I Hold My Breath When…

The Sun Lights My Path

For many, beauty has the impact of awe. When you think of awe, holding your breath is a natural part of the process. For most, it looks something like this:

At the first sign of something awe-inspiring, you take a short, shallow in-breath through your mouth. This inhale is followed by a holding of your breath. If you’re like me, your eyes get wider in an attempt to take it all in. Your jaw may drop a bit or a lot. Finally, you breathe again, exhaling slowly through your open mouth.

Normally, after this pattern of awe has completed, you return to a slow, deep breathing rhythm.

Think of awe as a natural reset for your breath. This breath pattern is ingrained in your system. Take some time to be inspired, to experience awe daily for health and wellness.

Change in Breath

This video was recorded live on Instagram.

Breath Work

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Wanderer’s Handbook Contribution

Exercise Overlapping Principles for Releasing Blocks. Barrow awe from one place and apply it to another to repair broken breath patterns due to trauma and pain.

Inspirational Medical Share

Article from The Mind Room, 

Breathing In Awe

Medically Supported Information

Article from Healthline.com, Medically reviewed by Debra Rose Wilson— Written by Emily Cronkleton — 8/15/18

Taking a Better Breath

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