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Mental Body

If you have any kind of feeling about where things go when you organize your external world, arranging the internal energy of your body can be as easy as thinking about organizing your belongings.

Practice: Feel a section of your body. You are looking for anything that feels out of place.

  • Apply a slow, easy pace to your breath. Settle into this slow, easy pace until it feels agreeable or enjoyable to you.
  • Holding this same enjoyable feeling, look back at the area of your body where something feels out of place.
  • Use your mental feeling focus to move this space that feels out of place around in your body.
  • When it feels it is more comfortably arranged with the rest of your body let it rest.
  • Breathing at the slow, easy pace, check to see if the spot continues to feel at rest in the new location.
  • If the spot does not feel at rest, move the spot again until it feels at rest.

The spot in its new location will align and shift the connections it holds. You may need to repeat this process multiple times before it feels completely at rest.

Practice Variation: Use this method in conjunction with your Progressive Muscle Relaxation for a more controlled, directed process.

*It is a good idea to practice Overlapping Principles for Releasing Blocks and Focused Breath prior to using this method.

Purpose: Use this practice to release and align the physical energy connections of your body.

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