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Feeling Release

For this exercise you will need concentration, observation, and the ability to feel your body.

Practice: In a comfortable position:

  • Locate a spot in your body that feels discomfort.
  • Give this spot your attention of observation.
  • As you observe it without attachment, judgment, assumption, or conclusion, the spot will change. Observe the changes without attachment, judgment, assumption, or conclusion until the spot either moves or disappears.
  • If the spot disappears pick another spot to continue the practice. If the spot moves then repeat the observation of it in its new location.
  • Repeat the release as many times as you want.

Letting go of a physical block without thought can be a successful release method for items that are traumatic, deeply emotional, or driven by ego.

Once your releases are complete, energy will flow to these areas that were blocked and balance can be regained. With the energetic support returned to the body, looking back at the issue without the skewed balance makes seeing your truth easy and simple.

Purpose: The purpose of this practice is to release the physical hold a mental block has on your body.

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