I Hold My Breath When…

It’s Time for a Kiss

When my friend leans in for the kiss…I feel a pressure to reciprocate the feelings of others in ways that make them feel good. If my friend feels good, I can feel good.

In addition, social conditioning tells me that if someone likes me I have value. It can be difficult to reject a kiss if you have low self-esteem or you believe you can hurt the feelings of others by telling them no.

When you accept social pressures like these, your subconscious creates a controlled response that tells you you are not okay if others are not okay. You will find you hold your breath when this or similar challenges arise, making it difficult to express your true feelings.

Finding a way to choose your need first is an important step towards freedom. Finding a way to be okay when others are not is required for personal freedom. Being able to choose you instead of the control of social conditioning will free up a lot of these breath-holding moments.

Change in Breath

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Breath Work

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Wanderer’s Handbook Contribution

Exercise Stacking Beliefs can help you see how you prioritize items. This stacking can also kick you into fight or flight instead of allowing you to keep your breathing relaxed and enjoyed.

Wanderer’s Handbook Contribution

As referenced in Instagram Live for this meme, exercise Expanding White Light can help you create an energetic barrier to the negative or painful energy of others. The intensity of your personal light energy is similar to shining a flashlight in a dark corner. Instead of taking on the burden of others, you will have the energy to see the truth of who they are and feel into your compassion. You can love that their journey is their own without taking on any responsibility for them and their choices.

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Article from Berkley Health and Wellness, By Editorial Staff August 2, 2018

Don’t Blow Off Shortness of Breath

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