fears and sadness. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an equal across the board thing.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:15:04] Right? Exactly. So being an empath has a lot of, um, What we would, what I used to think of as disadvantages, because it’s like, why can’t I resonate with someone that has joy? 

Christine Contini: [00:15:19] Well, guess what, when you work on your empath skills, which is something you absolutely can do, and you become what I call a bonded impact and you understand what’s happening to you, then you can. I walk into a room and if I feel that down feeling, I say, okay, wait a minute. Now, let me just check around. Is there anybody up in this space? 

Awesome. Got it. Mine now I’m powerful. I can get into this really happy place just by scanning the room, feeling everybody, and then resonating with that. It becomes a choice once you know, what’s happening to you.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:15:51] Yes. One of the biggest keys in learning how to master your empathic abilities, as opposed to just shutting it off is to recognize and be aware of the exact moment that it happens. 

Christine Contini: [00:16:07] Right. So if you’re not paying attention to how you feel. And you are say either too far into your own thoughts or out of your body energetically. When this hits you. It’s a physical thing at first. So it’s a vibrational connection and it affects the body first. Now, as soon as you feel any discomfort in your body, we have a method where you just stop. 

And when you stop, then you, then there’s a couple more steps, you know, questioning of paying attention. Okay. Is this me? Is there something connected to me? You know, where do I want to go with this? Do I want to stop? Do you want to want to back out of it? And you can just go backwards a couple of seconds in time with these other methods that can get you out of that feeling because. 

Again, if our busy lives are part of the reason that as impasse, we’re so deeply impacted. So I walk into a room, I’m looking at my grocery lists that say the grocery store, I’m looking at my grocery list. I’m thinking about everything I have to get done. And then, well, okay. My shoulders just started drooping. 

Uh, my breath has changed. I’m still thinking about my shopping. I ha it hasn’t even occurred to me yet. That there’s a problem, but suddenly I might get a little lightheaded. I’m not really feeling that well. And most people won’t think, Oh, this is an empathic experience. They’ll think, Oh gosh, maybe there’s bugs in the air. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:17:23] The very first thing that you do when you feel bad is you look for what it is and you make a judgment about it. And that’s another thing that’s that I particularly found really difficult to do because I, I went to school for nursing and doctor and Oriental medicine. And. And my very first thing is what’s the cause of this, what’s the diagnosis and what is it? 

Christine Contini: [00:17:45] Right? So you go to your habits of what you know, and how you’ve been raised. And so if you, when you have a runny nose, your mom says, Oh, you have a cold. And so anytime you have a runny nose, you say, Oh, I have a cold, that kind of thing.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:17:55] Exactly. So when you define it as something is when you actually lose your own power to stop it,  

Christine Contini: [00:18:01] right? 

Because the brain. Is this master. And when you give it directions and it has accepted that this is the belief, this is what it means, and this is how it impacts my body. Then it becomes yours. How many times have you been perfectly fine? And then suddenly you feel really sick and it doesn’t make any sense to you and you have to go home and rest for the rest of the day. 

Guess what? It could have been an empathic. We can call that an empathic attack. I wouldn’t normally use that word, but in this kind of, well, as we’re describing it, that’s what it happens to the body. Your body has been attacked by this vibration because you didn’t know what to do with it.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:18:34] Right. So talking about attacks, there’s also what people would call psychic vampires that look for people who are apathic and they latched to them. 

Christine Contini: [00:18:43] Right. And I wouldn’t say that a lot of people want to say that this is a vicious thing. I think it’s a desperation thing. There’s people who are so low and so incapable of finding anything. Of their own energy or rebalancing and excuse me, and everything is an external experience for them because they can’t do anything internally. 

They’re so stagnant and they can’t move their own energy. So when there’s somebody outside of them, that has energy, it’s just like, and nah, now I feel better. And the person, they drained all that energy. If I’m feels worse,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:19:14] So you want to be aware of how so? One of the things as an empath, that’s really key is setting your boundaries, limitations, and guidelines. 

So what I used to do whenever I would go into a place is everybody needs help. Of course, I’m going to help them.  

Christine Contini: [00:19:29] Ah, I see obligation the belief system. So, um, impasse really, like she said, boundaries, you have to really define in your energy processes. What am I willing to do? What part, how much of myself am I willing to give? 

Well, for me, I balance that out at 50, 50, 50% for the world, 50% for me, that should be enough for everyone. Right,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:19:50] right. But a lot a tendency that I see for a lot of impacts and sensitive people is that we want to overcome. And then we martyr ourselves and then we become victims and then we get sick and, you know, give so much of ourselves. 

And we think, well, that other person’s more important than me.  

Christine Contini: [00:20:09] Right? So the, again, the mental process has a lot to do with it because if you have a good self esteem, if you know who you are, then when this pole starts happening. Ah, okay. I’m allowed to be self aware. I have value. I’m not going to give over-give to something that isn’t going to support me, because if you over-give is just like on the airplane, you know, once that mask falls down and you’ve already over forgiven, there’s no way for you to get any oxygen. 

And you’re the one left laying on the floor with no, with no way to survive.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:20:38] Right. And it’s good to know where your weaknesses are. So for instance, if you have heart problems and you get around with heart, Heart patients are heart people. You are more likely to feel it more drastically than if you don’t have shoulder problems and you get around someone that has shoulder problems. 

Right. You’re not as likely to feel it as much, right. It won’t be as devastating.  

Christine Contini: [00:20:58] The one thing that I say would make a big difference in that as if it’s your closest loved ones. That’s true. So you don’t even have to have the problem you as an empath. And I remember doing this when my partner had rotator cuff surgery and he’s mended and he’s supposed to be just fine. 

And we’re sitting in a restaurant eating and I’m like, ah, Oh, it hurts so bad. And he’s like what? I said my shoulder. Oh my God. It hurts. Like I’m dying all of a sudden he says, yeah, that’s me. My shoulder hurts really bad right now. And so it’s more as an impact again, if you’re bonded and you understand what’s going on. 

You can rectify the situation. So if you heal it in yourself, you heal it in others. So that’s another step for him. Paths is learning how to feel energy, what to do with it, how to release it and how to support, um, the vibration of a healthy body. So in that moment, all I have to do is go into, okay, not mine. 

What does it feel like, okay, let me, how do I want my body to feel giving it the pressure and movement in the way I needed to be? Okay, good. Now I’m more relaxed. My ache is gone. I’ve turned in. My partner has that. He says fine. Thank you so much. And then. The next step is why, why did he suddenly have ache in his shoulder? 

Well, you know, heart chakra, self love. He started thinking some very negative thoughts in that moment and he felt trapped and instead of being able to be okay, because he’s still learning back then he just, the pain came in and he just assumed that it’s the shoulder. That is a physical thing. Instead of knowing that it’s a belief system that is driven him in an, a pattern that he doesn’t want. 

And here’s the last kick to that. We all are empathic on some levels. And when he hits that negative thought, everybody in the room that has a negative thought is now connected. Boom. So at home it wouldn’t have hit him as hard. We were in public he’s empathic on a level, just like we all are. It hit him and devastated him and he didn’t know what to do. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:22:54] So your surroundings like hospitals, places where sick people are, if you are having any of these troubles and you want to go, you need to make sure that, you know, you pay very close attention to your energy, where you’re giving it away, um, how you’re feeling and. Maybe come up with a mantra or something, mantras are really good to help also break energy patterns and to help remind your brain and retrain your brain and your energetic patterns about what it is that you choose in your life. 

Christine Contini: [00:23:23] Definitely. We have exercises on wonders handbook that talk about how to, to form a mantra, how to use a totem in these, in these moments where. You know, the instant thought of the totem brings the balance to the body that you’re trying to achieve with little to no effort at that point, because you’ve trained your body, that this totem represents this, this mantra represents us and your body will react the way you need it to with less effort. 

And then, um, Well dine, there was one more thing and I forgot it.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:23:51] Now you can also do the moodra things. You can learn the  

Christine Contini: [00:23:54] roses. Oh, expanding white light. That’s the other one I wanted to make sure everyone has theirs. If you practice expanding white light. And as you know, basically for those of you who haven’t heard of that method is you have the heart center. 

And it’s about the size of a rice grain. And you take that and you find that light inside that grain of rice, and you just expand it out until it fit, fills up your whole body. And then if you’re feeling strong enough and you can support more, you expanded out two to three feet past your body. And now when you’re walking to this area that you know is going to hit you because you know, you’re empathic, right. 

Is, this is not a protection, it’s a support. So it’s your ability to give the vibration of love and light to others without it draining you?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:24:36] Yes. So I would like to speak about this expanding white light. Cause I used to have a problem with this, with this, um, people who was like, we’ll put white light around you, you know, use the white light and I would use my young energy and, and everything I have to make this white light happen. 

But it’s not the way it’s done,  

Christine Contini: [00:24:54] right. It’s not a forceful thing. It’s not a, you’re not creating the light. You’re just bringing the light from divine energy through your system.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:25:01] It’s an allowance of the light. It’s it’s taking back the dark spaces that are in you and having them go out. Um, that’s kind of a way to explain part of it. 

It’s not exactly, but it’s  

Christine Contini: [00:25:15] more, I would say it’s more in order to be more accurate, is it’s the overlapping of the light into a dark space. Like when you take a flashlight into a  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:25:22] darkness. Yes. It’s more like that. That’s that’s what I was trying to say. It’s a, it’s allowing the light it’s lighting, allowing that flame in your heart to be lit. 

And then as it, as the light goes out, it lights more flames and more flames and more flames so that you have tiny, tiny sparkles throughout you and throughout your whole. Energetic field.  

Christine Contini: [00:25:45] Nice. Yeah. I like that idea of the tiny sparkles that makes it a lot more fun. Doesn’t it?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:25:49] It does. I always like to make things fun and fantastical  

Christine Contini: [00:25:53] and you know what it makes sense because when I’m bright and shiny, people are attracted to me, like if I’m candy, you know, I’m, I’m shiny, you’re sparkly. 

Right? And so they’re attracted to that and here’s the upside to it too. As an empath, when I have this sparkly shine and people are being attracted to me, They’re not being attracted to me, to take from me. They’re being attracted to me because I’m vibrationally a place that they want to experience. And so then they can look inside themselves and increase that vibration for themselves. 

Like I said, when I walk in a room, I have a choice to see which direction I want to go. And people, when I walk in a room, they look at me and they’re like, Oh, I love this feeling. I want to feel this with her. And then they become part of my party. And this is just a fun thing.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:26:37] So that reminds me of something else. 

Has support for you. It can also offer non-support for you. It’s like, you know, the fish. I don’t know if they’re aware that they’re swimming in water, but we’re doing the same thing. Here we are. We are moving and swimming in something that has support for us. If we’re able to claim it.  

Christine Contini: [00:26:59] Right. And that would have a lot to do with resonance. 

So in a moment when you start to feel down, if you indulge in that you’re going to resonate and pull from the ether, things that will meet that need a feeling down. And that’s why you have to stop. You have to fight it. You have to use the tools and methods that you’ve learned and then pull in. Okay. What do I actually want to have occur here? 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:27:21] Yeah. So when she says fighting, fighting for what you want in every single choice, we are every single moment we have a choice. So if you’re feeling down or you’re you feel like you’ve just been energetically, attacked, or empathically attacked, we have a choice to take that to love or to fear.  

Christine Contini: [00:27:41] Correct? 

Right. And if you take it to love, then of course, again, it brings the natural balance because love energy is the presence of all. Everything. And then fear is the absence of all energy. So it’s like on a scale of one to 100 love is a hundred. And, and then fear is over here at zero and everything between, so you can have blamed down here at 30 and you can have excitement here at 55 and, and just the scale of light energy and the wholeness of the energy. 

And again, love is one of the whole or more full, complete vibrational experiences. And let me take one step backwards real quick, because I want to make sure this is really clear. We are not telling you that you always have to be up and you always have to have good experience these things that we’re telling you how to use them and what to do with them, or for those moments that you’re having experienced that you don’t want to have. 

Because what about when you walk into a funeral home? And everybody is down. You’re not going to go in there and say like, well, let me just blow this out of the water. Let’s make everybody fun. No, you are welcome to indulge in any experience you ever want to have. These methods are for those that you don’t want to have. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:28:50] Right. So there’s a difference between going through an emotion and skipping over it. We’re not telling you to skip over to emotion. What we’re asking you to do is take a look and see why you’re having the emotion in the first place.  

Christine Contini: [00:29:02] Right? And then you can do more, like in, through the study, we teach you how to go in and look at, okay, I’m having this experience. 

Why am I having it now that I know why I’m having it? What do I want to do with it? Do I want to continue it? Do I want to work on it? Do I want to eliminate. The fact that I draw these things to myself because as an impact, the law of attraction is huge. And that’s what Laura was talking about. How even in the ether, you are attracting things all day long. 

Every experience you’re going to have through the law of attraction is worked out. So when you walk in that room, If you were the kind of person who is as set in this level of fear, your vibration is in that level of fear, you’re going to walk into the room and that’s what you’re going to resonate with. 

Even if there’s a happy person in the room, that’s not what you’re drawn to, and that’s not, what’s going to be drawn to you. So working on, you know, why do I need to be in fear? You know, am I enjoying being in fear still what I choose not to be and going through the process of release so that your law of attraction is then altered to be the creation. 

Of the world you want, instead of the victimization of the world that’s been put upon you.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:30:07] Exactly. So that takes us back to choosing love or fear in each moment. It doesn’t matter the situation we have the choice and the power to go more toward one than the other. So let’s take some kind of example. 

Give me an example of that might look really bad, but then you could see it as a place of love or fear.  

Christine Contini: [00:30:27] Can you look at one? Policeman is standing at my door.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:30:30] Okay, so someone’s heart might race and think, Oh no, what’s wrong. What’s wrong. And whenever they get to the door, if that’s, what, if they have the vibration of that, then they might end up experience that situation as bad, no matter what. 

Christine Contini: [00:30:46] Right. And so the news may not be actual bad news, but because you think, well, let me back up, even again, it’s how you’re creating your reality. So if you are preconditioned to believe that this is going to be bad news, then you’re going to create the experience, whether it’s true or not. That does, to me is not how I want to live. 

I don’t want to be a victim to the beliefs that are holding me in this place of fear. So when I go to the door and I see a placement, I just want to open it like I do for anyone else. I don’t want to be overwhelmed. I don’t want to be subjugated to a feeling of fear. And you know, it’s happened, I’ve gone to the door, opened it and yeah. 

They said, Oh, Hey, your neighbor was saying this, this and this. And we wanted to come over and congratulate you because we’re working on, um, friends and family promotions in the area. And they said, you were excellent at this. And we’re just glad you’re part of our community. I was like, Oh my goodness, isn’t this lovely. 

But if I just started out with fear, how could I accept this blessing that was being given to me?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:31:44] And I want to also reference a book that I’ve read. It’s Anita is more Anita Moorjani is death. I’m dying to be me. I was going to say  

Christine Contini: [00:31:53] your title, death awakening to life.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:31:55] I’m dying to be me by Anita Moorjani and while she was on th on the other side, she said that she had the choice, whether to have her results come back as negative, that would kill her. 

Or she had the choice to have her results come back as positive as if she were healing.  

Christine Contini: [00:32:17] Right. And those of you who don’t know who she is, she was dying of cancer. Right. So it was not a easy state of being, it was a fatal. Point where she was at.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:32:26] Right. And she made the choice in the energetic realm, what her results would be here in the physical realm. 

And we’re, we’re playing that same game, but we don’t know it.  

Christine Contini: [00:32:38] Right. And a lot of people. So speaking of death, having died a few times, a lot of people say, well, so what did you learn? And what do you know? And what people don’t realize is the other side is. On an energy level is the same energy we have here. 

So when you go over there and you get this information, you have to be able to pull it back and live it. So we are working now towards living the experience we want, instead of again, being victimized by our beliefs and the energy that we are pulling to us.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:33:07] Right. And another thing to remember when you’re an empath, let’s say, let’s do this. 

Let’s say let’s have a different thing than the  

Christine Contini: [00:33:15] cop.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:33:16] Let’s say someone comes in and yells at you and you’re going to, most of the time when someone yells at you, maybe you’re like, Oh my gosh, I didn’t deserve that. I didn’t do anything wrong. Why are you yelling at me? Or you yell back and you say, you’re the one that did that. 

You know,  

Christine Contini: [00:33:33] so you’re part of the problem, not the  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:33:34] solution. So that is reacting out of fear and not love. So let’s say how would, what would an example be how you could react out of love like that? So  

Christine Contini: [00:33:45] if first, remember you’re an impact, so you’re feeling overwhelmed. So you have to pull back and recognize, okay, this is not me. 

I am not their experience and I need to separate me from their experience. So that takes compassion. And you look at them from a place of compassion, instead of you’re attacking me. I’m going to look at you as, Oh, you must really be struggling. You must be having a hard time. Let me see what your hard time is. 

And if there’s anything I can do to help you.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:34:12] Right. And if there’s not, and if they don’t want to hear you, which a lot of people in that state do. Then you be kind to yourself and do what you need to do to feel good in that moment, even if it means leaving  

Christine Contini: [00:34:22] right,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:34:23] without thinking bad thoughts about them. 

That’s a really big key because when you think bad thoughts about someone they’ll accept those bad thoughts and if they don’t. So that first of all, it has to exist within them, for them to accept it, just like with the empath. But if it doesn’t exist within them, it will rebound back to you.  

Christine Contini: [00:34:42] And then we’re getting back to, okay. 

What are you doing to create your world as an empath? So we’re now we’re back into the ether. You’ve just created this vibrational experience and you’re going to continue to attract it. So it’s. It’s like finding a piece of a puzzle over and over and over. And then the whole picture is a lovely picture all the time. 

And when people ask me that a lot, you know, how do you have a good life? How come your experiences pleasurable all the time? How come you don’t get upset more often? And it’s, again, I’m not the kind of impact that is overwhelmed. I’m the kind of empath that is feeling others because I enjoy them and recognizing that I’m in control of the experience, not them because I am the only one. 

They can live my life. So like Laura was saying, when that person walks into the room and they’re yelling, if I’m reacting, it could be more than just Impathics abilities. It could also be the belief that if someone yells at me, I’m responsible. If someone yells at me, I’m in trouble. So it’s stepping away from the beliefs of pain. 

And then again, going to compassion. Okay. This is about them. It’s not about me, even if I broke something of theirs and they’re yelling at me for breaking it, their behavior is about them. And that’s probably the strongest thing. Every empath needs to know because. If you don’t know that, then you make everything about you and there’s no way to get away from these feelings. 

And they feel like death. I mean, they really do pile up on you and make your life really hard.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:36:08] Yes. So we’re going to get back to the love thing too, on this. Um, one of the things that has been said about when people crossover. Or whenever we do have an energetic, when we do a life review, one of the things that has been brought to my awareness is that all of the times that you’ve chosen love are the, the things that help you to get through to being kind and loving and more exalted and more, have more light content in yourself. 

And each time that we did not choose love. Are the, are the times and the things that might bring us back here to learn more lessons.  

Christine Contini: [00:36:50] Yeah. So have you had enough of this place, learn your lessons, this trip around instead of having to repeat them, but expanding a little bit more on that is, um, light content, you know, the physical, the weight of the cells and when it’s time to cross, there, there is a vibration that can be weighed. 

And that’s what Laura was referring to. And in your life review, not to get too much into the death side, but in your life review in that moment, if you can recognize the love, whether you had a loving experience or not, it gets converted. And the proper balance of weight allows you to cross. If in that moment you can’t recognize it. 

Then again, like Laura said, you are likely to repeat over and over. And I helped a lot of people cross. And as I was doing it, I realized, why are we all waiting until this death review to take care of these issues and to start seeing things with love and to start living from this vibrational place of love, it didn’t make any sense. 

And so that is part of the reason wanders handbook even exists is love vibration changes, everything.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:37:57] Right. And that’s what we’re bringing to you today here. 

The angelic harps and twinkles of love.  

Christine Contini: [00:38:14] So in that moment, again, when you’re overwhelmed and you feel not okay, if you don’t remember anything else from our podcast today, try to stop. And do not indulge in that feeling that you don’t want. Take a moment, take a few breaths. Even if you have to leave the room. 

Gather yourself back into a place of love, using whatever connection to love you can. For me, it’s my kids. It’s real easy for me to say, I love them completely. And then I just feel them for a moment. And then my whole world is better. And then I can go back to whatever was feeling like too much  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:38:48] for me as my dogs. 

Christine Contini: [00:38:50] Right? Yes.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:38:51] So you, you find that it’s like in Harry Potter expecto petroleum, when Harry has to think in order to get rid of the Dementor. He has to think of the most joyful and happy experience that he’s ever had.  

Christine Contini: [00:39:04] Oh, well  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:39:05] this is true.  

Christine Contini: [00:39:07] How nice is that?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:39:09] They did. So get your wan and say, expect Patrona  

Christine Contini: [00:39:15] and then again, um, we’re coming to an end to our podcast, just to remind you guys that there will be a lot of tools and techniques listed for you to practice and utilize based on how you can change your lives with energy. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:39:28] Thank you look forward to seeing you next time.  

Christine Contini: [00:39:31] Awesome. Have a great day, everyone.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:39:32] Bye. 


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