I Hold My Breath When…

It is Time to Take the Next Step

Sometimes, your energy separates and moves at different paces. One method of reconnecting the parts of your self that feel separate is holding your breath. As you relax into a comfortable pattern and then gently hold your breath, you can feel the separation disappear. This reconnection of the body, mind, brain, spirit, and energetic system makes it possible to feel whole.

Moving forward with all parts of yourself simultaneously gives you a more complete experience. Things like walking a tight rope can feel easy.

In daily life, fitting what you need in between what others want becomes more obvious when you are moving forward as a whole, with all your parts functioning in a group. Taking that first step towards what you want shifts from fearful to exciting!

Change in Breath

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Breath Work

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Wanderer’s Handbook Contribution

This Breath Pattern is designed to reconnect the Body, Mind, Brain, Spirit, and Energetic System as one.

Relaxation Hold

Simple, Medical Explanation

Article found on National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, US Dept Health and Human Services 

How the Lungs Work

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