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Muscle Tension

Holding a muscle tight while moving it can help the brain bring awareness to body blocks that usually get past you.

Practice: Choose a muscle and flex it. Now, with it lightly flexed:

  • Move the body part the muscle belongs to
  • Move the body part back to the beginning position
  • Feel where the sensation remains in the body after you release the flex of the muscle
  • Breath from your diaphragm
  • Observe the muscle while you breathe

You will likely feel sensations jump around your body as you breathe. Do not fight the sensations or where they jump, simply observe.

When your practice is over do not keep going back to check in with the muscle or muscle group. Distract the brain and release the focus.

Purpose: When you observe muscle memory responses this way, the subconscious is more likely to release mental control over energetic and body blocks, returning you to a more natural flow of energy and flexibility. The change is not immediate and will more likely be felt the next day.

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