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Mudra Set for Balancing Energy

This mudra set is a simplified version of a Kundalini yoga exercise. When used, its simple energy balancing technique can be experienced anywhere and anytime by connecting energy through reflexive points and reopening the flow of energy to the body.

Practice: Alternately, on each hand, touch the tip of each finger to the tip of your thumb. Keep each finger connected to your thumb for a few seconds, breaths, or several minutes. You can do this with both hands simultaneously or one at a time for a masculine (responsibility and discipline) or feminine (compassion and nurturing) energy focus.

Practice Variations: You can experience different flows of energy by touching different parts of your fingers together. If you connect the nail tip of the finger and the flesh of the thumb, the feeling and flow can be different if than if you use the fleshy pad of the finger.

The hand positions have the following effects:

  • Tip of index finger touches thumb—Makes you calmer and more able to concentrate. Using the nail tip keeps more of the energy with your conscious control, while using the fleshy pad moves more energy to your lower body.
  • Tip of middle finger touches thumb—The nail tip encourages growth and development of patience while the fleshy pad will bring patience to the body, mind, brain, and spirit connection in the moment.
  • Tip of ring finger touches thumb—Gives you more balance in patience and kindness towards others. The nail tip will help you focus this energy towards a specific person while the fleshy pad will help you spread this energy to your environment. Using this position to focus on yourself will help you flow energy that supplies stability and supports self-confidence.
  • Tip of pinkie finger touches thumb—Increases intuition and feeling connection with the mind. Using the nail tip will bring clarity to what you want while using the fleshy pad will support awareness of what you need.

Practice Variations: Fingernail to thumb nail will give a different flow of energy as well. Depending on the placement of your fingernail along the thumb nail, you will feel more pressure coming in through the back of the body which is will support, an opening from the root chakra into the ground which is grounding support, or energy moving along the surface of the skin between Earth and Sky which is sky support.

Holding all the fingers to the thumbs at once for 2-5 minutes will give you a quick overall balance of flow.

Purpose: This practice is excellent support when under stress or experiencing anxiety.

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