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Mantra for the Mind

When picking a mantra consider what it is you are trying to create, what you want to accomplish.

Practice: Your choice of a Mantra can be a phrase, expression, idea, or a group of words. Your selected words will be repeated to keep the conscious mind focused. The idea is a focused mind will not wander.


  • Heal my body, mind, and spirit.
  • OM (OM or AHM is the sound of the universe. This original vibration assists change and release.)
  • I have permission to find freedom, happiness, and joy.
  • Freedom, happiness, and joy are my own.

In the beginning, your focus on the Mantra is a guide to focus your thought. Over time you can let go of the meaning of your words, the pronunciation of the words, the thought of your words, and just let the rhythm and vibration of your thought take you to a place of relaxation, change, and release.

Purpose: Your mantra is used to guide your thoughts until you can accomplish the connection you desire openly and without control.

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