I Hold My Breath When…

I Stand on My Own

Standing up for something you believe in can feel difficult, especially when you feel all alone in your effort. The racing of your heart, increase in blood pressure, the way your thoughts dart all over the place, any one of these physical changes can be enough for you to reconsider your decisions.

But when you know you are right, backing down or giving in won’t feel good or support your needs. The best thing you can do for yourself in these moments is to change your breath.

An inhalation that rises and falls gives regular support. You may find in these moments of stress that if you inhale and at the top of your breath quickly suck in more air until you feel you couldn’t possibly fit any more in your lungs, you can give yourself a little extra brain boost.

During your fight, flight, and freeze behavior, your brain is taking all the oxygen and sending it to your muscles to give you the extra push you need to escape a life or death situation. Since your life is not actually at risk, this little extra inhale at the top of your breath can help you get more oxygen to your brain.

The next step is to follow this extra inhale with a slower exhale. You will likely feel a brief dizzy sensation. You will also gain the physical breath support you need to get your body back on track and moving towards a support stance instead of a focus on safety.

Change in Breath

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The video commentary A High Climb gives you examples on how to break free from a fear that has a stranglehold on your life.

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Humidity, in conjunction with higher temperatures, can make it hard for the lungs to have enough oxygen to function as normal.

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