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Empath Complete Vibrational Elixir


This unique vibrational elixir holds the essential balance we empaths crave—the ability to function and observe our world while maintaining your sovereignty.



We began the creation of this unique product with three things a strong empath must have: connection, sovereignty, and open flow.

The product base is our Pure Empath Elixir, which supports an empath’s internal connection to self as opposed to the overwhelming external connection to others, a relationship that can be too much for a sensitive and empathic human. To this base, we added our private vibrational blend Ground and Gather. Ground and Gather pulls Earth energy in to support a healthy level of responsibility and discipline; this is accomplished by reducing fight or flight tendencies that create a strained energetic pressure field. Next, we added our Core Strength, aligning your ability to be centered while simultaneously radiating your internal light.

Using Empath Complete reduces the never-ending tug on your emotional energy and decreases the ever constant physical and mental exhaustion an empath endures. As the external push of gloom overwhelms others, this vibrational elixir reminds you of the more happy and joy-filled connections that are possible in life. Empath Complete vibrationally promotes the separation and end to addiction that overdependence on external stimulation creates and supports your creation of the healthy separation that is necessary to break the co-dependent empathetic connection that ties you to the suffering of others.

What you receive:

One 1.25 oz. Cobalt blue bottle and black dropper with a clear pipette. Physical ingredients provided are on average 20% gluten-free alcohol, 80% distilled water. Handcrafted vibrations that meet your energetic need. Includes shipping under $5 in the contiguous USA.



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