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Perception, Self and Others

Welcome to Conceptual Ideas Regarding Perception of Self and Others. These Call Recordings, which last about thirty minutes, are live calls that occured during the guided version of the 2019 Self-STUDY. Wanderer’s Handbook has much gratitude for these participants and their willingness to share their experience with you as a student of TheSTUDY.

Self-Guide Your STUDY Experience

clipHere’s a reminder to create an expereince that meets your needs.

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Self-Guide Your STUDY Experience

The Casual Learner:

● Do all the fun stuff first, like watch the video

● Try a few of the exercises if they look interesting to you, they will give you some great experiences and easy tools for later on

The Dive-In Learner:

● Skim the written material and watch the video

● Familiarize yourself with what each exercise and how it feels

● Ask questions of anything that isn’t readily apparent to you

The Full Monte Learner:

● Skim the written material and watch the video

● The work is broken down into sections, plan how many days you want to go through each section and dig into the material

● Record your experiences and share with others

Call TopicStubborn behavior in relationships, how we use it to hold ourselves in place.

Topic Exercise: Change Perception Use these easy steps to disconnect from an experience you do not want to have.

The Audio Addresses


Day Two


Today’s 30-minute call: Tuesday, 1:30 pm PST
Today’s topic: The balance between two people is 100%
Today’s exerciseClaiming My Space Use this exercise to increase your awareness of push and pull energy and how you use it to create a false sense of balance and control.

Day Three

No Teleconference Today. Watch the short video, try today’s exercise, and review previous exercises.

YouTube Link:

Today’s exerciseBeginning Contemplation This exercise guides you through healthy contemplation.

Day Four


Today’s 30-minute call: Thursday 3 pm PST
Today’s topic: I create my universal awareness in life. If I am in fear, I am in the way of my own creation.
Today’s exerciseMy Universe The first step in controlling your timeline is to understand your creation of now.

Day Five

Image result for funny perception memes


Today’s 30-minute call: Friday, 11 am PST
Today’s topic: I assign all meaning to my life. What would it look like if I let go of all my assumptions, conclusions, judgments, and limitations?
Today’s exerciseI Cannot Possibly Know This little piece of humor can help you bring joy to some of the darkest moments in your struggle.

Lesson Exercises and Methods

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