I Hold My Breath When…

Next to a Nose Picker

Socialization is the primary reason you have an issue when someone picks their nose. You have accepted a belief that creates an assumption, judgment, conclusion, or fear. This triggers a fight, flight, or freeze response in your body. Since there is no real emergency, many people freeze and find themselves holding their breath in anticipation of the other person’s behavior.

To work through this you can ask yourself, what were you told as a child about picking your nose? How do you treat yourself when you want to pick your nose and others are around versus how you treat yourself when you are alone? Take some time and think about the details of your experiences.

In the end, acknowledging beliefs about picking your own nose and where those beliefs came from will help you recognize your subconscious control. The next time you are around someone picking their nose you can then see how this control creates pressure.

Once you work through the pressures you create due to socialization, you will have no need to hold your breath. When others choose the freedom to behave how they want instead of the social pressures used to control others, you can relax.

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Article by Christine Contini

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