I Hold My Breath When…

My Country Calls

When a person realizes their calling in life, there is excitement and fear. No matter what your calling is, it feels great to realize your life’s direction and scary to not know what that will look like for you personally twenty years into your future.

The call to serve others in any capacity feels enormous. As you accept and connect to all the possibilities you immediately become one with the bigger picture. This feeling of connection to such a large experience can be overwhelming at times.

This beautiful blessing of connection can overpower your own behavioral breath. Learning breath patterns can pull you back into your own experience when you are too far into the connection to others. The only way to do this effectively is through daily practice. You know the drill, practice, practice, practice.

Thank you, every one of our brave members of society, whether you are active military, reserves, civil service, or supporters of those who are, we love and appreciate your effort, strength, compassion, and dedication.

Change in Breath

This video was recorded live on Instagram.

Breath Work

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Wanderer’s Handbook Contribution

Exercise The Tie-Off will help you gain separation from a group so you can function as yourself and your natural breathing patterns.

Scientific Journal Share

Publication from Med Crave, Volume 3 Issue 5 – 2017 Anjali A Sarkar Freelance, USA

Functional correlation between breathing and emotional states

Did You Know Medical Share

Article BBC News, Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Loud Music Lung Collapse Warning

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