I Hold My Breath When…

Someone is Counting on Me

I cannot imagine a world without people counting on one another for this thing or that. As a group, there is great joy in working together, in sharing the love of a child for a parent, and in the friendship between kindred spirits. And as much as I am for the individuation of our race and our planet, I still recognize the fundamental premise we are all one. At this moment I am not me without you.

But eventually, there will come a time where you each will realize that putting the needs of others above your own does not make for a better life. When you are too selfless, you break apart the natural flow of energy that guides your breath, your heart, and your mind. In trying to stay connected without consideration for your own needs, you force yourself to become disconnected from those you are serving. You hold your breath.

When you consider the needs of others through the focus of your own needs you can find the win-win of every situation. At that moment, all stress, struggle, and separation will end. At that moment, you and the person counting on you will breathe freely.

Change in Breath

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