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Opening Energy Flow

You can easily open the flow of your own body with your own hands through this awareness practice.

Practice: Begin in a comfortable position. A quiet relaxed environment is helpful for a beginner.

  • With palms facing each other, about eight inches apart, open the flow of energy between your two hands.
  • Choose an area of your body to slowly move your hand or hands over.
  • Go very slow, your hand hovering one to four inches above your skin, feeling the energy between your body and your hand.
  • Establish your awareness to what a feeling of normal for your body is.
  • When you feel something change in the feeling of your hand or in your body, stop moving your hand.
  • Experience what you feel without any thought.
  • When the feeling goes away and returns to what felt normal, begin moving your hand or hands slowly again over your body. 

Practice Variation: Using the same method, you can feel the energy outside of the physical body. You can use this method to affect your aura energy and templates. You can also use it at different levels internally. Going into the physical body you can effect your bones, circulation, and organ tissue with this method.

Practice Variations: You can practice using this method with someone else. Slowly move your hands over them in the same manner. Some people will feel a difference as you move your hands.

*It is a good idea to practice Moving Energy Between Your Hands before trying this practice.

Purpose: This practice resets energy in the body without a conscious understanding of the distortion issue.

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