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You are the creator of your universe. It is easy to get wrapped up in the universe of those around you. This exercise will help you bring the focus back to the world in which you choose to live.

Practice Part I: Make a list of the things you want to experience in your relationships. Do not avoid adding things that seem to be unchangeable. When creating your universe, nothing is off the table. Keep this list handy. As feelings and emotions come up about things you do not want in your life, add the new entry to your list at the moment you have the thought. Keep the list as current as possible, adding and removing items as you desire your life to change. Do not limit your life to things you see as possible. Ask the universe to support your will.

Example: I want a partner that is free of the controls of religious dogma. If you are in a relationship, this idea can be scary because the apparent change is to let go of the partner you have to find one that does not have this issue. When creating your universe, you hold the people around you in place. If you have fear, you cannot attract the world you want to live in, and you will keep the world around as unchanging.

Practice Part II: When you ask for the item on your list, you need to be fearless. Consider this thought: I am willing to have this in my life whether it is this partner or not. I am valuable, and the universe can give me exactly what it is I need to experience whether it is with this person or someone else. My joy will be boundless no matter who it is that brings to my life what it is that I want to experience.

Explanation: We hold others in place. By your willingness to release the control over your external world, the universe can flow and bring you some very unexpected changes. In the example above, your partner could realize they are holding onto religious dogma that does not meet their truth. They are held in place by themselves as you stagnate your energy. Releasing your stagnation supports the flow of their free will to change. You are an example. If their desire aligns with yours, things can change rapidly. They will either come along or fall away, as energy supports.

Purpose: This exercise can open flow, removing subconscious blocks, and supporting the change in others that meet your needs. This exercise is a timeline shift exercise. When applied with balance and an understanding of The Process of Energetic Support: Prayer, miraculous shifts occur.

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