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How to Add Friends

On the Menu Bar, go to My Account.

On a lap top, hover over My Account to get the drop-down menu. On a moblie device select the plus sign (+) next to My Account.

You will see a sub-menu, select Profile.

Your profile page should look similar to this image of Christine Contini. On the page you will see your personal information. In addition, you will see: Search Members and View All Members. 

If you know the person’s user name or some other distinguisher, use Search Members next to your profile picture. If you cannot find the member by name, you can use View All Members at the bottom of the page.

Now that you have the member you want to contact, go to your Dashboard. You will find your Dashboard connection through your member’s icon in the upper right-hand corner. On your dashboard go to Messages.

On the left side under your picutre you will find Compose. This is how you send a message to a person.

In your message center you can see the message you sent. You can also click on the person you sent it to and invite them to be a friend.


Go ahead, get started. I would be happy to be your first friend! Christine Contini, user name ccontini2.

Developing and maintaining good friendships takes effort.
It is unnecessary to fear the loss of those friendships
when you have an active group.

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