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The Five Action Steps of Your Practice

Here are The Five Action Steps you will use daily during the Establishing Your Practice series. While building your foundation, these action steps are applied to your practice minutes.


Spend 1-2 minutes three times today dedicated to your practice minute.

  • Waking.
  • Middle of your day.
  • Before bed.

Remember, do nothing more than your chosen number of minutes. Set timers for when to do them and time the length.



In the 1-2 minute time slots you have created you will:

  • Be quiet without distractions.
  • Check in with yourself to see if you are being distracted. If you find distractions, reduce them.





Prepare your breath and body for your practice.
Use these two exercises:




If you are already proficient in establishing silence, stillness, and nothingness, feel free to experience it without our direction.

For those of you who need assistance, you can use these methods to wean yourself off the need for stimuli. Pick your favorite method to use during your practice minute:



Begin by being kind to yourself.
You cannot make any mistakes.
Enjoy your practice.

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