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Perception, Moving Vehicle

Accomplish this observation exercise while driving. This exercise is relaxed and slow-paced; it should be done comfortably with little to no effort, using a light level of concentration that has somewhat of a daydream feel.
Time to accomplish process 3-7 minutes

Take a moment to feel yourself. Awareness aids your ability to adjust your perspective.

Practice: First, while sitting still in a vehicle or driving, observe the world outside the windows of the vehicle.  Gaze upon the items in your view—shops, houses, trees, grass, concrete—take everything in that is at a distance from you as you are moving along the road, stopping at lights.

Next, pull your attention in closer and with your eyes still open, either sitting or driving, imagine that while you are in the vehicle you can see the outside of the vehicle—the wheels on the ground, the underside, the back of the vehicle—imagine opening the doors and looking inside while standing outside of the vehicle.

Now, with your eyes open, gaze around the interior of the vehicle, letting your eyes briefly rest upon the dash, seat, the space you see in your rear view mirror, the steering wheel. Once you are satisfied you have seen all there is to see about the vehicle without considering any other contents in the vehicle, pull your attention in closer to you.

Without looking at you, with your eyes still open, imagine seeing the outside of you, take a tour of what you are, what it looks like where your body touches the seat of the vehicle, flex the muscles of your legs and buttocks to feel them separate from their surroundings. From your point of view observe the slope of your arms from your shoulders to your hands, your hands on the steering wheel, grip the wheel tighter and relax. Continue to feel the shape of your hand while being completely unaware of feeling the steering wheel still within your grasp.

Now pull your full attention inside of you, feeling how solid you are, how alive you are. Feel the solidness of your entire being. Imagine the rest of the world outside of you as less solid, more fluid. You are the only solid item in your current existence. Feel yourself in relationship to the ground, that you are not resting on the ground, you are on the vehicle. The wheels of the vehicle begin to fade below you while you still keep the same distance from the ground, the same distance from the rest of the vehicle. You are a solid mass, and everything else is fluid.

Now imagine the rest of the vehicle fades while you still maintain your current shape. The vehicle is no more. You are physical, you are alive, and you are whole. The world outside you at a distance still exists, and you are a body floating at a set distance above the ground, gliding as you move, touching nothing.

Practice Variation: Repeat this exercise while stationary, in a place such as your bedroom on your bed or bathroom in the tub. Notice how different or the same it feels as when you attempted this process in a moving vehicle.

Purpose: This exercise helps you understand how the brain uses perception to keep space in our physical world. Perception is fluid and can be changed. Perception is designed to meet our needs and the needs of our surroundings in a healthy way. Learning to perceive your world from places of an assemblage shift, such as seeing the outside of the car while you are driving it, can give you space to view moments of intense pain differently than you currently do.

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