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My Imposed Force

The way you experience your entire existence is self-imposed. Being aware of this unlocks your freedom.

Practice: Next time you are running around feeling stressed, overwhelmed, worried about time or production, resenting others for your circumstances, and wanting life to be different, try this:

  • Remember you are okay.
  • Reference the practice Resting in Place. Once completed move to the next step.
  • Consider whatever is being experienced in this moment is not a fact.
  • If needed, use the mantra “My experience is my creation.” to break the mental assumption that your experience is somehow out of your control. Once firm in this belief move to the next step.
  • Ask yourself which belief is moving you to experience yourself this way. Examples:
    • I am patient, why am I suddenly impatient?
    • I am great with scheduling my time. What have I done to create the feeling in myself that I don’t have enough time?
  • Next ask yourself what is different in this moment supporting your creation:
    • What do I believe in this moment that makes me think feeling impatient or acting impatient will meet my need more than being patient does?
    • What have I added to my plans that is making me organize my time in a way that feels like pressure or makes me anticipate I will not have enough time for what I need?

Most pressure experiences were created from a place of fear. Considering what fears you are indulging in can help you step away from the pressure to make a different choice.

Often pressure occurs when your beliefs were created out of balance in conjunction with or combined with a misunderstanding. Use Overlapping Principles for Releasing Blocks to compare an enjoyable experience to this unenjoyable one. Notice where the misunderstanding occurred or is still occurring between the two experiences. Your creation of the pressure you are experiencing can be understood or released with attention.

Purpose: This practice helps you recognize your control of free will in every choice you make.

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