Season 1, Episode 11


Season 1
Episode 11


by | Aug 26, 2020

by | Aug 26, 2020

Group Impact on Healing

About this Episode

Have you ever wondered why healing doesn’t always have the results you expect? Have you considered that you might be missing a piece of the puzzle? Join Christine Contini and Laura C. Cantu as they discuss how working in groups can create miracles.



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Group Impact on Healing

Christine Contini: [00:00:00] hi guys, I’m Christine Contini.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:00:30] And my name is Laura Cantu, and this is wonders handbook podcast.  

Christine Contini: [00:00:34] Today’s topic is working in groups and we find that a lot of people do healing work. It’s a very common practice nowadays. 

In fact, I’d say. Probably 40% of the population, whether it’s as a career or with their own family members or just for themselves, are invested in this healing work where their lives are changing. Their, their bodies are getting healthier.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:00:59] I agree. And even lately, I don’t know if you guys have been paying attention to the energies and all the stuff that’s going on astrologically, but I think right now, a lot of us are opening up to new abilities, new, energetic abilities, new awarenesses, new understandings, especially since we’ve seen what’s going on in the world. 

And we, uh, a lot of us are willing to. Now work in communities and groups too, in the, what, what it does is translates into the universal conscious mind. Whenever we start stepping forward and wanting to work that way. So then there’s this mass energy that just gets behind it. And then whatever we do in groups becomes even more powerful. 

Christine Contini: [00:01:37] Right. And in the past, you may have found yourself afraid to say something because you didn’t get the response that you wanted. And as more people are waking up, you’re going to find that the responses are consistent. Yeah. I’ve heard of that. Or I was interested in that or a funny, funny, you bring that up today because, and the conversations are now flowing freely for a lot of people when, before it was like, Hey, I’m into this. 

And people just got cricket, cricket, cricket. 

So we want to encourage everybody to consider this concept of working in groups. And we’re going to give you a few examples of what we’ve done lately as a group, when it comes to undoing what we consider our reality. Now Laura mentioned mass consciousness. Before anything ever happens in real time, we’ve already worked through the UCM as a group to create a reality that we want. 

Now, when we,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:02:31] can you define UCM for  

Christine Contini: [00:02:33] us? Sorry. He’s not everyone has heard this before. Yes. Universal conscious mind. And what that is is it’s our, all of our individual consciousness just here from earth, not anything galactic as it’s just earthlings and their energy in their thoughts and their collaboration. 

And it’s done. If you imagine, like, um,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:02:52] We should say our cause we’re all here as earthlings at the same times as we’re Galactic’s, but we’re all participate in it.  

Christine Contini: [00:02:59] Right? So it’s the part of us. That’s human, not the part of us. That’s outside of our body on another planet or on a spaceship.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:03:06] You should’ve seen the look she gave me when I said we were all earth links. 

Christine Contini: [00:03:12] No. I was trying to think what, what did I say? I don’t even remember how I said it. Cause sometimes it’s just verbiage, even though my, my thoughts are in the right place. My vocabulary may come out in a way that can be confusing. That’s why Laura always keeps me on track because you know how it is when you start to go out of your body a little bit. 

Yeah. And you’re not paying attention to the words anymore and they’re just kind of going, but your brain is like, wait, connect it to your mind.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:03:36] Conscious mind.  

Christine Contini: [00:03:37] Yes. Yes. Yes. So back to what we were saying about the universal conscious mind, we work as a group, every. Night every day, you’re going to find that you might have a dream. 

And a few days later it’s like suddenly a deja VU. I trumped that, or even a few years later, suddenly a deja VU that, Hey, I remember having that experience in a dream or in a, in a vision. And that again is because we’re working as groups all the time. So now as we’re moving into Ascension, we want to start working in groups in the physical as well. 


Laura C. Cantu: [00:04:09] And right now is the time to do that because people on earth are coming together more than ever before. If you like, take a look back in the eighties or nineties, if you were alive back then, um, people would think mass consciousness and they would be like, what’s that? Or if you thought of self healing, they’d be like, What do you mean? 

You need to go to the doctor,  

Christine Contini: [00:04:28] right?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:04:29] I’ll let me lay your hands on you and get a lot of people to lay your hands on you on. A lot of people will lay their hands on you. That was always reserved in churches. And those were the kinds of churches that if you didn’t go to church, you were thinking.  

Christine Contini: [00:04:42] Okay. Sorry. 

I remembered that was the word that was used when I was a kid. That’s crackpots. Not that I would have. I mean, I don’t consider it that way, of course, but that was the common vocabulary for it back then.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:04:54] Now it’s way more common, even if you’re not religious or you’re not. Oh, your organization, everybody knows. 

That energy. I mean, most people know that energy exist, right. And energy can be, um,  

Christine Contini: [00:05:08] right. They’ve been exposed to the terminology, whether they’re doing something with it or not themselves. So I would say everybody within earshot has been exposed to it. Again, they may not have stepped into it yet. They may still be in a little bit of a denial or an, a separation from that part of themselves. 

Right. But as we continue working in groups, the, in the universal conscious mind, it will become more and more reality for everyone. And here’s another really interesting thing since you brought up, this is kind of, the transitioning is you’re going to go to sleep one day and people are going to be against it. 

And the next day you’re going to wake up and they’re going to say something and you’re going to be like, so for instance, um, my, my kid’s dad. Was in the car with us the other day. And he said to my daughter something about angel cards and I’m like, yeah, never been into that. And he says, yeah, angel numbers are changing my life right now. 

And I was like, even the strict dis person who had no interest in it before as coming around to some kind of awakening.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:06:10] And then if you want to take this a step further, And get into kind of some unknown realms. If you wake up, if you go to bed one night and one person believes this way, and then you wake up the next morning and that same person believes a different way. 

Did they change their mind? Or did you shift to a new timeline?  

Christine Contini: [00:06:30] Right? Right. So there’s a lot of that going on too, as we weave timelines together. And we do have another podcast on timelines. If you guys want to reference that, um, I’m not sure what order they’ll come out in, but eventually we’ll tie all these together with references. 

So you can get more details on timelines, how they’re overlapping, how they’re collapsing, how it’s creating this new, um, oneness that we’re moving towards, which then allows for Ascension. Cause why we’re all dispersed over all these timelines. It’s difficult to have all of our essence, all of our energy, all of our connection in the one body. 

So that’s another reason we’re collapsing all these timelines and you’re going to wake up again the next day and somebody is going to be completely different. And instead of challenging them and saying, but wait a minute, you used to be this. I suggest we work as groups and we move forward with whoever we find. 

That day, stay in the moment. Don’t go to the past and use that to predict the future and say, well, later you’re just going to be a jerk again or later. You’re going to forget you even knew this well. Yeah, yeah. That’s going to happen. But hang on to the moment, instead of going into the past  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:07:31] and talking about working in groups as the Ascension happens, we become more individuated, but also more together at the same time. 

It’s like all of humanity is coming together into one that timelines are collapsing into one. Well, maybe two, depending on how you’re oriented positively, negatively self-serving or, you know, service to others. But, um, But kind of what happens is, as we all come together, as one we do remain, we do, um, at the same time, as we’re gaining our sovereignty, we’re also gaining more intimacy and more closeness with others. 

And it seems like they would be the two opposite things, but they’re actually part of the same thing.  

Christine Contini: [00:08:16] Right, because when you’re not sovereign, you’re subjugated. And if you’re subjugated, you’re doing what somebody else needs for themselves, and you’re not taking care of your own needs and you can’t be the full expression of yourself under that kind of behavior. 

So yes, you become more of yourself and in doing so you create this bond of knowledge. Let me see if I can explain that a little bit deeper. So inside of the, say your heart chakra, which is in the center of your chest, where your heart is located. Your heart chakra is the transmogrify of energy. And when you’re not the whole truth of yourself, it can only do so much work. 

And the more you are in your truth, the more it can, transmogrify the energy from earth and sky, so that your whole body is running energy simultaneously. Then you’re not only just connected to earth or just connected to sky, but you’re connected to all things. And that’s part of the individuation process where you’re connected to everything and still uniquely you. 

Simultaneously. So when you get this embodiment, then you feel the connection. You don’t just know that it’s possible. And then you, as you feel more, you express more and you’ve then become connected because they there’s a process of mirroring. When I’m the truth of myself, you can see it, you can recognize it. 

You can feel that vibration and you can become that as well. So now we’re all working together again. But in a different way, instead of subjugated where I’m being like you, so that you feel safe, I get to be independent and be me and we all feel safe.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:09:50] Yes. So, you know, it’s that whole, uh, problem in healing. 

Like as, as we, uh, develop as healers, a lot of times we think, Oh, in order for that person to feel supported, I have to join that person where they are. I have to feel their pain with them. I have to validate their pain with them. And if I don’t, then I’m a bad person. What she’s talking about is instead of lowering your vibration and low air lowering the truth of who you are to subjugate yourself to someone else’s false belief systems, what’s, that’s the lose, lose situation right there. 

Okay. But the win win is to stay in the truth of who you are. Be an example to the other person, and then help their, let their energies. Should they choose because they have free will, um, let their energies. Come up and resonate with yours, where you are.  

Christine Contini: [00:10:43] Right. And that goes to the concept. We say, when we’re in our truth, somebody will either come along with us or they’ll fall away. 

And what that means is when I’m vibrationally being the full expression of myself, everyone around me is going to feel that, and then they use their freewill to choose to honor themselves. And to find their own vibration or they use their freewill to stand pain and hold something that is not true, even though they can feel they don’t like it. 

And that’s another thing let’s go into  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:11:13] you. Can, I want to say something, you’ll be so surprised how many people choose to stay in their pain, right? Because in stubbornness and stay, because they’re afraid to be wrong.  

Christine Contini: [00:11:24] That is part of it there, but it’s also habitual to habitual too. And so part of the process of this uniting is awareness. 

You know, being in each moment all the time and being aware what that means. So when we talk about, don’t take the past to predict the future, your brain. And your subconscious are constantly doing that because it’s a habitual thing to be prepared to, to know the answer before the question is even asked to have a response and you can always tell when somebody is habitual because they’re boom, boom, boom. 

They’re coming right back at you when you’re having a conversation. And it’s like, they didn’t even have time to think about what I said. So did they even listen and probably not because they’re habitually prepared to give you a response. Based on what they think you’re expressing. So for yourself and you can’t, you can’t boss anybody else, but you can bring this up in a conversation, but for yourself slowing down,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:12:15] yes. 

Slowing down is a big, big deal. Being introspective, being aware and allowing yourself to be wrong and allowing yourself. To not operate from your past.  

Christine Contini: [00:12:30] Right? And if you w if you need a method in that moment, we have some on wanders handbook, one of the methods in that moment, and when you’re afraid to be wrong is to remind yourself why can’t possibly know what this means. 

And we have a method again, that shows you exactly how to do that, how to live that. So in that moment, your belief is I’m afraid. And I feel afraid because this person is going to judge me. They’re going to look at me different. They’re going to think of me different. I’m not going to have what I need. The fear of loss pops up. 

I mean the long list, right.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:12:57] And you’re living in the future.  

Christine Contini: [00:12:59] Right. Cause you’re anticipating and predicting something that hasn’t even happened. So you then become the energy problem and you create a lose for yourself and which creates a lose for the other person as well.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:13:12] Right. Because you’re just perpetuating the stuff that you learned from the past into the future. 

And you’re not allowing to be the present, what it really is.  

Christine Contini: [00:13:19] Right. So in that moment, when you have that fear, just stop.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:13:23] Yeah. And we’re pros on this. Cause we do that, all that. We used to do that all the time. We used to totally project our past, into our futures and create futures. We didn’t want.  

Christine Contini: [00:13:32] Oh, every, every intelligent being does that because why? 

Because that’s what we were taught at school school teaches you to do that. If you were fortunate and you lived outside of the regular human socialization, then you may be free of this and you may never have even experienced it. But I’ve yet to find anyone who lived within a community that didn’t have this. 

And let me explain to you why? Because a lot of people think, well, I start learning at a certain age and I develop at a certain age and everything before that age is just who I am. It’s natural. No, everything starts at the moment of incarnation. As you’re starting to come into the body, you’re picking up the vibrations of the area around you. 

You’re picking up your parents’ vibrations because especially the woman’s body that you’re in, or however, this works for you. You’re picking up the vibrations of your community. And this is why there’s such an impact on you when you’re born, because you’re already coming into this with knowledge. And a lot of parents may think, or even non-parents may think, Oh, a baby. 

They don’t know very much, but a baby comes in fully formed. They’re there they’re intelligent. They are not ignorant. The only thing they don’t have is how to speak. English or Spanish, you know, whatever your language is. They don’t know how to show you the body language yet. I mean, they already have some, as soon as the baby figures out that smile, they melt your heart,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:14:47] right. 

They don’t know necessarily the ways of this world. They have not been conditioned, but they are highly, highly intelligent beings that are in there. It’s like, Jumping into a new video game. You’re a very intelligent person. That’s going to play that video game, but if you’ve never typed on the keyboard or, you know, know what keys that go in  

Christine Contini: [00:15:07] to move up and down and left and right. 


Laura C. Cantu: [00:15:09] learn that first. And you, and your attention is all on that. And people might ask your questions and you’re like, Oh, hold on. I’m learning to communicate in this new place with this new language. Where I have had no communication here whatsoever before.  

Christine Contini: [00:15:22] Right. And when we come in from being out of body into a body, we come from a place where there, where everything is boundless, you know, there is no control. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:15:32] And on that note, it’s time for our sponsor break. We’ll be right back. 

Christine Contini: [00:15:44] that’s a pleasant surprise. Good job. Okay. Hold on. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:15:50] And welcome back to wonders pod book.  

Christine Contini: [00:15:52] Hint.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:15:55] I do that all the time. I always switch my words up.  

Christine Contini: [00:15:59] So you already know who we are. We won’t go back into it, but we want to go ahead and cover I’m again, working in groups on a different topic now about actual wellness and how do we create something that hasn’t existed? 

Because again, we all have a piece. We all have a piece of the puzzle that the other person doesn’t have, because when we came into incarnation, we came through this density. We all hung onto something. Why? Because we knew we’d be working in groups. So when you are trying to heal someone or heal yourself, or are you. 

Do you have a family member that goes into the hospital and you ask your friends and family and other members to give you prayers and to help and to support what does that actually mean to working in groups? So we have recently been focused on this a lot. Did we already share your story about a test that you had done and how the results were changed? 

We did. Okay. That was another podcast. So when Laura came to me with this experience of having a negative test result based on cancer, And other things, we went into it and we looked at, okay, how do we reverse this test result and make it so that this disease does not exist  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:17:09] by the way I was not diagnosed with cancer? 

Christine Contini: [00:17:11] No, it was just a test that illuminated that you probably had cancers that I could, that you could, and it was possible.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:17:19] And I didn’t want it. And it stressed me out like crazy and you know, how long tests take to get back. And you’re like, ah, but I learned a lot that week.  

Christine Contini: [00:17:28] Right? So instead of staying in that stress and dreading it, she said, okay, I don’t want this experience. 

How do we undo this experience? And the way to undo something is to. Basically decide that it never existed. And then she comes to me. She said, well, how can I undo it? If the test is already there and somebody has already looked at it, I said, well, you know, this could have happened to maybe you don’t have a problem, but the person doing your test decided in that moment that they needed somebody to test positive, or they needed somebody to show these symptoms or this, you know, this change in their lives. 

So now you’re working with somebody else we’re already working in groups all the time.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:18:04] Which if you know anything about. Quantum physics. That’s one of the things you learn really fast is that the observer who is doing the experiment does affect the outcome.  

Christine Contini: [00:18:16] Right? So we, as a group include the observer in our method of change and we give them good feelings. 

We give them the knowledge that Laura doesn’t need this experience in her life. So therefore they can see something different. Now, remember this, Laura went in to this with a fear. Before she ever had the test done. Cause she wasn’t feeling her best and she didn’t know what was wrong. And so she goes in with this fear and therefore she’s part of the creation process. 

So when you realize you’ve created something you don’t want we back up and we do it quickly, the faster you come back up, the easier, the changes. And again, working in groups of people. Let’s talk about that in more detail. Um, anywhere from three to seven people is normally enough. You can go larger groups, but what you’re looking for in a group is not everyone that thinks the same, not everyone that believes the same, but people that are all. 

Moving forward in their own journey that make the effort to create a life that they want. That is some of the key points to when you’re creating a group of friends or family to work together. And so what happens is say, I don’t have a fear of cancer at all. And Laura might have a fear of cancer because I don’t have a fear. 

I lend her the vibration of being fearless. And while she’s open and accepting by vibrations from the group, each of us gives her a piece that negates her issues to help her see that she can create something that she wants versus what she’s creating, that she doesn’t want.   

Laura C. Cantu: [00:19:52] so out of it, as a result of that, First of all, I do not have cancer, which is awesome, but I’m not afraid of it anymore. 

And one of the things that I was afraid of that I realized was holding me back. And this is why we talked about this on other podcasts. We just didn’t say specifically what it was for. Um, I was buying into other people’s realities. So deeply that I was negating my own. So, you know, I was like, I was looking in the questioning everything, and I was looking for research to show exceptions to the rules. 

And I found many, many exceptions to many, many rules. And I was like, wait a minute. We really do live in a magical universe.  

Christine Contini: [00:20:35] Right. And you know, that’s the same way I’ve got, I got rid of multiple sclerosis symptoms was to find somebody else who was able to not have any symptoms. And I don’t say the word cure because I am still susceptible. 

Until I clear everything in my system that brought me this issue because the law of attraction. So Laura is susceptible to those other vibrations until she clears it, which is why we continue to work on ourselves. So as I found people who were able to not have something, I put my trust there.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:21:04] Yeah. And I want to talk about that susceptible thing I had. 

Um, several years ago I had a blood clot. And ever since then, I was so scared of getting another one that I lived my whole life, according to not getting that blood clot again. So I took, I dissolved it with enzymatic, enzymes, and diet. And then I was afraid to eat foods that had vitamin K in it. And, um, I worked for three years, about three years now on dissolving my belief systems around blood clots, why they happen, you know, what’s going on with them. 

And now I, I eat a normal diet and I still take  

Christine Contini: [00:21:45] enzymes just cause I like them. Well, you know, balanced energy.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:21:49] Yeah. Yeah. But anyway, my point to that was. It’s a breakthrough that I, I no longer feel like I have to worry about that anymore. Um, but, and I can, there’s a, there’s a point in time when you, when, at least for me, when I get in my healing that something clicks and it’s like, Oh, that’s over. 

That’s done now. So I can sit with my legs crossed. I can, I can eat,  

Christine Contini: [00:22:13] like, can go in a car for a bit, or even flying a plane, which you were  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:22:17] playing. The vitamins that have the vitamin K and ’em, I can eat dark leafy, green vegetables, and, and I’ve, I’ve been doing that and I’ve, I’ve been getting tested and I’m fine. 

Christine Contini: [00:22:29] Right. So, but you went through a process of talking to other people.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:22:34] I did  

Christine Contini: [00:22:36] working in a group basically.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:22:37] Right? I did. I talked to you a lot. I talked to a lot of people and work through my issues and I found pieces of the puzzle from you guys. And then I also. Trace back. The problem to when I was in, um, fifth grade, I picked it up when there was a little girl in my school in kindergarten that died of a blood clot in aneurysm type situation. 

And I was afraid of it ever since then.  

Christine Contini: [00:23:04] Right? So let’s reiterate the idea of law of attraction. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad for you, it’s wherever the focus is and you got that and that locked into your system. And so whenever your subconscious looked at. Anything with health, it picks up all of these things that are locked in about health. 

And if you get enough slide, you know, pictures like snapshots of a particular concept, then your belief gets stronger and stronger and stronger.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:23:33] And I was an empath at the time and didn’t know it. And it was devastating to everybody around me. So I saw how devastating it was. And I think because of the trauma is why it got locked in. 

Christine Contini: [00:23:42] Absolutely. And every everyone’s empathic to a certain degree, and then everyone’s aware of it to a different degree. So as a strong aware, empath, you locked it in tighter than somebody else who could just blow it off and push it away. That didn’t have the same connection to everyone. They can feel it, they can think it, but they deny it. 

So there’s that, that goes for us too. Um, I have another example just recently, we had a client who had a scan that showed a blood clot in their brain. Now they’ve already previously had a stroke and this individual went to the hospital. They, they did the scan, they show the blood clot and then they say, okay, now we’re going to get the neurologist in here. 

And we’re going to tell you the plan of action and what we’re going to do for this clot. Now I told my group, Hey, this is going on. Can you guys send some support, send some prayers and two and a half hours later. The answer was, Oh, no, there’s not a blood clot. There’s not a problem. Here’s some medicine to help you relax from the stress. 

Go home and come back tomorrow. If you need to. Um, the individual went home, had the best night’s sleep they’d had in months. Um, I’d say probably a whole year. Really. And why did this happen? Cause we worked as a group with people who were C it’s not our first time to work as a group. This is. Are our, the time to work as a group and we know how to bring the energy. 

We know how to bring the vibration because we’ve practiced things as a group. And that makes the difference too. When you unite, when you really feel yourselves open and flowing as a group, then when it comes time for the next event, the next challenge is boom. You can get right back to that connection and as super powerful. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:25:25] Absolutely. I was part of that group, which was really fun. That wasn’t fun, but it’s neat to feel the energy’s going and to like this one actually was pretty easy to work on because all I had to do was connect with the energy, set the intent, and then it locks right. For me, like whenever there’s an energy pattern that whenever I’m working on something and I really got it it’s as it’s as obvious as flipping on a light switch. 

Agreed. Once that switch is flipped, you absolutely know you have it. And there’s no more doubt. Well flushes away and you have this new strength that you can go forward and say, this is the truth,  

Christine Contini: [00:26:06] right? And that’s the power of prayer and working together in a group, because what if somebody in that group has a relationship to the concept of strokes and blood clots. 

So in the past law, might’ve had a relationship to a blood clot being a problem, but she’s freed herself for that. So now she’s a real boon, you know, she’s a big support because anybody that comes across any problems with blood clots, all she’s got to do is walk in and say, here. I have the solution for you. 

Here’s the template use it if you want to or not. And this individual decided to use the template and dissolve it. The body can the body do this? Yes, it’s miraculous. The body’s amazing. We are flowing all the time and I just want to read it for those that might be newer to this idea is. I can put my hands together and they don’t move through. 

Right. They they’re solid. They hit each other, but that’s right now,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:26:54] I hear it in the  

Christine Contini: [00:26:54] microphone. Hear me clapping, right. That was my hands hitting each other. And I can also alter my state into a quantum field and I can actually push my molecules into each other. And they can overlap because there’s so much space, but it’s the universal conscious minds agreement on certain things that allows us to say, no, we’re going to hold physical form and we’re going to do this, do this as a group. 

But the moment you define yourself as an individuated person, you then do not have to uphold it. Any aspects of the group’s consciousness. Why? Because there’s at least one person who doesn’t and you can just borrow that real reality from that person and live it in your own life,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:27:41] even if they existed a long time ago. 

Exactly. It doesn’t matter. Time is relative. Everything is happening at the same time. So right now, So the obvious choice would be Jesus Christ,  

Christine Contini: [00:27:54] right? He’s one of the bigger ones Buddha probably is in there as well. Um, Joshua, I mean, there’s a list of them that have come through and have shown us that this is possible. 

And all we have to do is borrow the vibration from them and accept the possibility versus deny ourselves because we’re obligated in some way to somebody else’s belief. Exactly. Nice.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:28:19] Any questions?  

Christine Contini: [00:28:22] Well, let’s see. What else would they want to know about working in groups?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:28:26] Well, we do set groups up, so we usually work in any, our main group is about. 

Six people or seven, is it seven? I know I counted them the other day.  

Christine Contini: [00:28:36] Again, it alters anywhere from three to seven is what I tend to see happen. And so you might have like a solid group of five or six people, and you might have an alternate person that you call on for, to come in and out and say, what if only four of you can really work on this particular topic? 

Well, then you need those alternate. So you have these other three people that, you know, are good on this topic and you just call them in and it doesn’t even. If we want to go a little deeper, it doesn’t have to be verbal. It doesn’t have to be expressed out loud.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:29:05] And this was the last time we worked with her. 

It was not expressed out loud. Right. It’s just done silently. But when we have worked together as a group out loud is so magical just to be able to observe and watch it because one of us works as a tracker. And the tracker looks at everything that’s going on. And then one of us were  

Christine Contini: [00:29:23] assigned in science  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:29:24] and finds it. 

And one of us works as like the leader and the tracker tells the leader, Hey, make sure that gets addressed.  

Christine Contini: [00:29:30] Right? Cause there, if one person tries to do all of these things, so let’s go through kind of a list of what goes on. Like, like Laura, you mentioned you have a tracker, you have the, the medium, that’s holding the whole energy and space. 

You have the surgeon who comes in and does all the fine little details. Then you have the emotional. Balanced. Um, I don’t remember then you  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:29:50] call that a psychic surgeon.  

Christine Contini: [00:29:51] Oh yes. So the psychic surgeon, then you also have somebody that comes in with the emotions to give that person freedom from their thoughts. 

They, they track the, the chemical bonds and things that form in the body that connect to the emotions so that these bonds can be released. And I mean, there’s. There’s more, but that gives you the general idea. Then there’s often two trackers because there’s so much going on in a busy body.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:30:13] Right. And then there’s sometimes these other beings that come in to help, and you’ve got someone that, uh, Navigate those waters and says you can help you can’t stay. 

Come in through  

Christine Contini: [00:30:24] the median. Who’s in charge of holding the space, monitors all of the change. And when people are focused. Cause we, when we narrow our focus, we can’t see the whole picture. And that’s also why we have kind of a group leader is to hold that space. And so as everyone’s focused on their primary objective, you know, of tracking, finding the piece and then the surgeon coming in, cutting it out. 

Or, you know, they’re all doing their part. The, the median is holding the energy and, and, um, it’s like an electrician watching voltage. And when something starts to get too intense for the being that you’re working on, then we have to stop. It’s not that they weren’t doing their jobs. It’s not that they weren’t capable. 

I might call if I were the one in charge, I might call stop I’ll stop. And everybody has stopped instantly. Cause that being was having some type of overload and we never, ever, ever want to overload another human being.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:31:16] Right. So whenever people stop, what then what we do. So there’s a lot of value in slowing down and stopping just throughout all of life. 

Things like a lot of times when we work with people in healing and healing modalities, we even hold our breath just to stop as  

Christine Contini: [00:31:37] stop everything  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:31:38] as, as possible. And then we wait and there’s, you know, the underlying energies I’m getting chills. As I speak about this, the body has its own intelligence. The energies. 

Operate, according to an intelligence. And sometimes when we try to force something we’re not helping,  

Christine Contini: [00:32:01] right? So it’s not necessarily even an overload, but it’s the other person’s body speaking up saying, Hey, I got this. You guys can stop. And that’s another reason we would stop in the middle of a session and say, okay, we hold our breaths. 

Well, it’s actually, it’s not even a holding of a breath. It’s just a not breathing, breathing. Right. And if you do hold your breath, you tend to be in the way cause holding stops flow. So there’s a way to exist in stillness where there’s no flow, your NOLA and energy can move through you with it. So the individual we’re working on then starts to push and pull energy from us and does everything on their own. 

And that’s when the real miracles happen. Cause if somebody can do something on their own, because we gave them the power, the intentions, and every kind of support we possibly could offer, then. Miraculous things happen.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:32:47] Yes. Because all healing happens from within the, you yeah. All we, all other people do and all we ever receive is support, but it’s our. 

It’s it’s what we choose on a subconscious level, on a spiritual level, on a conscious level, on a body level, on an emotional level. It’s always our choice.  

Christine Contini: [00:33:06] Right? And to take that back a notch too, is when we are helping someone and it doesn’t happen the way we expect it to happen. Doesn’t mean there’s a failure. 

It just means this is their choice. This is their journey, and we’re not going to take it from them.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:33:21] And it could have been set up that way before they even got here. We never know the journey or the choices of a soul.  

Christine Contini: [00:33:29] We don’t know it because our conscious minds choose not to see it. Cause when you, when you’re in complete free flow, you know, everything, but if you’re part of a story and we want this story to happen, and then you knowing the details would interrupt your story or the stories of the participants. 

Then we come in with, I just don’t know.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:33:48] Oh, my gosh, we’re getting into a whole new realm right now, which we can go into.  

Christine Contini: [00:33:53] Do we have time?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:33:54] We have 10 more minutes.  

Christine Contini: [00:33:56] Ooh, gosh, you guys, you don’t really want to listen that long. Do you? I don’t like to cut it and a half hour. Okay. We’ll see.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:34:00] We can, we can end here and we’ll, we’re going to start up with, we’re going to talk about that on another podcast, because that is like a whole big can of worms that she just  

Christine Contini: [00:34:09] opened. 

What was that worm kin  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:34:11] about? Um, knowing the soul and being part of a story and.  

Christine Contini: [00:34:16] Yeah. And how do we impact each other’s lives by these agreements? Like you mentioned there’s agreements and when we come in under this contractual agreement with someone else, do we actually hold those agreements or do we realize it’s not what we thought it was going to be here? 

And do we then start to break those agreements? Yeah. That’s a big story for sure. It’s huge.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:34:34] Well, thank you for joining us today. We really loved having you here.  

Christine Contini: [00:34:38] Thanks guys. Bye. Bye . 


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