I Hold My Breath When…

My Neighbor
Comes By

The image for this Meme comes from a friend in Colorado. The wildlife paw print you see was found right outside her front door.

Do you remember the days when people would just stop by without any notice? Maybe the unexpected knock at the door caught you off guard and for a second or two you held your breath wondering who it could be.

Times have changed and cell phones have ended those knocks on the door, but I bet the unexpected happenings can still catch you off guard. Learning to be okay at every moment can support healthy breathing habits. No more need to fear the unknown. If you are going to make something up about the unknown, it might as well be something you want instead of something you fear.

Change in Breath

This video share was recorded live on Instagram.

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Article found on Wired, by CURT STAGER, 

The Surprising Ways Your Breath Connects You to the Entire Planet

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