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Spinal Stacking

Sitting or being stagnant and lack of moving puts a lot of pressure on your spine and spinal cord. Try re-stacking your spine to release unwanted pressure, tension, and stagnation.

Practice: From a standing position, feet about a foot apart:

  • Raise both hands high over your head, stretching up.
  • Keeping your arms straight, bend at your waist, folding your body in half so your arms meet your legs.
  • Release the hold of your arms and upper body and allow yourself to dangle loosely with a slight pivot at your waist.
  • Keeping your body loose, begin to roll up from the base of your spine. You are lifting your body weight up from your legs and back using as little of your upper body muscles as possible.
  • Continue to roll up, stacking each vertebra one on top of the other.
  • As you approach your standing position, head still dangling, roll your shoulders slightly to raise your head up to a forward position.
  • Your head lightly settles down on your neck.
  • Lower your shoulders down, back, and away from your ears.
  • Take several deep abdominal breaths before resuming your activities.

Purpose: This simple spinal stretch and stacking of your vertebrae is an excellent way to open up your nervous system and release stagnation.

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