I Hold My Breath When…

Someone Farts

In some countries, farting is social and acceptable, while in others it is shunned and thought of as crude. Medical support says farting is healthy and normal, still many people react in a negative way to their own experience because they fear how others will treat them.

Have you ever had a moment where it was just you and one other person and you both burst into laughter instead of embarrassment? These are real experiences. When you change your belief and conditioning about farting to something other than judgment or fear and assumptions, you can have a different experience.

In addition to changing your thoughts, you can change your beliefs because science has proven that smelling farts has real benefits for your everyday health. Check out the articles at the bottom of the page for more information.

Change in Breath

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Social Share

Article found in CNET, by Anthony Domanico July 11, 2014 

Smelling farts could be the best thing you do today

“Anyone who has accidentally let one rip in a social situation understands the immediate horror associated with getting caught passing gas. But instead of being ashamed when you fart in public, you should embrace your dirty deed with pride, as you may have just helped saved someone’s life.”  

Higher Learning

Article by The University of Exeter in the UK, Date: 9 July 2014

Rotten egg gas holds key to healthcare therapies

“It may smell of flatulence and have a reputation for being highly toxic, but when used in the right tiny dosage, hydrogen sulfide is now being found to offer potential health benefits in a range of issues, from diabetes to stroke, heart attacks, and dementia.”

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