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Matthew Ryan is a Seer and Healer from Taos, New Mexico. Over the past 18 years, Matthew has developed a unique Energetic Healing Modality called Gamma Wave Healing, which was named after his ability to enter into a Gamma State while facilitating healings.  Matthew’s journey began at an early age.  As a child, he had certain abilities that opened doorways into perceiving non-ordinary reality. Communicating with animals, lucid dreaming, and astral traveling while out of body helped to lay a foundation of understanding where Matthew discovered the world has aspects to it which lie outside of our consensus reality.

As Matthew grew into his teenage years, many of his mystical experiences fell away, and he became more focused on living the life of a normal teenager.  When he was 19 years old, however, a series of events took place which shook loose his apparent place in the world and eventually propelled him on a major course correction towards Spirit and his Authentic Self and Purpose.  Several years later in 2004, following a move to Taos, New Mexico, Matthew had a close encounter with a UFO, forever changing the direction of his path.

Here are some excerpts from a detailed account on his website,


“While under hypnosis in a regression, I was guided to go back into this experience with the UFO. The Pilot was a Star Being from the star system Alpha Centauri…  She (the Star Being) altered and activated my DNA and set in motion a process that would guide me onto the path that I am now on.

Since this event, many of the abilities that were activated in the close encounter have come “online” for me… my sight has changed very rapidly several times and the energetic access that I have been granted has continually been increased. The Star Being from the craft has remained to this day as one of my Spiritual Guides.”

Matthew had been doing readings and facilitating healings since the year 2000, but he dived into the work full-time in 2011, and  since that time has helped many hundreds of people to clear their fields and initiate self-healing and energetic activations.


In recent years, Matthew has developed a progressive series of workshops which help the student to activate the energy body and therefore, their consciousness.  The over-arching principle of his work is to empower Humanity in becoming the Most Authentic Being that they can be.

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