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Resting in Place

When you feel too much pressure and cannot in the moment find the reason or do not have the luxury to remove yourself from the pressure you can try Resting in Place. Resting in place will release pressure by allowing the brain to stop and take a break so the mind can reconnect and offer support.


  • Start by taking a few relaxing breathes, not deep, just relaxing.
  • Bring your breath into the center of your chest. Keep your focus to the front half of your body, expanding the feeling of your skin outward.
  • Keep your focused breath in your chest for several breaths as you feel your body move more into relaxation.
  • As you relax allow your breath and energy to settle back down into your body.

This practice stops the pressure that has forced the mind out of the body and removes the escalation of the fight or flight activity that the brain has automatically engaged. Once settled back into your body, the brain has slowed down, giving the mind space to settle and connect fully.

*It is a good idea to practice Diaphragmatic BreathProgressive Muscle Relaxation, and Feel Energy in Your Body Parts prior to using this method.

Purpose: Often when we feel pressure the mind moves out of the body. From this place of reconnection you can reduce internal pressure and move intuitively.

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