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The Tie-Off

It can be overwhelming to be connected to others when under stress. This exercise is designed to give you insight into how you are “giving away your power” during moments of stress. Use this method to create a temporary flow of self-support.

Practice: Feel around your abdomen either physically or intuitively; find the energy that flows out the front of your core—this is where your emotional vibration pulses out to join the cumulative ether. You can feel it like a grouping of cords. Grab hold of them with both hands, divide into two bundles, and direct the flow around each side of the body instead of forward, thus forming the secondary flow of your energy into your electromagnetic field. The two streams will rejoin at the rear of your body and return into your back. The bundles automatically rejoin the current flow of themselves. At the front of the body, tie-off the flow of energy, these joined cords, so that the knot rests comfortably against the surface of your abdomen; this knot keeps you firmly in your body, tucked into your core.

With this process, you have created personal support for your emotional strength. Every need you are perceiving is your need. The attunement of your system supports your needs instead of habitual beliefs about others. You are in your power of creating what you need in each moment.

Practice too: Use this second chakra tie-off before a sexual encounter. If you are generally empathic and overwhelmed in a way that keeps you from asking for what you want, this separation may make it easier to see your own needs and feel encouraged to pursue them.

Purpose: This method can be used to stabilize your second chakra when in a crowd or faced with difficulty in your relationships and to honor the parts of you that are uniquely chosen by you for the pleasure of being you. This action stops the ether flow of information into the second chakra and temporarily blocks your ability to use quantum reflection in the Gel Layer to meet the beliefs of others over your own. It will be easier to see what you feel, what you need, what you want, with less external influence.

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