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Open-Ended Hope

Remember what it was like to have hope as a child, to feel the excitement and just know something amazing was about to happen? Open-ended hope is that experience. It is your connection to the amazing world of possibilities without the control of narrowing the free flow of your energy. This practice can be applied anywhere, at any time, and should be practiced purposely so when you need the support you have the energetic muscle memory in place.

Practice: Think of something you are hopeful for, like a new job, having a healthy baby, or financial abundance. Now:

  • Visit in your thoughts what you are hopeful for.
  • Sit with the idea in detail, with thoughts only. Do not dig into the feeling of what it is you are hopeful for.
  • Now, let go of all the details. Think of the end result only as an event.
  • Do not formulate how to make it happen. You cannot possibly calculate for all the variables the universe has to offer you. Your attempt to create with conscious calculations will limit the fullness of the energy of hope.
  • Look at your event. Example: I hope that I get a new job.
  • Feel only your statement—I hope that I get a new job.
  • Next, feel only a part of your statement—I hope that I get.

Stay with this until you feel the difference of the energy flow without control. There is a noticeable difference between hoping for a new job and hoping you get, and stopping without any direction after get, while the energy is still high with expectation.

  • Next feel only your statement—I hope.

When you successfully focus on only I hope, you will feel the difference much like when you were a child and hope was full and exciting. You have succeeded in removing the blocks of mental control. Open-ended hope fully supports the heart chakra, which in turn fully supports the energy of your entire body.

What happens with hope and other foundation vibrations like love, gratitude, and charity, is that you move to control their support instead of accepting it. When you condition the vibration with conscious control (which is like mixing in an additive or extra ingredient) then you change the energy’s ability to bond with your intention. Your control limits universal support.

Purpose: The purpose of open-ended hope is to experience the power and strength of the hope vibration at its fullest.

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