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I Cannot Possibly Know

Spending a lot of time thinking about stuff without a resolution stagnates your ability to change. Often, this shuts you down and leaves you feeling hopeless. This kindness method helps you break the constant mental block of assumption.

Practice: The goal is to temporarily create distance between yourself and others or between yourself and an idea when there is no immediate or comfortable resolution.

  • As soon as you start to feel pressure or stressed STOP!
  • Do not assign meaning to an emotion

Your subconscious has already flipped through all your memories and compiled support for your reaction of fight or flight before you feel your emotional drive. Your brain is following your preset definitions for a response. You need to slow down and interrupt these preset response definitions.

  • If you are not in immediate physical danger, do not follow the path fight or flight has opened. Instead, issue a new command, “I cannot possibly know what this means”
  • Each time you think a thought of discomfort, follow that thought by repeating out loud if possible, “I cannot possibly know what this means”

Why out loud? If you only say it in your head, you hear it once. When you repeat it out loud, you listen to it twice. This method offers you more support. If you can say the phrase to someone who understands you and the process, this is best; it gives you external support as well.

  • As each uncomfortable thought bubbles up, repeat, “I cannot possibly know what this means.” Stay focused on this as a command
  • You are giving this command to break the brain’s thought process of an assumption that this moment is like a moment in the past. The discomfort is from the past, not this moment. When you refuse the given assumption, your subconscious is directed to look for something new. This search creates support for the new paradigm shifts you are working on instead of old habitual patterns
  • Repeat the command again. Each time you command with insistence, “I cannot possibly know what this means,” your subconscious accepts the command and releases past control parameters. You are again in control of your experience
  • Allow a feeling to flow through you without knowing what it means, without tying it to an emotional response. Repeat the mental command over and over, “I cannot possibly know what this means”

Remember, what you are doing with this command is interrupting your systematic process with active mental control. Your subconscious will realign and accommodate the change inhabit. Repeat the method for as long as you need; repeat until you are through the emotional past and ready to move on at the moment.

If you go right back to the idea or situation that you were working on releasing, you may start the process over. Waiting to address the issue allows the subconscious time to move past the intense focus of fear, control, or safety that triggered the initial experience of pressure or stress. You may need to apply this practice more than once, longer than a day even, to reach a point where you can address the issue. If you cannot set the problem aside for the length of time necessary or there is no resolve, seek help from a trusted and supportive resource, someone who can help you see with clarity.

Practice Variation: Assumption is compelling energy. Keep in mind—if you want to or need to assume something you could expect the best possible outcome. You fuel the Law of Attraction. Instead of feeding it fuel that is fear-based, feeding it positive fuel to create what you want can make a big difference. For more information, refer to Assumption in the unit Circular Distortion inside the Energy Distortion courses.

Purpose: Assumption is designed to help you assess limited information and draw conclusions that will benefit you in your world. Over time, as you moved into skewed balance, you began to make assumptions that moved you into a negative place of self. Use this method to help you see that life is good.

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