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Overlapping Principles for Releasing Blocks

This method is for the brain. Underneath all this injustice we perpetrate on ourselves we have softness, a very gentle part of who we are. Look for a place in your life where you freely express this internal existence of yourself.

For some of you this comes out when you:

  • See a puppy.
  • Hold a baby.
  • Look at flowers.
  • Think of the elderly.
  • Remember a first kiss.
  • Watching a child succeed.

Use anything that allows you to let down all the built up beliefs and barriers that you use to control your life.

Once you have identified this item you will use it like a totem. A totem allows you to get back to the energetic experience of any given moment with less effort. This is why people keep mementos, for this very reason of creating a totem that transports them through time back to the energetics of the experience.

Practice: Think of your totem.

  • Close your eyes and visualize your totem.
  • Go to a recent experience or an experience with great impact regarding your totem.
  • The moment you are referencing still exists out of current time. Allow yourself to go there and re-experience the actual moment that was your experience.
  • As you start to feel the moment where you experienced your totem move into as many feelings of that moment as you can.
  • Hold your experience solidly in your body, mind, brain, and spirit.
  • While holding these feelings separate them from the experience, hold the feeling as you without the thought of your totem.

To effectively feel yourself, you may need to practice holding the feelings of your experience without the memories or use of your totem before moving to the next step.

  • While holding your feelings in your body come back into this moment.
  • Go back and forth between your current moment and the experience of holding the feeling internally. You may have to go back and forth multiple times before you can fully bring that openness into this moment.
  • Once strongly rooted in the feeling you want reconnect to the experience you do not enjoy. Apply this feeling to the unenjoyable experience.
  • Keep going over the unenjoyable experience until you can think of it without the attachment or barriers that make it unenjoyable.

What did you really do? You opened up the free flow of your energy that existed in that moment in this one. You are flowing freely. This is one way to start your practice, in this total open free flow of energy. Doing this, opening up this flow inside of yourself, will give you a very strong open foundation to build from.

Over time, you will be able to get to this free flow simply by thinking of the feeling of being open and flowing.

Practice Variation: You can use this method to open yourself up after any experience that shuts you down or closes you off. Returning to this state of being is a plus all the time. Apply this method to make new blocks apparent and help you gage when you have changed without noticing it.

Purpose: This practice allows the brain time to learn to let go of stimulus and still feel safe.

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