I Hold My Breath When…

I Forgot My Homework

Children find all kinds of reasons to hold their breath: stress, feeling unprepared, anger, fear, control, and play. Most of the breath-holding at the youngest of ages is unintentional and part of the autonomic system not having the support that it needs to fully function.

Although the length of time a child subconsciously holds their breath reduces as they age, the habits can have a lasting impact on their health and wellness.

You are never too young to learn healthy breathing habits and patterns. Take some time to help your child experiment with their breath. Find activities that increase lung capacity and function while extending the overall health and cognitive function of your child.

Playful activities like timing how long you can hold your breath or blowing up balloons can help you get a better understanding of your child’s breath function.

Change in Breath

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Breath Work

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Medically Supported Share

Presented in Michigan Medicine, August 21, 2019, Author: Healthwise Staff, Medical Review:John Pope MD – Pediatrics

Breath-Holding Spells

Common in very young children, could the same iron deficiency anemia contribute to adult breath holding? 

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