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Welcome to the “I Hold My Breath” Promotional Center!

This is where you can easily find all the materials to help spread the word about Breath. We provide the promotional material, you share and promote your brand:

  • Memes for Social Media
  • Graphics for sharing
  • Email and Blog post templates
  • Newsletter Blurbs

Follow and Share

The easiest way to participate in this promotion is to Follow and Share. Click on the images below, follow, and share! Come back to Your platform each day and share the Breath Campaign posts. Your support is dearly appreciated!

Follow and Share Support can be:

  • Daily re-posting of material: Meme, articles, blogs, videos, etc.
  •  Email blast to your list
  • Share the campaign through your social media
  • Shout-out on your live calls, podcast, and more
  • Link to the Breath Campaign platform from your sites and social media


PROMOTION GOES LIVE SEPTEMBER 1ST! For us to have our best to share, we need you to meet these dates.

  • Promo Period: September 1-30, 2020
  • We would love your submissions by August 24, 2020. This material will get first consideration and the most attention
  • We appreciate your submissions by August 30, 2020. All submissions will be considered for the Live promotion
  • Submissions are welcome any time during the promotion and will be considered for the extended promotion and future live summit

Contact Us

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What We Need from You

Promotional Material:

  • Send us your contribution! We want you to be part of this promotion. What you know has great value and we want to make sure as many people as possible get the information
  • We would love to showcase your work! For this, we would like your headshot, logo, promotional images, and services offered
  • How do you want future clients to contact you: Website, email, or social media platform?
  • With services you offer, please send us a 1-3 minute video (supplied through a youtube link) where you personally talk about the service you offer and how it supports healthy breath

How to Submit Material

Choose which way is easiest for you:

What’s in it for Wanderer’s Handbook?

At the end of the campaign, Wanderer’s Handbook will edit and compile the information to be used online. We intend to offer a giveaway version and a course version. You retain the ownership of your material while we retain the right to distribute this material as we see fit.

We agree: all original, non-edited material, submitted by the contributor is considered public and to be shared in full with the provider’s information.

Just Breathe

In these changing times, physical, mental, and emotional health is more important than ever. We invite you to join the Breath Campaign today.

Call to connect: 702-550-8760

Join the Summit!

Wanderer’s Handbook is accepting submissions until October 31, 2020, for the Breath Live Summit.

Please contribute Memes, articles, exercises, methods, information on services you offer, videos, episodes, suggested books, educational material, and anything else about how breath impacts our lives! Live participants will be selected from their submissions. See the submissions section below.

Participation Options:

  • Contributor
  • Distributor
  • Sponsor
  • Supporter