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Mark’s Mission

My mission is to assist in anchoring the energies of the New Earth, through music and sound therapy. Teaching people how to connect with their own voices through techniques that will help them raise their vibration. Repair and activate DNA that has been damaged by harmful chemicals and toxins that you find in everyday foods and household products. As well fight against the effects of external sources like sound pollution and inharmonic frequencies present in our modern music. To give people new tools to deal with mental and physical blocks, especially the growing epidemic of youth anxiety disorders. We have the power to heal ourselves, to change the world, and what better way that through the magic of music.

Mark’s Bio

Originally hailing from New Zealand, Mark is a seasoned and experienced performer and visual artist, specializing in voice, dance and acting. Working in the theatre from a young age, he studied musical theatre at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, where renowned actors such as Hugh Jackman and Frances O’Connor trained before going on to Hollywood and the silver screen. Cast in the Australian revival of A Chorus Line, which won best musical of the year in 2012 at the Austrian Theatre Awards. He was fortunate enough to work closely with Broadway legends such as Baayork Lee and Michael Gorman.

Touring Australia and Singapore, before moving to New York in 2013. That same year he found representation in Los Angeles and began his music industry journey being selected to be 1 of 4 in the boyband INNOVATE. Stepping into the creative role as singer songwriter for the group, they found success working with choreographer and director Destini Rogers from So You Think You Can Dance, and music producer Gabe Lopez (New Kids on the Block, Belinda Carlisle, James Brown). Releasing their original song and music video ‘Won’t Give Up’ In 2014, they traveled the US performing and promoting their exciting and engaging style and sound.

During this time he began to awaken to his calling as an energy worker, creating his own solo projects, and has since moved to Chicago where he is currently based. In 2017 he formed the rock band Fools of Dissent with friend Ross Gabriel, taking the role as lead singer and songwriter. Working with the harmonic tuning of 432 Hz and the Solfeggio scale. Mark has taken on and embraced his role as a sound and energy healer, hoping to help others learn about energetic blocks within their own fields and chakra centers. Clearing these through the use of toning and other singing techniques, his goal is to teach self healing, DNA repair and personal activations. This will lead to people being able to raise their own vibrations and states of consciousness, while allowing them to connect with their own unique power and find their individual voice.

Coming Soon: Singing from the Soul!

1. How to clear and a-tune the chakras through toning and vocal techniques.

2. How to get in touch with your true voice and realign the energy centers of the body with breathing exercises and singing mantras.

3. How to raise your vibration while working with the solfeggio scale, assisted by recorded vocals and crystal singing bowls.

Coming Soon

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