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It is possible to reframe a loss or ending that seemed bad, neutral, or even good to find the true benefit for your life. To do this, you will take some of the major changes in your life and reframe them.

Kindness is an important key to mastering Reframing. Often you lack for yourself or others the kindness that is achieved through compassion and understanding. Knowing the truth of your existence allows you to achieve this kindness. You can reframe past events by applying information and knowledge, such as kindness, to your experience that you did not have at the time of the event. This allows:

  • A better understanding of how to handle future situations
  • The ability to avoid repetitive energy blocks by being aware

Suggested pre-requisites to support this method are:

Practice: During this process, you will take the stance of an Independent Observer. It is important to reach a level of independence from the experience before you begin. Independent observation allows you to identify from an outside perspective the truth of what is actually happening.

  • Call to mind any single event that brings you pain or suffering.
  • As the Independent Observer, look at your response and the point of view that you experienced during the event.
  • Consider through Finding the Gift what you had intended to receive from the original experience of the event. Awareness to the gift in any given situation can make it possible to release yourself from the creation of pain or suffering. If you are finding it difficult to see the gift, consider these blocks that might be in your way:
    • fear
    • guilt
    • shame
    • regret
    • confusion

Once you are free of the blocks you created because of these emotions and beliefs, you can examine the event for the truth you had wanted to draw to yourself and your awareness.

*It can be beneficial for some to re-play in detail the event and reframe it in the light of your new discoveries and the new benefits seeing how this truth of yourself unfolds a past experience.

Practice Variation: You can write down old and new views of your experience. If you like, you can write the old version prior to starting the reframing process for added clarity of contrast between the past and present understanding. When you compare the two views, see what you understand to be differences based on your attachment, judgment, conclusion, and assumption that you held in the initial moment of the event.

Use this place of new understanding to realize what life is for you, how each step, even though seemingly painful in the past, your life has brought you to a place of greatness in your present. Everything you experience holds a blessing when completely understood. Your inability to receive the blessing due to confusion, misunderstanding, skewed balance, and living the beliefs of others is why energy blocks are created and by opening the flow of energy with your new understanding you will find your missing support.

Practice Variation: Now that you have the comparison of your old and new versions, is there anything that needs to be done to complete what it was that you were trying to accomplish? Changing, or Reframing, the past energy with understanding and awareness creates change in your current moment.

Purpose: release blocks previously created based on skewed perception and limiting beliefs.

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