I Hold My Breath When…

I am the First to Arrive

Being the first to arrive at a thought, an understanding, an event, an emergency, or anything new can be challenging. The best way to achieve success in these moments of intense emotion, physical demand, and mental stimulation are to be prepared. The best way to be prepared with your breath is to practice breathing. 

If your heart rate increases and your blood pressure rises, you will likely hyperventilate. This occurs as your breath rises into your chest, becoming short and shallow. Practicing deep belly breaths, exercises that strengthen your lungs, and other mental controls that help you relax and refocus your breath can make the difference every time.

If you wait to attempt to change your breath until you are having a first time experience that is overwhelming, you will be unprepared and incapable of utilizing the muscle memory that practice provides. Take time every day to practice slow, relaxing breathing techniques, and know that you are prepared to handle everything that comes your way.

Thank you, every one of our brave members of society, whether you are a first responder or supporters of those who are, we love and appreciate your effort, strength, compassion, and dedication.

Change in Breath

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Breath Work

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