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Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This foundation piece can help you find spots in your body where you are holding tension, stress, frustration and more that are defining your energy, how you react to others, and how others interpret you.

Practice: With your body comfortably positioned, close your eyes, uncross your legs, and rest your opened hands comfortably at your side, on your abdomen, or your thighs.

  • Begin Diaphragmatic Breath.
  • Make your FACE the focus of your awareness.
  • Tense your muscles, making a sour lemon face. Hold face for the four-count inhalation.
  • Release hold of face during eight-count exhalation, encouraging face to relax.
  • Repeat the process twice more, each time releasing more of the facial expression until there is no expression, leaving a loose relaxed jaw, eyes, and ears.
  • Breath is smooth and deep.
  • Make your SHOULDERS AND NECK area the focus of your awareness.
  • Tense the muscles in the neck by pressing the shoulders towards the ears, holding for the inhalation, releasing with the exhalation. With your awareness in the neck and shoulders repeat the process.
  • Repeat to reach desired relaxation.
  • Move your awareness to the ARM
  • Tense muscles in both arms, bringing hands to shoulders.
  • Hold at shoulders for inhalation, releasing lowering arms on exhalation.
  • With awareness in arms, repeat until muscles relax.
  • Bring awareness to the muscles in the HANDS.
  • Tense the muscles in the hands by clenching them into a tight fist, holding for the inhalation, releasing on the exhalation.
  • Repeat until relaxed.
  • With each cycle it becomes easier to release and relax each muscle group. Continue awareness and release for each of these body areas:
  • With
  • For FEET, tense muscles by pointing the toes towards the knees, and on the second cycle away from the knees, holding the foot position for inhalation, releasing on the exhalation. 

Practice Variation: Following your practice, consider which muscles do not relax. These muscles are holding blocks. Investigating these blocks for release will give your body the energetic support it needs.

You can work on relaxing muscles often and everywhere—when walking, stopping at streetlights, doing dishes, etc. The more you do (without over doing it), the more immediate impact you will experience.

Purpose: This foundation piece brings over-all relief to the physical body and energetic system.

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