Season 1, Episode 10


Season 1
Episode 10


by | Aug 19, 2020

by | Aug 19, 2020

Realms of Meditation

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Not all meditations or meditation techniques are the same. Join Christine Contini and Laura C. Cantu as they discuss personal experiences with different kinds of meditations, their uses, and their benefits.

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Realms of Meditation

Laura C. Cantu: [00:00:00] Hello, my name is Laura Cantu  

Christine Contini: [00:00:30] and I’m Christine Contini  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:00:32] and this is wonders handbook  

Christine Contini: [00:00:33] podcast. Today. We are going to go through one of Laura’s meditation adventures, and we’re going to talk about how consistency in meditation gets you to this amazing place. 

But before we get into that, the details we want to go through her experience. Okay.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:00:50] So ask me a question then I will answer it.  

Christine Contini: [00:00:53] Well, you brought up that, um, you’re having this new understanding of information that you’ve already known. So you’ve heard this information, that everything comes from love, that you’re completely in control of your tire experience. 

But when you were in this meditative state, it was different than just knowing this as a fact, correct?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:01:10] Yes. Correct. So one of the things that Christine told me is that when she died, She got to feel all of this love and she got to bring it back here. And it’s not like any love that is usually experienced on earth. 

It’s this feeling of completeness of wholeness and not needing anything to change. Is that correct?  

Christine Contini: [00:01:31] Right, right. So, um, how I had explained it before is that I have this deep love for my family and it’s the biggest thing in my life until I died. Once I died, I realized that. That not to say that my love for my family is small, but it pales in comparison to this other feeling of completeness, of belonging, of closeness of faithfulness. 

I don’t even know all the words to give it. It’s this big bountiful feeling though. Right?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:01:58] So I had never had that feeling, even though I had what I consider a near death. The love was not there. It’s not that it wasn’t there. It was just, I was in this void where there was nothing, but we’ll talk about that in another time. 

Um, so what happened with this meditation is, um, if you listened to some of the previous podcasts, I had been sick for several days and I had learned a lot from being sick. And I was like, you know, I don’t want to learn this way anymore  

Christine Contini: [00:02:28] because their  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:02:29] showers are magical by the way. Cause I get so many answers in the shower. 

I think it’s because  

Christine Contini: [00:02:33] the, the ionization of the water definitely helps. Yeah. The physical contact all over your body with gentleness and kindness makes a difference as well.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:02:41] Right. And water helps clear stagnation if it’s running a certain way and. The largest meridians in your body run down the backside of your, your back all the way down your legs. 

And, you know, from your head all the way down to being  

Christine Contini: [00:02:54] caressed.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:02:55] Yeah. When the water, it goes over, it it’s actually stimulating those meridians and  

Christine Contini: [00:02:59] nice.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:03:00] So showers are amazing  

Christine Contini: [00:03:02] at some of our best realizations in  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:03:04] shows. Yeah, totally. So I was in the shower and I was like, okay, I’m great with what I learned. 

I’m so glad that I know it. But I don’t want to have to learn through sickness, illness or suffering anymore. What can I do? And this voice inside of me, I, the only thing I can say is it would be the voice of my higher self or my heart, or my truth said, well, Make time to communicate with me every day. So I was like, okay, let’s do this 10 o’clock every morning. 


Christine Contini: [00:03:39] Jot it down in your calendar, make sure you send an alarm. Oh, and remember when you had done that, you thought to set an earlier alarm than actually at 10 o’clock, but something kind of stopped you from doing that. And I want to give people an idea of why that is. Okay. If you are too far into your conscious thoughts. 

When you’re trying to do the type of meditation we’re talking about and the connection that we’re, we’re going into, then you’re just going to be in the way. So if Laura says that time in advance and she’s then preparing for it, then it won’t be the same as this. Oh, it’s time. Let me do it. Right.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:04:11] Right. 

Yeah. Cause I kept trying to set an alarm for like five to 10 minutes early. So whatever I was doing, I could close it down and be like, okay, now I’m ready. But every time I went to go set that alarm, my, my thumb wouldn’t hit the button. I was like, okay, I can’t do this. All right. I saw it’s just going to be, I’m just going to have to stop what I’m doing. 

So anyway, um, I’ve had several meditations since this happened, but one of the things that I’ve been lit led down to is, um, I felt sickness in my body. And  

Christine Contini: [00:04:41] did you had an appointment? You had a doctor’s appointment coming up this particular day.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:04:45] I had a doctor’s, it was a, an annual appointment. And those things have often created fear for me because when I’ve gone to the doctor before, I feel like they’re trying to make me do something that I don’t believe in. 

Like for instance, get mammograms. I’m not saying don’t get a mammogram. I’m just saying for me, it’s a scary thing because I feel. I feel radiation and it hurts. Um, and most of the time, whatever, I go get yearly stuff, they’re like, you have to go get your mammogram right now.  

Christine Contini: [00:05:16] Right. So the loss of freedom, you basically feel that they can compel you to do something that is against your will. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:05:21] Yes, yes, exactly. So, um, so I had an appointment with a new lady that I’ve never been to and I thought, Oh gosh, she’s gonna, all I’m going to get is bad news. You know? I feel sick already. I’ve been sick. They’re going to tell me that I have to go have mammograms and cat scans  

Christine Contini: [00:05:40] and your cycle has been changing  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:05:42] cycles. 

Christine Contini: [00:05:44] So  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:05:45] I thought, Oh, I’m heading out for sure. 

Like this negative track started playing in my mind. And because I know a lot about medical things, it’s it actually is a detriment to me to know so much about medical things. Right. So, because my mind just goes down that Hill and I was like, wait a minute. Okay. It’s time to meditate. So I was like, okay, heart, hire yourself, divine, whatever it is that I’m talking to, I know it’s lined. 

It’s not darkness. Cause I’ve made that clear. Um, I said, I don’t, I don’t want to have this sickness anymore. And I’m afraid of it. And it said, well, why are you afraid of it? And I was like, because it might kill me. And it said, Oh, come on. Don’t, you know, from your last near death experience that nothing has any power over you. 

And you’re the one that chooses when you die.  

Christine Contini: [00:06:40] No, let me ask, did it have that attitude or is that just the replay? Has the replay. The attitude is what I find in my meditative state. Everything is gentle and kind, but when I go back to tell this story is so much more fun to give it an attitude, right? 

Absolutely. No better. Wow. Where’d you do that for?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:06:59] That’s my interpretation of it. It is way more fun to think of it that way. But it, it’s not like whenever I get those communications, it’s not like I get words, it’s a  

Christine Contini: [00:07:08] complete knowing.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:07:10] And that’s how I interpret that. I interpreted it. I interpreted myself  

Christine Contini: [00:07:14] as,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:07:15] Oh, come on Laura. 

You know that  

Christine Contini: [00:07:18] nice. So, so it is,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:07:22] first of all, what that realization did to me, or it did for me is I was able to remember when I went to the void and I made the decision. To to exist in this world or not. It was absolutely my decision. And I also know that on a conscious level, we may not have the same choice that our spirit has for us, but I also know that our spirit knows best for us. 

Christine Contini: [00:07:48] Right? Cause spirit comes from the soul is the communicator between the soul and who you are. Right. The bigger part of who you identify as this earthly experiences, just a minute.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:07:59] Right. Right. So, um, so it reminded me that actually there, I should have no fear at all of deaths because it’s all part of the grand part of me. 

Oh. And then after I learned that everything was, everything comes from love because that’s who we are truly. And we can only know that, which we are.  

Christine Contini: [00:08:21] Right.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:08:22] Um, then I was able to. Really go into my heart center and heart chakra and open that up. And once I started opening that up, I felt things going through my throat and through my whole body, then my heart connected with my dogs and it was just this amazing thing. 

And then I knew from then on that my life would be different. Right.  

Christine Contini: [00:08:47] Cause when you know what, you know, you don’t choose to go back from it. Right. And that’s the point of no return, right?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:08:53] Yes. I’ve even tried subconsciously to go back to my old habits and I can’t,  

Christine Contini: [00:08:58] no, it feels like death.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:08:59] Yeah, it does. It’s like, Oh, I absolutely can’t do that  

Christine Contini: [00:09:03] because you’ll be separated from that openness of love that you have, and it just doesn’t feel good. 

And that’s one of those keys that you start to look for. The more love you find, the more you want, the more we want it, the more you, you strive for it, the more work you’ll do for it. And in a healthy way versus the old like workaholic us or the other resentful of us, we just won’t do it anymore because it’s death. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:09:23] Right. And this love that I felt, I also had an understanding. That it is the key to solving every  

Christine Contini: [00:09:32] problem.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:09:33] Yes. And healing, everything.  

Christine Contini: [00:09:35] Right. And so when we work with people, just take it away from us for a minute. When we work with people on wellness, that’s one of the keys we have to get them to just drive for. 

And to really understand, because without that comprehension, you’re going to hold beliefs as your savior, you know, beliefs that. If I believe this I’ll be okay. If I believe this, it becomes true. Versus everything comes from love, which is just the truth of the foundation of our whole experience. And if you have that, then nothing else is real. 

Everything else is created. And if you realize you create it, then you can uncreate it.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:10:11] Right. And whenever you feel that love. They’re there, like she said, there’s a switch that throws inside of you. It’s like you were watching black and white TV and all of a sudden it’s in technical or 3d VR.  

Christine Contini: [00:10:26] Right. 

Definitely a different depth to it. A different comprehension. The awarenesses of enlightenment basically is another level of enlightenment that you’re trying to reach. And once you get there, It’s it’s a big, huge I’ll have for you,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:10:40] man. I’m excited to see what the next level is going to be like. It’s for me, my trip has been level up level up level up. 

Feel like I’m going down. What gets to go back up. It’s been this, this kind of road.  

Christine Contini: [00:10:55] Right. And I think that’s the trip for most people, because it’s like you said, you can’t know what you don’t know. And so as you level up that becomes your new normal, and then it feels less than, and you feel like you’re actually going backwards and it may even look like you’re going backwards, but what’s happening is you’re looking for the next. 

Peace is going to drive you forward. Yeah. So it, it can be confusing, but if you know that the journey, it doesn’t feel as hard.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:11:19] Yes. And that brings up a point too, as I was doing my meditation, I usually assign things, certain meanings, and I had to let go of that completely because if I would’ve continued to carry my previous learnings and meanings that I had prescribed to things. 

There’s no way I would’ve ever reached that level.  

Christine Contini: [00:11:42] Right. But understanding the brain would have held his conscious control and you have to let go of the brain’s assignment. And that’s why we have in the wonders handbook, the basics of meditation is to get you started and releasing that control that the brain has over everything to bring you back to the truth and to get you going in the direction that will help you eliminate the pain and struggle that you have in your lives. 

So let’s talk  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:12:06] about what brain is versus mine. And things like that. So brain is here to save your life. Brain is here to create habits that it believes are beneficial for you, that you believe are going to get you to where you need to go. And it is not, um, adapt  

Christine Contini: [00:12:26] to change. No brain is habitual. Uh, for instance, like if you were out scavenging for food, the habitual part of your brain is what’s going to get you to eat the right stuff. 

This is going to, you know, your body already knows what it needs based on experience. And the brain is going to hold that as information and it’s going to drive you is gonna basically force you to do something versus the mind sees the bigger picture of the awe and the wow. And when you got the brain and mind working together, now that’s powerful, but we tend to go into lower level of fight or flight, which holds is only in brain. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:13:01] Right. And then whenever you can stop and enjoy a sunset, maybe that’s the mind going. Whoa.  

Christine Contini: [00:13:07] Right?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:13:08] So the more we can get into those moments of Whoa, the more our brain has a chance to relax so that it can start letting go of its hold and creating what’s already there. So you said that sounds,  

Christine Contini: [00:13:22] that’s a big piece of it. 

Yes. Now I want to take everyone back to when I had that same moment that Laura had. And I want to give you guys an idea how to start formulating this ability in your own life. So Laura picked a time, she said, okay, I’ll do this. I’ll do this every day at 10 o’clock. And we ask ourselves, well, why does that matter? 

I mean, we’re timeless. Anyway. There’s several things that happen when you pick a time and you repeat it daily. There’s. A connection to energy outside of yourself that is now aware that, Oh, this person is going to be available every day at this time. So the ether then prepares to bring things to you and have it adopted, ready and waiting. 

When you open up there it is. It’s right there. It’s like opening a book is already written. It’s not like you’re searching for anything in those moments. It just takes a moment to open it. And there it is. Right Laura?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:14:13] Yes. It’s very easy. Right. So much easier than the way I used to do it, which was random  

Christine Contini: [00:14:17] times. 

Right. And then the other part, I know we were just talking about the brain and the kind of conscious control that the brain has. The brain sees that it’s going to do this event. It prepares you for this event. The subconscious brings up everything it needs and has it ready. And again, it happens easily. 

Now here’s the other side of it. Everything’s being prepared for you. And because you know that you’re going to do something now the brains habitual behavior is actually on your side.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:14:47] Yes. And if you think about, you know, how our universe works this time doesn’t really exist, right? Our higher selves are supposedly the parts of us that are complete and whole that have had every experience. 

And it knows everything about us from the future. And if time doesn’t exist, But then you give a time, you say I’m going to be available at this time and space. Then that gives our future selves a way to come back and interact with our present selves.  

Christine Contini: [00:15:19] Right? So it’s basically, we call it a timestamp. If you have a timestamp that can be counted upon then something in the future has that destination. 

It can be identified. Here’s another thing that happens because time is not linear the repetition of 24 hours apart 24 hours apart rings a light. And intensifies that light, because if you think about it, if you’re looking at a line of time and it’s sideways and they’re 24 marks on that are 24 hours apart, 24 hours apart. 

And then if you turn that line up and down and you look straight down the line, all of those marks now we’re together and that light is brighter. So there you go. You’ve got another dimensional way to be seen. The energy is brighter because it’s consistent and it creates, um, Mass, if you want to think of it that way. 

Yes. There’s another part that comes, which is the ability to surrender. When, you know, you’re looking forward to something, you have that too. And so in the beginning it might feel hard to have that set time, but then as things are going well, then it gets easier and easier because I can surrender to this. 

I know I want this. I know it’s ready for me. It’s not in a position. I’ve made it a priority. And so again, making something a priority allows the brain to support you where if you’re just I’ll get to it. If I can, the brain doesn’t understand that it is a priority and it won’t necessarily give the same definition and release of control that you’ll need in order to be successful. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:16:48] Right.  

Christine Contini: [00:16:49] So  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:16:50] that is our adventure for today. Uh, I need to check the camera. It looks like something’s going on. Welcome  

Christine Contini: [00:17:00] back. So let’s talk a little bit about meditation and the enlightenment that happens when you meditate. We have a lot going on in the physical form and the brain controls so many patterns. 

And when you give your brain time to relax, And let go of those patterns and then energy can come in because you’re not holding against motion and change because remember the brain is habitual and it resists change. It’s actually for our benefit. So this is also another reason the third eye needs to be fully formed. 

And when we say a third eyes fully formed, we mean that the brain and the mind are working together as one, and able to move more into brain or more into mind as needed. Without kicking the body into fight or flight. So if you’re in a place where say taking a test and you feel a little nervous about it, will you go into fight or flight and how you’re just in the brain and you might find it really hard to remember so many of your answers, but if you slow down and you go back into that fully formed third eye connection, then you’re relaxed. 

And every bit of information in the universe is available to you.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:18:04] Nice.  

Christine Contini: [00:18:05] So you can then pull in, um, an answer that is available in a microcosm, into your microcosm experience that you wouldn’t have been able to go to if you were just in brain, but the rain has to be able to recognize, you know, how you were talking about, um, you’re getting a fully formed idea  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:18:22] and then you  

Christine Contini: [00:18:23] have to bring that into what is actually happening. 

That’s the mind delivering information. So when. When you want to be moving and changing in your reality, and you want to have this fuller experience and you want to be free of pain and suffering. You want to know that everything comes from love and you want to believe that, you know, everything’s in your favor and that the universe is behind you. 

And resonance is an important thing. When you want all of those things. The easiest way to get them is to have the mind and the body and the brain and the energetic system and the spirit all working together. So we’ve talked about. Um, and other times that these five components, body, mind, brain spirit and energetic system have to be functioning simultaneously. 

And as a usual everyday thing, the brain is actually holding control.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:19:13] Yes. And how does it hold control by assigning meaning to everything?  

Christine Contini: [00:19:21] So when you go into this place of wanting change and really wanting to be connected to these other parts of you and get this information. Then you absolutely have to set aside what something means and be open to something that you couldn’t possibly have known. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:19:36] Yes. And that is probably our biggest trap that we have when I was over in the void. When I learned that wherever we start and wherever we end is all going to be in the same place anyway. And it doesn’t matter what we do. We’re going to end up in the same place. I was like, so none of this has any meaning. 

And then later on I realized. But no everything has meaning because that’s what this is.  

Christine Contini: [00:20:01] And it has to do with our assignment of meaning. And when we go into, we’ve talked about obligation and subjugation, that is us assigning somebody else’s meaning to our experience versus knowing the truth of our experience. 

Right. And  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:20:15] so like, you know, if you look at what meaning is, it’s something that you learned from the past. And you made some kind of judgment about it and you’re applying it to a present circumstance. Right? So let’s take  

Christine Contini: [00:20:32] right. You’re using the, basically you’re using the past to predict the future recipe in this moment. 

Nothing has meaning. Right. And if you don’t look to the past, then you still have no meaning.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:20:43] Right. And we all want to have meaning don’t we?  

Christine Contini: [00:20:47] Right? Because we are. Well, part of it is because we’re conditioned so we can release some of that control. But the other part is we found that it’s entertaining. 

Yes. And it can be great fun. And how can you recognize fine if nothing has any meaning you just, you’re just an observer and observe observation is kind of a blank experience.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:21:05] You know, I used to think that until I felt love, and then I realized things don’t have to have meaning you can exist in love and it all has meaning that’s amazing. 

Christine Contini: [00:21:15] Right?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:21:16] It’s such a, it’s like a catch 22.  

Christine Contini: [00:21:19] It definitely  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:21:19] is something that is very, very difficult to put into words until you’ve actually had the experience. And one of the things we do on wonders handbook is give you exercises so that you can have these experiences without having to die. Like, I didn’t have to die to feel this  

Christine Contini: [00:21:36] and it was awesome. 

Right. And if you hadn’t practiced some of the methods and things that you had done. In that moment. Do you think you could have released the rank control?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:21:45] No, not at all. I’ve been working. I, you know, I’ve been working on releasing brain control and you know, it’s been a, it’s been something for years that, you know, you practice this brain control for so long. 

You practice letting go of obligation for so long, you get really good at it. And then you slip back into old habits and not even know you’re slipping back into them. And it’s like, You wake up and it’s like, Oh man, I thought I had gone so far. You know, it’s, it’s really is like the waves of an ocean. They come in and they crash and you’re great. 

And then you get sucked back out again, it’s this ebb and flow of, of feeling connected and feeling disconnected and feeling connected and feeling disconnected. And, um, but had I not actively, I think the key is actively worked on. Being aware of my thoughts, being aware of how they affect my reality. I would definitely not have had that experience. 

Christine Contini: [00:22:41] Right. And I think going through the study helps with that too, is actual practice and implementation and sharing with others and understanding how our perception and our beliefs are in the way of the experiences we’re talking about.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:22:54] Yes.  

Christine Contini: [00:22:55] So even the return to observation is a really good one to help break that behavior of when you walk into a room assigning meaning to everything. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:23:04] Yes. So this, this path that we’re on. You can know everything that you ever need to know, but it’s not going to be fully realized in your life until you act on it.  

Christine Contini: [00:23:16] Right.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:23:17] And that’s, that’s the hard part  

Christine Contini: [00:23:19] is taking the action  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:23:20] and living what you know,  

Christine Contini: [00:23:22] right. So that’s the separation from when you’re in like a meditative state and you can feel this great sense of love and connection and peace. 

And a lot of us want to just go there and just stay there, but then you come back in the reality of living and just like, wait a minute, how do I get that? Feeling that connection into my everyday, walking down the street experience. And it does take practice. It’s not an actual thing. It’s not something anyone’s teaching anymore. 

Well, I guess there’s a lot of people working on teaching it now, but it’s not something we grew up with as children. So we’re getting back to the truth of who we are, how to express it and what it means.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:23:58] Yes, for lack of a better word, bringing heaven to earth  

Christine Contini: [00:24:03] and, um, and. We’ll put lots of content for you guys to, um, re to look at and to practice with and get started on changing that state of being for yourself today. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:24:14] Thank you very much.  

Christine Contini: [00:24:15] Bye . 

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