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Freedom Steps

What steps can you take today to be free of the energy drain of trauma

You have all heard time heals all wounds. On an energetic level it isn’t the time that heals the wound, rather the release of holding the energy that allows for flow of energy. If you do not continue to hold an issue it can not stay present.

method for setting aside an idea instead of focusing on it. without focus and attention the body can return to its natural flow of energy and support.

Always okay. How can I see I am okay in this moment?

There is only one reason I wouldn’t be okay and that is if I adjusted to meet the needs of others.

We are always okay in our truth.


TRAUAM First step is being okay with what we decide and the consistencies of it.

We teach each other how we are to be treated. What did the person need, what was their motivation, creation, when they treated us in a way we do not see as loving?

Release occurs at the moment you realize you are controlling things in an unnatural way and you stop. You move your conscious control out of the way, and you let your systems work as they are designed to work. This is the largest part of being able to release.

What is on the outside of your experience, your controlled emotions and physical behavior, might be hiding what is on the inside, your truth, compassion, vulnerability, and full expression of yourself.

As amazingly powerful people, you have learned to step in the way and hold energy at attention, unable to move from the space it is in, creating build up and eventual blockage energetically in the space that has your attention. By breaking the hold of this attention you will experience release. The release process can be experience from all directions. Over the last sixty years the focus for trauma release has been through mental processing. This can be difficult and cause new and fitful traumatic experiences. Using other less mental process can facilitate release in the other aspects of self, body, mind, spirt, and energetic systems.


Trauma release pattern.

Prayer method


Fight to recognize physical patterns that repeat to hold us in place subconsciously. These are patterns we saw in others and did not understand but assigned meaning to.

Direction for release. Follow the anger. All others are contemplation to create connection.



it is the change of focus that allows for quantum reflection to alter my experience.

What holds tension in a pattern is the focus. It’s like playing a violin, riding in a toboggan or canoe, or playing darts—one little change of focus or pressure alters the speed of reflection through our quantum field that elevates (lifts up and engages, by push or pull into place the mechanics of change) our knowledge of information, which allows awareness to specific formulas and alchemy we can follow. When set patterns, our habitual focus, interferes with formulas we experience drag, interference, destabilization, or deconstruction of a specific formula or pattern; this is because the focus remains on flux instead of stability. When in flux our energy is vulnerable to programming. If we set the path, our free will choice, we are patterned by awareness and knowledge instead of influenced by external push and pull or obligation.



From what I can tell the spinal cord is the hub of energetic communication.  Which is why the disc space and bone health is so critical for vibrational exchange.  It might also be why when we push out with individuation it is critical to keep the spine in place.

Walking, sometimes you will have to do it several times a day. This makes it easier to let go of a trauma hold in the body, to bring back natural flow of who you are.

Master Key, Always okay:

Which beleif creates your safety? How can you use it in this moment to be okay? Logic has nothing to do with safety. Think of it as puzzle pieces with individual pictures that don’t fit together, but the pieces fit by shape not appearance. It’s like what I did deleting Danielle out of Sergio’s life. I used control to feel safe even when the control didn’t meet logic. When I stopped myself because of logic I was unsafe but when I allowed myself to do my control I felt better. Once you feel better you can slowly address the issue in ways that can be handled by your personal system instead of overwhelming yourself with all the pieces at once.

Getting rid of thoughts at bed time actually begins during the day.


Prayer and intention method

TRAUMA Passive manipulation

Is mentally caused by fear/pain responsiveness

Energetically-it is caused by holding and imploding. We explode to save our lives

Everyone has the right to fully express themselves. It is OUR job to understand how and why it effects US as it does.

I have to be able to ask for what I want.  You have to know how to handle you when I do.

If someone can’t ask me for what they need then I can not ask for what I need.

Being me is a very important part of you learning to be you.  If I can’t be me then you won’t find you.

Is there any truth to it?

We tend to rationalize the beliefs of others.  If I am worried about meeting the need of someone else and it puts me at a detriment I have to first realize I am alone in this moment.  Every thing is my creation.  Anything I can imagine about that persons reaction is me.  I am creating my moment.

Instead of justifying how they feel based on my behavior I need to ask is there any truth in it? Am I in this moment responsible for their reaction.  Nope!  The block though is my Energetically taking in in anticipation and with judgment their possible behavior.  This is a third eye issue and should be maintained by pulling back into the moment instead of looking to the future.  In this moment what can I do to support myself.

Accepting something lets all the false beliefs come to the surface.  You can’t work on what you can’t see.

This is why grief process is important.


The act of assigning meaning in and of itself can be the cause of a belief imbalance. What it means to one person is not what it means to another. A child watching an even then assigning it an adults interpretation can screw the whole process.


When we are not well we are looking to make change to be well. The most habitual thing we do that keeps us from being well is asume control.  The belief is-what do I need to do to be well?

What if it has nothing to do with what you can do? What if letting go of what you do is all you need to be better? We have seen how blocks are created and it is in letting these go that energy flows again.  Wellness returns.  Continue to work on awareness methods to open up to the truth of who you are.

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