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Season 1
Episode 1


by | Jul 1, 2020

by | Jul 1, 2020

Waking to Find The Grim Reaper Standing Over You

About this Episode

Have you ever woken up to a dark figure standing next to your bed? Who are these beings and what do they want? Join Christine Contini and Laura C. Cantu as they discuss who the Reapers are, why they are here, how they interact with people, and more.

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In the course, Death and The Other Side: Near-Death Experiences, Christine Contini goes into detail regarding her third death that includes the Grim Reaper.


Waking to Find The Grim Reaper Standing Over You 


Laura C. Cantu: [00:00:00] Hello, welcome to wonders handbook podcast. My name is Laura Cantu  

Christine Contini: [00:00:33] Christine Contini here with her.  

So, uh, today we are just going to be having a conversation that we that’s just, it. We’re just going to be talking to each other about fun stuff that we find fun. 

Well, I heard that you had something happened last night. What’s up?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:00:46] Yes. So, um, One of the things that happens to me is this figure that I can only describe as death comes and stands beside of me. And whenever I feel that presence, it has a very distinct feeling.  

Christine Contini: [00:01:04] Okay. So let me ask you, is it like death, like the grim Reaper that we’ve talked about or is it different than that? 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:01:09] It’s like the grim Reaper.  

Christine Contini: [00:01:10] Okay. So it has like, is it like a hooded figure? You have it, you feel it, you feel it, or you visualize it.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:01:15] I feel it. And sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I see it. Okay. So it’s both. Gotcha. It depends. And sometimes even I’m not asleep and if it’s dark in the room and I’m trying to go to sleep, I look around and it’s either standing like at the foot of my bed or right beside of me or somewhere in the room. 

And I’ve had experiences with this thing. My whole life.  

Christine Contini: [00:01:41] So I don’t think we’ve told them yet that there was a time where you said, well, who were my spiritual or, or alien family? And I said, Oh, it’s the grim, Reaper’s your beat? And that’s when Laura first told me that this is who she was. That she’s been seeing this, her entire life, but she always felt it like, Oh no. 

Oh no. Yeah. And then after we talked about it, you’ve, you’ve kind of changed your relationship. Is that correct? Or that still feels  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:02:07] still feels like, Oh no, no. It’s always this foreboding feeling. And, um, and last night I just felt, I was like, man, death is all around. There’s so much death, death, death. And the last time that I felt like that was two weeks before. 

The trade center incident.  

Christine Contini: [00:02:27] Okay. So nine 11.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:02:28] Yeah. And I feel it again. Okay. And I was like, I decided to have a little conversation with death this time. I’m like, why are you here? Have you come to take  

Christine Contini: [00:02:41] me? Right? Because sometimes that’s what we suspect. That is our turn. Right. Usually what I suspect when it comes around, maybe that’s why you get that folk boating feeling is you’re like, Oh, death is here. 

It’s my turn. Yeah. And so it hits you hard instead of you being able to say, okay, you know, what’s going on? Interesting.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:03:00] Yeah, so it usually hits me that it’s there for me personally. And in the conversation I said, um, What’s going on. Why are you here? And it said, well, I’m here for you,  

Christine Contini: [00:03:12] right. But you’re not could be here for you as support and not necessarily here to take you away. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:03:16] Yeah. That’s what it boiled down to. Is that right now, at least last night and right. This particular time is not my time. It doesn’t mean that it won’t be my time, you know, tomorrow or the next day or whatever it made no promises. It did say that I had the opportunity to live many human.  

Christine Contini: [00:03:33] Yours.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:03:34] It said that there was definitely that opportunity there. 

Um, but it said that I asked him, I’m like, but why do you come to me? And he said, because I am his companion. And I’m like, what do you mean? And he said that it was there to protect me and keep me safe. And apparently I go through these death processes that could actually kill me. And he’s helping me go through them without killing myself. 

Christine Contini: [00:04:05] Awesome.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:04:06] So he’s like  

Christine Contini: [00:04:07] a death of sorts, basically.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:04:09] Yeah. He’s like, I’m always with you. And the way that you’re doing this is kind of reckless. 

Christine Contini: [00:04:18] Well, you know, we’re doing our best as earthlings. We’ve lost a lot of our mental and spiritual connections so that we can only do so much now. Right?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:04:25] Yeah. Yeah. So he’s like, yeah, there’s a part of you that’s dying right now and I’m here to help you get through it. And I’m like, okay. Um, And then, but I still feel more death than just what I’m going through. 

I find video, like it’s happening on a mass  

Christine Contini: [00:04:41] level. Let’s cover that death that you’re going through. Cause we talked about this a few days ago, what you were willing to get rid of and in the past. So in the past, um, you’ve let go of obligation and subjugation. But you’ve always held onto it in a couple of your relationships. 

And just recently you decided that even with one of your tightest, most dependent relationships versus which is that of the boys, your dogs, you’ve decided that you can’t even hold that anymore. You have to be willing to let go of all of it. And that is. I would say in one way, it’s a very dangerous process because it’s been your stability and you don’t know what life is going to look like without that. 

But in another way, if you don’t let go of that, then you’re not going to get to the place you’re trying to reach. Right? So that’s part of, I think what’s going on. It’s not the only thing, but you know, multiple things happen at the same time. And I think that’s one of the ones that might feel very reckless to them because, you know, connections or connections and to actually be willing to let go of them, to surrender to this higher experience can be very hard on the human form. 

And the human consciousness.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:05:43] And today I’ve been feeling very anxious, which I haven’t felt anxious in a long time. I’ve been feeling unstable and at times I’m just overwhelmed and at times I’m depressed and I’m like, Oh my God, what am I doing?  

Christine Contini: [00:06:00] Right. So are you using any methods to get through this? Are you just feeling  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:06:06] I’m just feeling it and just. 

Um, I’m not committing myself to doing any work today. So usually I would push myself to work and get on that website and design it and, you know, or makeup work on  

Christine Contini: [00:06:21] editing, whatever it is that I’m  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:06:24] doing. One of the many things that I do, but no today I’m like, I can’t do it. All I can do is walk. Around and talk, that’s it. 

My process is to talk and to walk,  

Christine Contini: [00:06:37] right? So, so you are doing some things, cause I know walking, um, moves the hips, which helps with the root shocker, which then affects the spine, which then affects the whole core all the way up. So it does affect the entire energetic system. So it makes sense to me that walking is one of your methods of support that you’re using right now. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:06:55] And also I’m talking about walking my. I was born in the year of the tiger and they pace. Oh really? And I pace a lot, someone, there was an astrologer that didn’t know me from Adam. I had never met him before. And I was on the phone, pacing back and forth. He’s like, were you born in year of the tiger? I said, I have no clue. 

So we went back, it was in front of a bookshop and we went back in and he’s like, what year were you born? And I showed him and he was like, yep,  

Christine Contini: [00:07:21] you’re the tiger.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:07:22] I’m like, how’d, you know, he’s like, you pays like  

Christine Contini: [00:07:24] a tiger the behavior. Yes you do actually. And it’s that move in one direction and then kind of swirl and come around. 

Yeah. It’s not a, yeah. But just a back and forth or a big circle. It is really that swirled. But when you make your turn, you take the swirl in your shoulders, go like, yeah, like if your pause, your front paws are moving too, it’s not just about your legs underneath you. It’s this you’ll pay. You’ll pay attention. 

Now that I brought it up because I’ve watched you for a year now and you definitely do this whole shoulder arguing thing. I had no clue. Yeah. It’ll be fun. You’re going to be like, Oh, that is just the walking part. There’s more to it because you’re right. Cause you’re in your head when you do it. So that’s why you’re not recognizing the body, but now you will. 

I wish I should videotape you one day when you don’t, when you’re not thinking about it,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:08:04] maybe if she videos me, maybe we can put it with this video, but you got to catch me one. I’m not saying it’s  

Christine Contini: [00:08:11] incorrect, which is normally when you’re on the phone, because when you’re on the phone, you’re visualizing. 

Yes. Yes. What is the conversation and who you’re with versus just talking to somebody face to face.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:08:22] Yeah. Okay. So going back to the desk. Yes. Yes. Um, I asked it, I was like, well, are you ready for me? And he said, yes. And I was like, you mean, I’m, I’m going to die. And he said, well, every human’s going to die. 

It was very interesting me answering, asking questions from a limited perspective and getting back these, you know, like overall arching cancers. And then, um, and I was like, yeah, I just, I was like, yeah. And that this is all still part of the same conversation. I was like, yeah, I feel like I’m going to die. 

I feel like, you know, there’s imbalances and illness and things in my body. He’s just, yes, of course there is. And yes, it will kill you. 

so that was interesting. I said, well, why are you here for me? And it said, because I love you. And I was like, well, Why do you love me? And this was interesting. It said, you’ve done this for me before and now I’m doing it for you. And I don’t understand that.  

Christine Contini: [00:09:30] Oh, I got chippers. So I’ll do that one yet. I can feel it through my legs too. 

So root chakra support is storage is in their legs, which is history. And it’s not just current earthly history. It’s all, all of your history stores in their legs because it has to store somewhere. Right. Um, There was a despondency in the past that had to, he had to deal with, and it was your heartfelt journey to surrender and supply the information he needed without distress. 

Oh, so you were a very strong, stable support. Oh, interesting. Nice, good feeling.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:10:08] So, so I don’t know, you know, I’m, I’m new to this. Grim Reaper stuff. Is there more than one? That’s their only one. So he’s just one of them,  

Christine Contini: [00:10:19] right? There’s a whole, a whole race. I don’t think that they call themselves a grim Reaper’s. 

I don’t translate names very well. So I couldn’t tell you what they call themselves, but the first time one came to me and it was in support of death and that’s in book, death awakening to life. Oh, no, actually, no, it’s not. That’s not in the first book, it’s in the third book that we haven’t published yet. 

So I forgot about that guy. Sorry. So let me give it, she can give a little bit of background about them. Come about the race. So the race is, of course they wear these cloaks, but the reason they were that is because when they come through the dimensional shift into the environment with us, their flesh deteriorates. 

And it’s this, um, ripping and tearing away, similar to re-entry of the space shuttle, you know, how the heat and everything rips it and can pull the panels off. It’s similar to that, but it looks more like heat waves. Um, when you’re standing near a fire and a flaming, you know, the heat that you see over it, it looks more like that and you can see it. 

Pulling against their flesh and their flesh is just tearing off. As they’re standing there in front of you in, when they’re doing certain work, now they can appear without coming all the way into the space. But if he were to come into the space to get you, then you would start to see this flesh ripping thing happening. 

And they’re so strong and so capable that they keep regenerating their flesh. So you’ve seen pictures where like their bones and everything are showing. It’s not a problem for them. Their strength is they can regenerate it. Their entire physical form. So that’s one of their racial there that they have based on who they are, wherever they’re from. 

Couldn’t tell you that either.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:11:54] Wow. So when I see this one in just a black, as a black figure, um, how do you think that, that it’s actually here in this space? Cause I don’t get to see under the, the club.  

Christine Contini: [00:12:08] Right? So they haven’t pulled all the way through is my guess. Um, but let me check if you want to give me a second. 


So just a small percentage, five degrees South of North having experienced the transitional form of another. Okay. So he’s, I’m pulling on another form in order to appear in the space. He’s not literally figurative. Is this more of a figurative type of experience than a literal? He is pulling on another, another form. 

Okay. Does that answer or do I need to check for more?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:12:44] Uh, it’s got my curiosity going, you know, what form would he be pulling on and why and why is he here?  

Christine Contini: [00:12:51] Well, do you want me to ask the form question? Okay. One thing at a time, let me ask him. Okay. No, I’m not pulling on a human form. I’m identical. So he’s pulling on himself through another dimension. 

So it’s a cross dimensional shift and in doing so it’s like on appearance of, you know, like when somebody runs and you can watch them. But if you just look in the one space, you only see it over that, that one section in front of you, even though they ran from here to here point a to point B. So it’s like that he’s going from one dimension to the next and every time he does that, you can see him in just this one space  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:13:22] kind of like the, um, That’s  

Christine Contini: [00:13:24] awesome though. 

Oh, it makes total sense. To  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:13:26] me.  

Christine Contini: [00:13:28] It’s such exciting information. 

I didn’t know that that’s where the answer was going to be. And that’s very exciting to me. I couldn’t have made that up. Even if I tried, I had no idea. That was how they did it. Isn’t that like Bigfoot probably. Huh? Well, that’s another day,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:13:45] another day, another day. So he told me in my own words, why he was here to visit me, but I want, if you could check into that. 

Okay. And especially why last night and why I’m feeling so shaky. And so like  

Christine Contini: [00:13:58] today, let me see if we can get more on that. Hold on. 

right. So it’s a little different than what I heard you say. He’s not here just for you. He’s here for the entire planetary experience.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:14:14] Yeah. And that’s probably why I felt like the whole, like all that death around me.  

Christine Contini: [00:14:18] Right, right. So he’s connected to the whole process. I did feel that  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:14:21] I felt like it was individual and as well, macro and micro. 

Christine Contini: [00:14:26] Gotcha. Yes. And that makes perfect sense. So not solely for you, but again, for the whole planet. And because you’re part of the planet, there is a D and you have a direct connection from the past through another experience. Um, it’s not a multidimensional experience study you had with him before. It was a previous relationship prior to incarnation. 

So it’s not a dimension it’s just prior to this incarnation. Okay.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:14:49] So what does it mean that he’s here for the whole planet right now? Does he stay here all the time or why am I just now becoming aware of him?  

Christine Contini: [00:14:56] Okay. Well, no is you ha you’re not just now becoming aware. Remember you’ve all through your life. 

You had this experience present right  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:15:02] now than other times.  

Christine Contini: [00:15:03] Okay. So is there a reason that he’d be more present today than he has in the past?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:15:08] And actually it started like four or five days ago.  

Christine Contini: [00:15:10] Oh, okay. Oh, they used to just  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:15:12] recognize what it was today.  

Christine Contini: [00:15:14] Gotcha. So you started feeling it and then finally the, the veil was lifted and you could see clearly. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:15:19] So what happened is I feel this and most of the time I can tune it out by watching TV and just like, okay, I’m just not going to deal with it. But last night it was like, no, we have to have this conversation.  

Christine Contini: [00:15:30] Okay. Okay. So no more denial, no more. Okay. Let me check and see if we can get anything more on the, why is he here now? 

sorry, somebody else stepped in.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:15:41] Oh,  

Christine Contini: [00:15:42] another stepped in and said, can I help you? Oh, okay. So a little bit of interference there. Give me a second. We’ll try again. See if they, well, I got to tell them what I want help with and see if they’re willing. 

Sorry. They’re pulling away.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:16:02] You mean the new one or the  

Christine Contini: [00:16:04] new one is taking yours and pulling the whole space and time away from me right now.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:16:08] Oh, no, there’s a secret.  

Christine Contini: [00:16:11] Yeah. Oh, so people might not know this. So if you, if you haven’t heard this in one of our other podcasts or, or see me live, talk about this, there’s a war on control that’s going on. 

And there’s only certain aspects of that war that I’m capable of seeing, because. There. If I were to see certain things, I would, I would leave my body. At least that’s what they’ve told me. So I’m highly protected when certain things come up, they take it away from me and they don’t. Yeah, it was being pulled away from me. 

So it’s not that no one can look. It’s just, I personally am not allowed to see an aspect of this and it’s not that I’ll never be able to see that, that aspect. Sometimes it’s based on our linear progression. Like the time when I was on the airplane with you and you couldn’t tell me your story, but then. 

A couple months later after I revealed something, then you’re like, I can tell you now. So that, that does happen.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:17:01] I’m just going to have to push this. 

dang. Okay. Well, I don’t know what else.  

Christine Contini: [00:17:16] How about some other general questions? Yeah. Right. Some general question. Is there any other simple or question that’s not as personal?  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:17:25] Oh, it’s to him? Um, yeah, I can think of, definitely think of Psalm.  

Christine Contini: [00:17:32] Oh, so there’s the, the livelihood was based on a childhood experience. 

Um, at the age of. Four and a half and three quarters was when you first were having the involvement with this race of beings in the physical, and they realized that you weren’t just another average person. And that’s part of the reason you guys have progressed all these years.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:17:52] Yeah, I remember that. Okay. 

So when you say that, I’m like, Oh yeah, I know exactly when they came, because before that I was seeing much more pleasant things,  

Christine Contini: [00:18:03] you know? And I wonder too, again, if you hadn’t been told that or seen pictures or overheard other people’s stories on TV or family members talking about the Angela death or, or this being a negative thing, because my first experience I had always been told. 

Things about the Angela death and the grim Reaper, but I always thought it wasn’t real. So when I had my first physical experience with the grim Reaper, there was no negativity there at all. For me, I was super excited. Um, I was like, Oh, good, good. You’re here. I’m ready to go West coast. So, you know, and then of course, again, they give you the option. 

Like you have some in the past, they give you the option to stay or leave. And if you decide to stay, here’s your support. And if you decide to leave, let’s go.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:18:44] Yeah. Okay. So, um, does it know that it, that whenever it comes, I feel this weird sense of foreboding.  

Christine Contini: [00:18:53] Okay. Let me check. 

Right. So there’s a yin yang feeling with this and basically, basically, it’s the feeling of he supporting you wherever your reality is that, so the way I would suggest if you want to get away from that is to every time you have this thought prosper, Process, you have to replace it and you have to keep going deeper and deeper until you replace all of these memories with a positive instead of a negative. 

And eventually then you’ll have a good experience and it won’t feel for boating. And remember, I’ve told you, they’re your people, they’re your family, they’re your historic information. So, right. And there was one moment. I remember we talked about it where you got to a good place with this, but because you have so much history in your, in your brain as a negative, then it overrides the positive. 

So again, you have to go through. And keep re-experiencing and keep overriding those old beliefs with this newer feeling. And you could do it through, um, let’s see an affirmation through a simple meditation a couple of times a day, and just keep connecting to the good cause. Remember the here to support you. 

They’re part of your family. You already know you love your family. Although sometimes we can always have problems with that. That might actually be part of the problem is, you know, their family and you know how family they bring their baggage with them. Right? So go into the, you know, again, it’s a support system and that we draw everything to us because we desire it. 

And that it’s not something coming against your will. It’s something for your wealth.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:20:25] So this race is here. This family that I have is here to help the  

Christine Contini: [00:20:30] human race. Um, it’s an interdimensional spirituality experience for them. It’s not dependent. So when you say help, the answer is no, it is not that their goal is not to help. 

The goal is to support. So whatever we desire to create, then their support would be in an art direction. Not necessarily theirs.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:20:50] Why. Um, why are they here doing this?  

Christine Contini: [00:20:53] If you think about like the stories of angels and demons and how they come here to control, this is a race that’s here to support, not control and in doing so, it’s like, it’s like giving you food that you don’t have. 

So a guardian angel will give you support based on the direction you need to go. But this one is different. It’s not quite the same. This is more people aren’t going to really know this. So guardian angels are physical. Working on your physical physicality, not your spirituality. These beings are here helping with the spirituality, which means their experiences beyond space and time. 

And a guardian angel would be here for your physical experience. We restricted to space and time.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:21:35] So do the relationships with these beings last more than I guess, just this lifetime since we’ve had like  

Christine Contini: [00:21:41] several encounters before, right? Not restricted to time and space. So multiple experiences prior, you know, before incarnation and after. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:21:49] And do they do, does this race have a lot of their family here in the human?  

Christine Contini: [00:21:56] Um, the first number I got was from, um, about 400,000, maybe 500, the most are experiencing this environment right now. Okay,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:22:03] so I’ve have some peeps here.  

Christine Contini: [00:22:05] Oh yeah. That’s and that’s a larger number than I would have expected to. 

That’s actually quite a large number, but that might tie into the transformation that the earth is having right now. And the mass exit is because we are going through this transformation started back, um, when the 2020 energy was coming, I’m sorry. The 2012 energy was coming in and is going to last until the 20, 24. 

So there’s that? Oh, what, how many ever years that somebody does a math fashion? Me eight, nine, 10, 12 years. Huh? Okay. I think it’s 12 years. Sorry if I got the math wrong, but again, it came in at 2012 and is exiting at 2024. And. There’s a lot of support coming in for the beings that aren’t going to be capable of experiencing that shift and the ones that aren’t willing to experience that shift because there’s, there’s both sides of that. 

And so it makes sense to me now that they would be coming in to help with that. Um, do you remember the tsunami when we did the bridge to cross over all the people that that was another mass exit? There was a lot of human beings called to participate in that. But now that we have this other support, I haven’t been called to participate in a mass exit a sense. 

Oh, wow. So it makes sense to me that that’s probably why the numbers were so high right now,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:23:14] right. With the fires and with the  

Christine Contini: [00:23:17] right glue and  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:23:18] all of that stuff.  

Christine Contini: [00:23:19] Right. And with the, and a lot of people might think that when I say mass exit is that we’re only talking about human beings. We’re talking about plant life, you know, all the fires in California and with everything that just happened with Australia, that was a huge mass exit as of animal life and  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:23:35] plant life, right? 

Like all kinds of life  

Christine Contini: [00:23:38] is. And it’s, it’s a lot, it’s a lot for us to be willing to work this hard. And to be willing to sacrifice ourselves in order to have this other experience as a planet. Okay. That’s all I can handle right now. It’s too sad for me. Sorry.  


Laura C. Cantu: [00:23:56] that’s okay. Okay. So, um, the information that we have brought in today, what kind of information do you think would be good to share with people that they don’t might not already know? 

Like even curiosity stuff about this race or like, is this race extremely secretive that it doesn’t want its secrets revealed? Does it want to be known?  

Christine Contini: [00:24:22] I’m not less pull it back to the human side for a second. Is this information shows us that we’re very reliable. As a race, because for, for another race in general, to give support, then they have to be able to rely on us and our participation. 

So that says something about us and our willingness to change, um, this, this war on control that we’re having our willingness to come back into a different state of being than we currently at. And then for them to then for this other race to give us support shows how we are. It doesn’t say anything about that race necessarily. 

Um, But there was a second part to your question that I had. So that’s the first part. Let me see if I can find the second part. It was sometimes I can’t talk fast enough. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:25:10] Okay.  

Christine Contini: [00:25:11] Okay. So the influence, one of the influences that they bring, one of the influences they bring into our environment is resilience. So as a race, what we can say about them is they are resilient so they can sustain, they can handle things at a higher level because of their resilience and you can find resilience with reliability and wow. 

That’s a powerful force. Yeah. So, um, as far as being afraid of them, I don’t see a need for it. Again, I believe that. People have put us in a position to want to be afraid because you know, sometimes just a good story is more fun and something may start out as one story. And over years, you know, in order to make a better story, we’re going to just manipulate it a little, like the shadow people, which is how they come across at first. 

And you know, you can’t see their face. That’s true. But there’s reasons for that. I mean, how scary would it be to see somebody whose flesh just often being regenerated, if you. If you didn’t know what was going on. I mean, I, the first time I saw it, like I said, I knew what it was. So there was no fear in me, but if I had to seen that. 

In a different state of being, because, you know, I was ready to die at that moment. I was, I was fed up and wanted to leave. So I was thrilled that they arrived, but if I had just been doing the dishes or something and they popped into the kitchen with me and I saw him, I might’ve been like, and you know, and really been terrorized, but I wasn’t,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:26:26] I used to be terrorized, but I’m not anymore. 

Now. I’m just like, Oh shit, what are you doing here? But it’s not like a fear. It’s more like, Oh, my gosh, I’m going to have a huge transition again.  

Christine Contini: [00:26:38] Right. And that’s definitely their support is for transition. And that’s part  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:26:41] of their resilience. Transition is hard.  

Christine Contini: [00:26:43] It is. And so when you’re asking yourself for anyone that doesn’t know anything about these types of things, you know, again, should they be afraid? 

What we need to realize as the human race is we create our reality. So if I live in fear, when they come into my space, I’m going to feel afraid. And if I live in love, when they come into my space, I’m going to realize how much care. They’re bringing with them and you can be caught on, you know, on a good day. 

You can be way into love and be just fine and see them. And on a, on a, not so good day, you could be in your pits of despair and they can walk in. And that, that would probably be a lot harder for you to take. But just knowing, and again, conditioning your brain, who does your fight, who controls your fight or flight. 

If you can condition your brain to know that this is a safe place, that we only draw to us, things that we need, then it won’t be that difficult.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:27:30] Yeah. Okay, so,  

Christine Contini: [00:27:33] Oh,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:27:33] I totally forgot to turn off my phone. I’m sorry guys. Turn it off right now. So, um, great. I don’t know that I have anything else to say.  

Christine Contini: [00:27:46] Alright. 

I think we’re good. No, I, well, no, you can not. We’re recording got to chop that one. We will have to drop it unless you guys want to know that my daughter just popped in to say hello. Um, I had something, but it’s gone. Oh, you did? Yeah. It was something small, not a big deal. It’s just one of those wrap-up kind of things. 


Laura C. Cantu: [00:28:08] yeah.  

Christine Contini: [00:28:09] Let me see if I would like  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:28:10] to try to get some of the information because a lot of that information was specific to me and some people may like that, but some people may want to know how it affects them. Is there any information about this being or these races or if someone else finds them standing at the foot of the bed or at the head of the bed or anything like  

Christine Contini: [00:28:31] that? 

Um, well, this race is not connected to every human being. It’s not like all of them. There’s not like everybody’s connected to them on a continual basis. Most people won’t see that race until they’re choosing to leave. So even at your death point, you won’t necessarily see this. And being this being is when you and your free will choose to leave, they show up to help you because that’s a different process of death. 

So if they show up, just know that you called them, they don’t show up just, yeah,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:28:59] that’s right. That’s right. I said, why are you here? He said, because you called me. And I was like, I was like, I didn’t know. I called you. He said, you’ve been calling me your whole life. And I was like, what?  

Christine Contini: [00:29:10] Right, definitely. So it’s not one of the races that, again, just show up. 

There’s some that show up and just walk around and do a sign stuff. And some that show up because they’re entertained by our existence. Now this is one that comes because we call,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:29:22] but I wasn’t calling for death. So why did it show up?  

Christine Contini: [00:29:26] Wow. You were calling for transformation and part of you was dying. So you were calling for support through the transformation. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:29:32] So then I’ve been doing that since I was  

Christine Contini: [00:29:34] four years old.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:29:36] Actually it was around four years old. The first time it showed up.  

Christine Contini: [00:29:39] Yeah, it was, yeah. I have a really clear memory of that.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:29:43] Yeah. Of them showing up for you at four,  

Christine Contini: [00:29:45] no. Showing up for you, changed your memories. I wasn’t taking my stuff. That’s yours. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:29:51] It is. It’s very clear, right. There was before that time in my life. And there was after that time in my life  

Christine Contini: [00:29:57] and it, and it happened, um, there was like a couple that happened, like really close together between four, four and a half and five. And, um, it was kind of one of those moments of. Delusion of putting it away, denying it, but then over time, after a couple of experiences, trusting that this is a real thing and, but not real necessarily having anyone to share  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:30:18] it with, I would expect no one to share it with. 

I mean, I could have talked to my sister and stuff about it, but we were so young  

Christine Contini: [00:30:24] probably,  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:30:26] and I was scared and it was scary. It was, and yeah. And I’m sure I could have talked to my mom and stuff about it, but like you said, you’re five years old. Or four, four and five, you know, and  

Christine Contini: [00:30:38] it doesn’t even occur to you to bring up a conversation at that age. 

You’re still, you have the majority of your experiences or observation, not resuscitate resuscitation, whatever it is, you call it. When you recite the experience back to someone, you don’t do much of that. At that age, at that age, it’s more like, Oh, did you see that red car? Right? It’s not like, mom, I had this extra central experience. 

Laura C. Cantu: [00:30:57] You don’t even know it’s different than what other people experienced. Right. I’m like I saw now I did know this was different because. I was seeing like the nice pretty beings before, and then these other ones came a little bit later and I’m like, wow, that’s so pretty. I guess he or she, or it, or whatever. 

And, and people would look over and they’re like, what I’m like.  

Christine Contini: [00:31:21] So  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:31:22] I think that’s when I stopped talking about that stuff.  

Christine Contini: [00:31:24] Cause interesting. And you know, here’s something kind of off topic, but it kind of makes sense to bring it up now is, do you remember when you were a kid and everybody could see a rainbow. 

Yeah, that’s kind of the same experience. The reason I think, as a population, we love rainbows so much is that is because we all can see them versus these other experiences that we see and you bring it up and everybody’s like, I don’t see that. But then a rainbow has the same kind of magic. I see it, you see it? 

Oh, great. This is real, finally something. And we kind of grasp onto that and we don’t let it go. And then they tell us about the pot of gold and you know, that’s just fun, but. What, you know, where do you go with that? You just kind of buy into the whole story and then it makes it a non real thing. At the same time, it was a reality. 

So there’s like this whole twist of fate that happens.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:32:08] And then you also have the legendary figures, like the Easter bunny and all that.  

Christine Contini: [00:32:14] Great. That’s another long conversation for another day. I mean, where did those things come from? And is there any reality in some of those stories? It’s interesting. 

We’ll talk about that later. Yeah.  

Laura C. Cantu: [00:32:24] Okay. Well, thank you for joining us.  

Christine Contini: [00:32:27] Awesome guys, have a great day. . 

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