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What is Wanderer's Handbook?

Wanderer's Handbook is an educational platform supported and inspired by its community. We guide the waking sleepers and assist the already awakened Wanderers as they move towards their goal of ascension.  Whether you would like to master your empathic abilities, speak with the dead, identify and release false belief systems, or commune with peers, we have a place for you.

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Whether you choose to participate in our Free Membership or Wanderer's Membership, all levels have unique materials you won’t find anywhere else. 

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Our innovative approach has well-defined objectives, reproducible results, and sophisticated structures that are designed to usher you into living the power of your truth.




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News & Insights from the Staff of Wanderer's Handbook

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Three Deaths Did the Trick

June 22,2018 / Article Death / 0 Comments

How many times does a person really need to die? I thought once would be enough. But I had to go...

Webinar with Christine and Laura June 27, 2018

June 21,2018 / Blog News / 0 Comments

Hello fellow Wanderers! Wanderer's Handbook is inviting you to a RingCentral meeting. When:...

Touching Something Hot

June 14,2018 / Beginners / 2 Comments

Let your thoughts drift back to when you were a small child. You are in the kitchen watching a...

Causing Emotional Damage

June 14,2018 / Intermediate / 0 Comments

You know to stop touching a hot stove with the burning of your skin; pain signals you to pull...

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Listen to Christine on Fade to Black

Click on the picture below to listen to Christine Contini and Jimmy Church chat about her near-death experiences and a historical view of Egypt.

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Listen to Laura on Fade to Black

Click on the picture below to listen to Laura C. Cantu and Jimmy Church chat about faeries, strange experiences, and more.

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Wanderer's Handbook is a community dedicated to assisting those who are awakening into their truths.

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