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Healing Tones -The 528 HZ Miracle Frequency

Everyone and everything in our Universe is vibrating at different frequencies. Researchers claim that when we come into contact with varying rates of vibration, they can be healing or harmful to our bodies, minds, and emotions.

Science also claims to have discovered a frequency that is accreditated with powerful healing abilities. This frequency is known as The Miracle Frequency. 

What is this Miracle Frequency?

528 Hz—the frequency of Earth and Love.

Here are some of the benefits that researchers have found regarding the 528 Hz:

  • Energetics: Transformational and Miracles
  • Repair of DNA
  • Promotes a reconnection to inner peace, compassion, love, and harmony
  • Helps us to release blocked emotions
  • Helps to harmonize the digestion, pancreases, stomach, liver, gallbladder, muscles, nervous system processes
  • Assists in healing ulcers, diabetes, hypoglycemia, digestive disorders, fatigue, gallstones, negative thinking, anxiety, control issues

How does the 528 Hz frequency work?

Water molecules surround the DNA helix, and the 528 Hz frequency appears to influence that water, which in turn affects the DNA.

The 528 Hz frequency is known to uplift our spirits, expand our consciousness, and allows us to tune into Universal and Divine Wisdom.

Our Gift to You

As a gift, we have created some audio tracks tuned to 528 Hz.


The first track is a recording of the ocean in Panama Beach, Florida along with a crystal bowl and Tibetan bowl recorded by Laura.

We suggest that you play this track while meditating, cleaning, working, showering, or just as background music throughout your day. This track tends to encourage many people to relax, so please do not use while driving or operating dangerous machinery.

To download this track, click the button below:

Ocean Meditation


Here we are offering you three separate tracks  tuned to the 528 Hz frequency that have the same repeated affirmation:

“I am happy, healthy, alive, and thriving.”

We chose these specific words because we’ve found that all too often people are living as if their lives are already over. These tracks are meant to be gentle reminders to claim your joy now so that you can fully live in each moment.

Track 1: Happy and Thriving Subliminal

This track has the affirmation repeated alternatively in the left and right ears. We have reduced the volume of the affirmations so that your conscious mind does not pay attention to them and allows your subconscious mind to tune in.

To download this track, click the button below:

Happy and Thriving Subliminal


Track 2: Happy and Thriving Spoken Stereo

In this track, repeated affirmations are audibly heard simultaneously in both ears as the music plays in the background.

To download this track, click the button below:

Happy and Thriving Spoken Stereo

Track 3: Happy and Thriving Spoken Channels

This track is meant to be used with headphones because the affirmations are alternately spoken in each ear as music plays in the background.

To download this track, click the button below:

Happy and Thriving Spoken Channels

How to use these tracks:

For tracks 1 and 2, feel free to use a loud speaker or headphones. For track 3, headphones are suggested.

You can listen to these tracks as you work, clean, and go about your day. There are no binaural beats that promote sleepiness or fatigue. We purposely chose an upbeat song to help keep you alert and aware.

If you find that the song begins to annoy you, instead of turning it off, tune in and ask yourself why.

Is it difficult to deal with hearing the same thing over and over?  Is the voice disrupting your thoughts? Are you resistant to listening to or accepting the message?

When you can listen to the tracks without resistance, then you know you have successfully allowed yourself to attune to the affirmations. When you can hear and feel the emotions of joy and thriving, then you know the affirmations have been embodied.


As you use these tools, we would love to know what you experience and how the tracks have worked for you.  Please leave comments.
February 25, 2019

2 responses on "Healing Tones -The 528 HZ Miracle Frequency"

  1. Thank for sharing these beautiful tones. Have listened to them all once but will use over and over. Can you explain the difference between 528HZ and 432HZ.
    Love Louise

    • Hello Louise, It’s nice to hear from you! There are many debates about the various frequencies and their effects on human bodies, minds, emotions, and energetic systems. There are some that find the 432 Hz frequency to be healing and rejuvenating, while others prefer 528 hz. I chose the 528 hz for these tracks because it is known as the Miracle tone, and I thought all of us could use a few miracles. That said, I continue to study and learn about the varying frequencies and have purchased equipment to do my own experiments. I’m excited to share what I learn and plan to create a course on my findings when I am satisfied with the information’s accuracy. Thanks again for writing! With Love, Laura

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