I Hold My Breath When…

I Meet Someone New

The excitement of meeting someone just like you can be as overwhelming as meeting people who are different.

The benefit of being in synch with others is a feeling of flow. You can share more of yourself with less fear of not being seen for who you are. When someone gets you, your breath changes. There is a comfort in connecting that cannot be found any other way. It is your ability to see what is inside of you existing outside of you in someone else.

When you do not immediately see similarities reflected back to you there is a chance you will feel uncomfortable and your breath will change in a way that separates you from the other person. The act of disconnecting, of separating from others so they can’t harm you is very common.

Changes in breath and body language convey an instinctive form of communication that goes beyond words. When people experience these slight changes they tend to give you more space. The extra space allows you to hide your feelings of vulnerability, but it also makes you feel unwelcome. Instead of communicating openly, you hide what would connect you to the other person if they only knew what they didn’t know.

What would it mean to someone new if you could let them in and if you stood in awe of them instead of putting your fears first? Go on, give it a try. Take a deep breath and gush! Express something to someone new that will expand your world instead of hiding it.

Change in Breath

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